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Design some Stationery - Design Stationery: Folder A4, Bussiness card, Sheet A4 Letterhead and Envelope, using our logo (attached) and color palete. Company provide technology solutions. We prefer use palette colors , (attached file) but is not mandatory we are open to other suggestions. 7 Vizitky, Korporátní identita, Grafický design, Ilustrátor, Navrhování kancelářských potřeb Jul 19, 2018 Dnes22h 33m €60
Illustration for Product's Brochure In below link you will find a comparison between our product and the competitors product. [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] We require the comparison to be with minimum amount of wording (minimum text) and to show the differences, strengths and features by illustration 3 Design brožur, Karikatury a komiksy, Grafický design, Ilustrace, Ilustrátor Jul 19, 2018 Dnes21h 10m €26
Design beach residence teaser banner This is a real estate project. the banner will be on the façade of the building. it will include information about amenities and pictures and a contact number for more info: -Luxury Beach front living -Studios, 1 Bedrooms, 2-bedroom apartments -MOVE IN NOW -Receive your unit with 10% down payment -Private beach -All units sea view -Easy payment plans starting over 6+ years $900/m2 -... 29 Design reklam, Design bannerů, Grafický design, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Dnes18h 12m €64
Illustrate Something For the listed items, designs must be created as in the files. There will be characters to be used in an application run. Each character must have the specified style. Appearance style should be like the additional files. The shoes should be worked separately. Head and shoe design are needed as much as the materials on the list. Characters; should be consistent with general historical perceptions... 6 Karikatury a komiksy, Ilustrace Jul 19, 2018 Dnes1d 16h €163
Create an animated picture for a label We will bottle water in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. It is in a valley and was once a retreat area for Incan royalty, which gave it the name "Playground of the Inca". The valley is overlooked by a mountain called Mandango, the Sleeping Inca, whose presence is said to protect the area from earthquakes and other natural disasters. There are many images on google. Can you produce an image that fits... 48 3D animace, After efekty, Animace, Grafický design, Photoshop Jul 18, 2018 Dnes5h 46m €163
Design Door Hanger Flyer 1)Looking for a professional and clean design of Door Hanger Flyers 4x9inches. 2) Utilize all of the information provided on Hangar flyers and make an additional 8.5 x11 inches one sided design with all the information that is used on front and back of hangers. Please include all file formats for handover including: jpg, png, ai, pdf Please keep branding in mind when creating your design an... 52 Design bannerů, Grafický design Jul 18, 2018 Dnes4h €9
Bank On Your Music (Book Cover) I want a Book Cover made for a book Tittle: Bank On Your Music Subtitle1: “What You Need To Know To Make More Money Playing Music!” Subtitle 2: “Insider Secrets To Bigger and Better Gigs” Author: Chad LarMarsh 233 Knižní umělec, Počítačová grafika, Digital Marketing, Grafický design, Tvorba log Jul 18, 2018 Dnes3h 3m €86
Grafický design Jul 18, 2018 Dnes1h 29m
Come up with a name for my app I need a name for my dating app that I'm launching soon. I would like the name to start with the letter V. I'm open to all kinds of names. It would be great it could find a name that represents a connection. Looking forward to your creative ideas! 135 Kde co, Slogany, Tvůrčí psaní, Slogany Jul 18, 2018 Jul 18, 20185d 20h €13
NASA Contest: Design a Positioning Software Architecture Design a Positioning Software Architecture (PSA) In this challenge, you are asked to design the Positioning Software Architecture (PSA) that will control a Robotic Arm (RA) that has been separately designed to attach the Astrobee Robotic Free Flyer to a Handrail within the International Space Station. This challenge is focused on software and software architectures, and no executable code is r... 2 Algoritmy, Kde co, Vestavěný software, Microcontroller, Softwarová architektura, Programování v C, C++ programování , Design výrobků, Produktový management, Arduino Jun 28, 2018 Jun 28, 20186d 15h €215
Design a logo and branding Brief Logo and branding Should be simple, something that represents a traveller but uniquely, a Muslim traveller. I especially like the French website with the header and footer showing the landmarks of different countries and I would like to replicate this onto my website with Makkah and Madinah to be in the picture as well, just as it is on the French website. [pro zobrazení URL se př... 0 3D design, Grafický design, Tvorba log, Photoshop, Photoshop Design Jul 19, 2018 Dnes9d 23h €100
