Do the artwork for a android game (apk downloadable, screenshots attached)

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Hey there,
I'm looking for a talented person with passion for games who can create the art assets for my game.

Please download the APK and check out this simple Android-game done in Unity.

[login to view URL]

The complete Artwork is needed. None of the dummy art shall be used.

It is important that all assets do have the same art-style and fit together. Therefore, please present you contribution as screenshots like attached.

The winner is obliged to send all assets as separate files (ONLY PNG in high quality).

Preferred Art-style: comic, friendly, pleasant to the eye when it comes to colors, simple, not childish

So the list of assets should be (no claim to completeness):

- Icon (512 x 512)
- Banner (1024 x 500)
- Happy Face Egg
- Normale Face Egg
- Scared Face Egg
- Broken Egg
- Logo for Start Screen ("Happy Egg")
- Start, Settings, and Quit Buttons for Start-screen
- Sound on/off and "Rate the App" Buttons for Settings-Screen
- Background for Start-screen
- Background for Level Selection Screen
- Background for Level (large enough for larger Level in horizontal direction), not to many details
- Level Selection Buttons (1-40)
- a Lock for level-selection button which are locked
- Stars (highlighted and dark)
- Back-Arrow
- Back Button
- Retry-Button
- Start-Button in Level Screen
- Tool-bar on bottom (red area in current dummy art)
- Scrollbar below toolbar
- Ground (yellow line in current dummy art)
- Nest
- Obstacles (depended on art style)
- All Tools (Bars, Curves, Cups (which shoots the egg away), Trampoline (bounces the egg away)) in the toolbar as logical devices in the art style (either wooden or else)

Thank you in advance and enjoy the contest.

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  • atamosina
    • Před 2 dní

    Please give some feedback on #15

    • Před 2 dní
  • alamin160
    • Před 5 dní

    Sir, I did not understand your whole thing
    then I could have done your job well
    If you had a good idea then I could do the job well

    • Před 5 dní
    1. danthefur
      Pořadatel soutěže
      • Před 4 dní

      I believe I´ve described precisely what I need. What exactly is the problem?

      • Před 4 dní
  • azharul128
    • Před 5 dní


    • Před 5 dní
    1. danthefur
      Pořadatel soutěže
      • Před 4 dní

      what exactly is the problem?

      • Před 4 dní
  • sara94xp
    • Před 5 dní

    #sealed #sealed #guaranteed #guaranteed

    • Před 5 dní
  • marpeachdesign
    • Před 5 dní

    #sealed #guaranteed

    • Před 5 dní

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