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How does milestone reversal affect you and this site?

poptáno uživatelem it2051229 27 dubna, 2016

So I'm hearing a lot of milestone reversals lately on this website and I for one has been a victim since 2012. I got multiple milestone reversals ranging from $10 to $60. This year is the worst, $250 milestone gone last week, and $100 as of today (obviously employers got free work and I had to pay for a fee for accepting projects). So for freelancers out there who uses this site, is this site still promising "secured payments"? Is it still worth it to build your profile on this website but not worth using as a portfolio to prospect customers because this website has a lot of negative reviews when searched online? I've been here since 2010 and it was not like this before. So for those old freelancers who are still using this site, what are your thoughts and opinions.

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Dream Solutions
Uživatel Dream Solutions
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in last 3 months i have lost more than 6000$ due to reversal of payments and all clients got work and closed jobs with 5 stars .......when i ask support for it they only say we follow procedures on our side.Means last years closed jobs funds are now keepreversing.Few clients responded on my issues and they said they have nothing to do with reversal as they havent got funds back neither they complaint about us so what is the problem what is going on here ?i am here from past 4 years and it was very rare before this year the reversals but this years clients award job and dissappeard and seems like very low project award rate in last 4 months as well

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Sejal Ganatra
Uživatel Sejal Ganatra
odpověděl před 2 lety
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I have also faced same issue of Reversal of Payment after successful project completed. I lost my $200 USD. Freelancer.com is not taking any action regarding this issue and freelancer has to suffer from this big loss. Encourages fraud Clients to do it by not taking any action. They say that we close fraud client account and reverse all his payment, by doing this only that fraud client will be benefited and we have to do our work at free of cost.

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Uživatel Charith
odpověděl před 2 lety
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It happened to me too. I think some employers are trying to use this and get free work. I was a member since 2006 but now thinking of not using this site anymore. This is not a good platform for freelancers.

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Uživatel Creatiwits
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If a milestone is reversed, it would be for two reasons.
1. A valid reason that you've not upheld your part of the bargain, and the employer wants a refund of the money paid to you. In this case you need to work it out with the employer and if it does not work out, then contact freelancer through the dispute system. If you've been hit by multiple milestone reversals, you have probably some extremely dodgy customers, or have failed quite spectacularly, the former, I'll cover in my second point.
2. The dodgy employer - I have seen my fair share of dodgy folks - and it has resulted in losses for me. In retrospect, if I knew that I could raise disputes with Freelancer.com and claim my payment, I'd have done it for at least 5 of the projects that are now affecting my completion rate. You need to follow up with freelancer.com through the ticket system and/or the chat interface.

As for paying to accept, it's Freelancer.com's means to ensuring they get paid for the service you provide. There will also be instances where the employer will disappear after awarding the project. If this happens, you can cancel the project and claim a refund of your project fees.

It may be a good idea to read the terms and conditions before signing up.

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Uživatel canutitr
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I am new to this platform, I did a work and gave all the files and got 5 star review from the client. Then after an hour or so I ended up having -5 dollars account, i did not only loose my effort, I ended up owing money to platform. If I navigate to project it says it was deleted.

How a platform can be secure to use if a client can open a task, get all the results then close it without any payment! How I will trust to get much expensive projects or work for a client hourly?

Need answers!

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Uživatel acepro
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Good and bad employers can be everywhere, I am here since 2012 and have done more than 500 projects, I have also faced the same issue of Reversal of payment after 100% completed and got 5* feedback 2 days ago, I have lost my 275 EURO, wtih same employer, its very horrible situation that you do hard work for an employer, getting review 5.0 and suddenly you see that you receive an email about this Payment reversal issue form employer and after providing the 100% evidences but before things clearing payment is deducted from our freelancer account, Freealncer should defend the freelancer their end becasue our message board system have all the communication history and they can talk to emloyer directly and can show them see what was happening. Freelancer.com should take action against this critical problem.

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I lost more then 400$ in past 1 year......recently again for a completed project 4-5 months ago money reversed and employer account closed...very very disappointed with freelancer policy.
On of Employer account yesterday closed and money reveersed : https://www.freelancer.com/u/rokers0002

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