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Photo silhouette DIC 2017 -- 1 Hi there, I need that 17 attached photos (2017MMDD_XXXX) must be silhouetted, with vivid colors and without shadows. In file "[url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste]" you can see "as is" vs "to be" so you can take as reference. The deliverable is composed by: edited photo and logo (Baby Shower - Logo [url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste... 1 Photoshop Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 23h €13
MARIJUANA APP LOGO Hello we are looking for a design for a social media marijuana application. Design should be discreet. 4 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Photoshop Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 23h €21
SNEHAM LOGO My name is Bettsy and I have started a women's empowerment group called "Sneham" aka "Love" in the Indian language called Malayalam. This group is to help young women grow spiritually, personally, and professionally with focusing on self love, love for others, and above all, love for God. The attached is how to write sneham in Malayalam (ignore the two underlines). I also ... 8 Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 22h €42
need a logo maker need a logo for a coral reef company that specializes in aquarium products, information and coral stores. company is called Better Reefing and the mascot is an emerald crab. also would like to avoid the clownfish ( nemo ) 3 3D design, Grafický design, Ilustrátor, Tvorba log, Photoshop Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 21h €25
I need some Graphic Design Need a logo for a storage facility. The facility has blue doors so we would want blue incorporated into it. Want something that really pops especially since it will be on a monument sign. The current logo on the monument sign is bad as the wordrs blend to much behind the orange backgroud (see attached photo). You cannot even make out the name of the facility on the current monument sign. Th... 32 Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes2d 20h €127
I need some Graphic Design and Creative Logo Designs! Hello! I am trying to create a logo for my company. Attached, I like the open door concept/image and the name of my company is rentloop. I want to keep it simple yet catchy and incorporate the open door of some sort. I want a loop outline somewhere within either encompassing the door or around the oo in loop. The oo in loop could also maybe turned into sunglasses of some sort (Just an Idea) I want... 8 Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 20h €13
Design Logo and Sticker Hi, I need our current logo to be modernized. I also need a sticker design to be made up to put on shipping containers. The door sticker will need to 330mm high and 700mm wide. The door sticker will need our Logo on top and email address (SALES@[url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste]) and website below that ([url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste]) Also have at the f... 4 Design bannerů, Grafický design, Návrhy ikon, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes2d 20h €31
Design a Logo "Icy Tea" I'm leading an international cyber security team and we'd like a logo to use internally. Because our acronym will simply be "ICT" within our larger organization, we've sounded it out like Icy Tea and want a logo that reflects the play on words. We'd like the logo to be a cup of "tea" made of a binary "ones and zeros" liquid with big ice cubes flo... 13 Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 20h €85
Design a Logo We are an e-commerce of freestanding bathtubs named Isabella Waldorf. We want a new logo and corporate identity to make it more actual and modern. We need to convey elegance, luxury, but too freshness and modernity. We currently use a Pegasus horse as a logo, as you can see in attached files. We will accept totaly new logos, and logos based on the pegasus. It means, the Pegasus horse new logos wo... 18 Korporátní identita, Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 19h €85
logo design for a new "Medical Honey Company" Hi , I am wanting to make a logo for a new Medical grade honey company company name " CEDAR HONEY" [url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste] slogan "elixir oak honey" so logo should include slogan under it same as competitors logo needs to be simple but suitable for high end customers company is based in lebanon our competitors site is [url odstraněn, p... 23 Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 19h €51
GAP BUSTER Logo T-shirt design I need a logo for webpage and t-shirts: Official GAP BUSTER. And...we want to find someone to work long term with on the graphics and design side for websites and sales funnels. Back Story: We work with Business consultants and help them quickly identify their clients Performance GAPS in five areas: Leadership, Company Culture, Operations, Training and Customer Service using our Performance... 4 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, Trička Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 19h €85
Design a Flyer asap booking w/ DANI today! instagram: @dina_mua facebook: Dina Gorgess or call or text: 682-514-5759 would like the flyer to be girly and unique please sure sample models attached to project 3 Návrh letáků, Grafický design Dec 11, 2017 Dnes2d 19h €21
Create a GIF Please create a GIF or video of an avocado box. My brand is Villita Avocados. -I have attached a sample from Halos, please do not use any of this material. I do not own this brand. - Use all the Villita Avocados videos and photos. -Please choose a new background -Use speech bubbles graphics. Insert the words; delicious, creamy, healthy and fun. - Photoshop the avocado skin. -Include the sl... 0 Grafický design, Úprava fotografií, Photoshop, Vektorizace Dec 11, 2017 Dnes4d 19h €170
[LOGO DESIGN] - Simple Logo for Fishing Website Hi there, I need a simple logo designed for a new fishing website called "Baited Hooks". Here are my requirements : Logo MUST BE available in high resolution .psd (photoshop) format. Colours are to be any combination of : #427aa1 #3e6990 #ffffff #f1f1f1 #c5c5c5 Choice of font is up to you. Logo needs to be in a horizontal line, scaled logo size is approx 250 x 50... 12 Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes2d 19h €22
________ LOGO FOR : Relaxi Taxi Business Name: Relaxi Taxi Company Description: - a mobile (in a van) massage and coaching business, I perform massages in a van at the location the customer wants. I am also a coach and hold coaching sessions in the same van (other setting of course) Logo Requirements: - Logo should be creative, unique, and professional looking. - It should look clearly identifiable on a business ca... 11 Grafický design, Ilustrátor, Tvorba log, Photoshop, Web design Dec 11, 2017 Dnes2d 18h €99
design a logo This is an event management company. The name is Your Events Managed. Our tag line is: Let us manage and you enjoy. I am looking for something that is different from other event companies. A reward will be given to the best submission. 10 Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 18h €25
Pugs Pugs and more Pugs! I want pug illustrations or drawings that I can use to create t-shirts, pillows, and other products. I would like these illustrations to have a sense of humour. I would also love it if they were original drawings or illustrations. Thank you and Happy Creating! 2 Karikatury a komiksy, Grafický design, Ilustrace, Trička Dec 11, 2017 Dnes9d 18h €224
ANIMATE LOGO PRO Hi! Need a logo animation. It is for a Consultant Group. Make it fancy and stylish. We will use it for institutional videos, short clips and mostly for web & digital. Let us show our services quality with that animation. PS: I'll be offering more job after this one is closed. Attaching the logo in all formats. Have fun!!! 1 3D animace, Animace, Kreativní design, Motion Graphics, Úprava videa Dec 11, 2017 Dnes6d 18h €25
Business Logo Business Name: Prairie Drone Services Company Description: Prairie Drone Services provides remote sensing (data collection such as photographs, infrared) for inspection, survey, and other geospatial activities. Our target market is primarily energy (oil & gas, wind, solar), construction, communications, and environmental and we operate throughout Western Canada (a.k.a. the prairies). Log... 10 3D design, Design bannerů, Korporátní identita, Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes29d 17h €165
Chip Logo Design I am seeking a new logo for my ecommerce electronics website....ChipWhiz is the name....Seeking a 3d or flat design that is apealling and vivid, maximum of 3 colors and option for monochrome(bw version)....source file to be included Further details can be discussed via chat 10 Grafický design, Tvorba log Dec 11, 2017 Dnes2d 17h €8
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