Créations Strass Hello everyone. I would like to obtain a beautiful logo for my activity of designing acessoires for baby, mother etc ... I join you some of my products: pacifier clip, dream catcher , key ring ...  It must be related to the name of the company: Creations Strass. especially the "Strass", with a universe of princess, prince etc. Good luck to all and the best one wins! 0 Grafický design, Tvorba log Jul 19, 2018 Dnes2d 23h €29
Basic Video Screenshare with Voice Over I need someone to create a digital video of a powerpoint presentation that consists of 4 slides. Audio should be a professional United States Male voice of someone reading the document. The video should show the report. As points are read, the video should zoom in on the support images. If this is a success, 50+ more similar projects will follow. To ensure you read this post and are qualified, ... 0 Audio služby, Úprava videa, Tvorba videí, Video služby, Hlasový talent Jul 19, 2018 Dnes6d 23h €43
Lil'Spirits We are a company catered to children 3-12 year olds. Our first project will be launching a children's book. We would like a logo to spell out the company name "Lil'Spirits " and above it we would like an arch/rainbow/circle that is drawn by a little ferry. At the completion of arch/rainbow/circle should be followed by "pixy dust" (drawn by the ferry). Thank you 0 Grafický design, Tvorba log Jul 19, 2018 Dnes6d 23h €86
Featured Blog Images 1024x800 I need three graphics for my blog. These images will be used as featured images to represent the blog posts. 1) [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] 2) [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] 3) [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] I need three graphics that are 1024x800 for these three blog posts. 0 Grafický design, Úprava fotografií, Photoshop, Photoshop Design Jul 19, 2018 Dnes2d 23h €26
Podcast Logo (album art) This is album art for a tennis podcast (3000 x 3000 pixels). The name of the podcast is "Game Set Match Kentucky!" Colors to use are: navy blue, yellow, and I am open to other colors. I'd like the outline of the state of Kentucky perhaps in the background (or faded in the background). In the foreground I want a silhouette of a tennis player celebrating with arms/racquet raised (simi... 0 Grafický design, Ilustrátor, Tvorba log, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Dnes6d 22h €21
Company Goals and Vision Poster Design of a Goals/Vision/Strategy Poster. In the attached spreadsheet, it outlines company Goals/Vision/5 year plan for Elevate House Investors. I want this designed in a visually appealing layout that can be printed on either a 11x14 or 16x20 poster. 0 Grafický design Jul 19, 2018 Dnes3d 22h €86
Animated GIF for Website Preloader Image Looking to create an animated gif as a website preloader image. Logo is attached. The grey dots represent rocks and the orange waves are water from a river that is near our business. My idea is to have the water flow from left to right... flowing in and flowing out. Remember this is a preloader image on a website, so the message to convey is that the website is loading. I'm also ... 0 3D animace, Animace, Grafický design Jul 19, 2018 Dnes2d 22h €26
Key Art for a Series of Books/Poster We need the key art designed for a series of books & its poster ASAP. The book title is "Before I... Marry You." We would like to wrap up this contest within the next 36 hours if possible, so the sooner we receive the artwork, the more likely it will win. This is our first time using Freelancer, so we are not doing the guaranteed contest, but we will absolutely award a winner if we... 0 Grafický design, Ilustrátor, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, Navrhování plakátů Jul 19, 2018 Dnes2d 22h €86
convert my idea into a product design I have an idea, need to convert this high-level idea into application design. Idea: "My assistant for helping for all things/services I want to buy" Problem -------------- I have a list of things and service to buy for myself and my family. I want to buy these within the next number of days/weeks/months/year. That is, some I want to buy immediately, some I want to buy in the next 3 to... 0 Grafický design, Mobile App Development, Photoshop, Design výrobků, Uživatelské rozhraní / IA Jul 19, 2018 Dnes29d 19h €74
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