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We are starting a pop up food place that sells mostly Cuban but also some other latin inspired foods to go. We are all about delicious flavour but we want a cool and fun brand as well. We operate in the Caribbean on a small island and would like the name of the place to be " El Jefe" or "El Jefe's" we havent decided yet so send a mock up and in the final handover we may ask for both options.

We are thinking of something using the words "El Jefe" and the image (attached of a face - do not include the red writing in the image also if you could take off the moustache and beard and maybe add some kind of chef hat or alternatively if you find a face similar to this one) incorporated into it with either a knife and fork or just a knife but it can't look too aggressive. I have also added an image of a brief sketch of what we have in mind as a starting point. if you believe it would look alright, you could also add in the tag line " The Boss's Kitchen" but if not, this is fine, Choose whichever colour scheme you like but it should be appealing and eye catching :) looking forward to seeing your work! I give feedback for everything and will rate it so you can resubmit :)

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