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How to I know a genuine employer and a fake one?

poptáno uživatelem dandy01 16 března, 2016

I joined freelancer 2 months ago and I have won some contests. Although I got a project last month to do but I couldn't tell the difference whether or not the employer was real. He pushed me to do his project in 2hrs! Whereas the bid was for a day ($150). As you may guess, he was a fraud and he closed his account. I was charge anyway by freelancer. Yesterday I got another project, to protect myself and my work I had them watermarked and requested for milestone but he declined. I insisted but yet no avail. Please tell me how do i prevent this from repeating ever again.
Thank you all!

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Uživatel imrann336
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Hi all, i have joined Freelancer just a do ago and got some data entry job offers. one of the offer project stating " Do help me in copy typing" i checked it says that payment verified, employer number verified but they asked me to deposit atleast 30$ to get work and they will refund it upon completion of task otherwise they will not refund it if work is not done seriously, i wanted to know is it fake or real? they are communicating through Gmail account and have their message box operating on freelancer too. need suggestions thank!

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Uživatel Bodeayomi
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How do you know a fake and genuine employer? Read this
There was actually a time when I accepted a project awarded to me only to find out that the employer created the project and awarded me without a prior understanding of what he was doing. And I was debited a charge for accepting such project.

-If he has no reviews
-If he is not payment verified
-If he didn't explain more about his project in the bid or upon messaging you
-If he asks for offsite communication

Don't bid or accept the project. Some might just use you to write their projects and go unpaid especially when you have no milestone created in order to file a dispute.

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Uživatel sonu024
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I have recently created an account on freelancer and after that i received 3 projects and after sending them email or messaging them, their account gets closed. One of them also told me that after they pay me on freelancer, I have to pay 1500rs in their inr account and i should pay them before the withdrawl from freelancer. Currently i just blocked that person. So please give me suggestions of what shall I do.

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Uživatel wang109
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Some clients are new here.
so they don't know how to verify their account.
so some of the projects look like a fake one, but there is some real project too.
Only 1 thing:
Please accept the project with a clear requirement and milestone created

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Uživatel Anmolverma648
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You are right, Now days there are some people who want to Start Their Indian Restaurant in America from years ??, They provide email in Cover letter.
All Fake Clients offer you to take the cheque outside freelance of exactly of you offer amount, then when cheque has submitted, then you can see you balance with the Cheque Amount

But you can only withdraw that amount after 4 days. In these days they request you to refund then some amount.

And you got agree because you have money in bank.
But then you came to know that after 4 days the cheque money is canceled. So, you loss the money that you refunded. Many Freelancers have been gone through it.

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ray designs
Uživatel ray designs
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hi before bidding you can create milestone to make sure that the project will become guranteed so he cant he have to accept the milestone and you can also check the reviews of employer and and you can also check if he verify the payment method or make a deposit for project i hope it will help you thanks

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Uživatel rildocast5
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Im send an emails out of freelancer the same history a "Indian restaurant" then he said "i cant send the payment by bank bla bla" 5 emails with the same trash, the ADMIN OF FREELANCER why dont close that fake accounts?

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