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Uživatel MoldaviteDesigns
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The employer has the option to "seal" a project. That way only the employer would be able to see bids from freelancers. Other freelancers would only be able to see their own bids but won't be able to see the bids of other freelancers.

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Uživatel knownUnknown
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If it's a 'sealed project' then you won't see the bid of other freelancers. But if it's the open project then you can see the bid and even the proposal of some top freelancer.
To see proposal just copy the URL of the project and then open a new browser window and open URL there and then the project page will open and you will be able to see other freelancers proposal also. In short, the idea is to open the project page without login session.
This might help you to quote the best proposal.

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Uživatel JinDongZhe
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It is the rule of freelancer.com. As MironSk621 said, if you logout and jump to the link of the project, you will look at the 20 top bids that applied to the project.
If "sealed project", you can not look at the bidders and there prorposal eventhough you loged out.
Only employer can look them, This is also freelancer.com rule.
Hope to be helpful.

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Uživatel AnwarNimr
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In case of the project status "Sealed", you could not able see any freelancer bid. The new design version in freelancer.com platform enabled all freelancers to see each other. It is worth to mention that seeing freelancer's bid means nothing for freelancers because the successful freelancer should read and understand well project description and calculate 100% the cost required for finishing the project, the skills required, evaluate the period required to finish the project, mention any suggestions or corrections for clients in their project description or project itself. These factors attractive clients and showing freelancer ability well. Finally, if you finished the client project completely either earlier or on time, you will get on constructive feedback from your employer. Anwar

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Uživatel Buckner
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If it is not sealed and you are using a normal web browser, you can only see the bid detail of other bidders by opening the same page in an incognito window or logging out and viewing it. BUT, if you view the page from the mobile application, it shows you the detail as you would expect. It is an obvious bug with the platform that hasn't been addressed in years.

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