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I am finishing up a design of my website slide one has a cell phone come up with static text, i would like the text to change in the phone.
I have added a couple cell phone templates to use. Use what everone works best for you.
The messages I would like to rotate are:
Welcome to Your College, You will receive a text message when it is your turn. You are 12 in the registration line, reply T for more Time or S for Status

No ticket machines, printers or even smart phones required, customers text simple commands to manage their place in virtual line.

Studies show, 24% of consumers abandon their purchases, when confronted with long (physical) waiting lines.

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the average customer spends about $1 dollar per minute while shopping.

Customers are no longer tethered to long physical lines, they are free to spend money while in a virtual waiting line.

Improved customer flow increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Families love visiting Santa at the mall without the long wait in line.

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  • imaginesoil
    • Před 6 let

    Hello there, Please check #7 & #8 .

    • Před 6 let
  • ankitsmith62
    • Před 6 let

    Why did you ended the contset so fast? I was working on it.

    • Před 6 let
  • gemaputr
    • Před 6 let

    Wait for my entry!

    • Před 6 let
    1. brandonmunson
      Pořadatel soutěže
      • Před 6 let

      sorry man, please still enter it. I can use two phones

      • Před 6 let
  • Naseem065
    • Před 6 let

    Also, what is the required file format? animated GIF?

    • Před 6 let
  • Naseem065
    • Před 6 let

    Hi, requesting some clarification please...
    You have a rotating banner at the page
    The messages that you like to rotate will rotate in the same slide or there will be different slides, 1 slide for every message?

    • Před 6 let

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