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I currently have a software company, Babybots4all. Our logo is attached. Our customers are moms that want clothing for their kids. The software helps them buy baby clothing. Our program works on the online stores of,,, The features of the program include auto add to cart, auto checkout and a style finder. I need a 2-3 page design. The concept design attached is the user interface. You can redesign this, or use it as is. Here is what each page should include:

Home Page:
-Has all features listed
-has all sites listed
-looks bright, clean and family friendly
-can showcase the user interface
-has multiple links to buy the program
-has a contact us on the bottom of the page

Product Page:
-needs a picture of the product, and button that says buy now

An about us box can be included anywhere in the site. The contents of the about us page/portion of a page is included below.
Welcome to Babybots4all,

Recently it has become very hard to purchase limited baby clothing. Within minutes, a sold out message appears and you are forced to pay ridiculous resale prices. Our bots increase your chances to get limited release baby clothing.
Our team is very experienced in the add to cart software industry. Babybots4all, is a division of Sneakerbots4all which has been dominated the market since January of 2014. Our Babybots are the fastest and most affordable programs available. Also, currently Babybots4all is the only company to sell a program which works on all 5 major baby retailers. Once a person purchases one of our bots, it will be made available to them in the chrome web store instantly. Stop missing out on limited baby clothing today, stop paying ridiculous resale prices, and purchase a baby bot today.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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  • parikhan4i
    • Před 8 let

    I really do not understand what you want, you need site for software or baby cloths? but your concept picture showing something else, please explain what you want or give a rough sketch.

    • Před 8 let
    1. charliebromby
      Pořadatel soutěže
      • Před 8 let

      I need this page for software. The software buys baby clothing.

      • Před 8 let
  • Webicules
    • Před 8 let

    pls, check the #3

    • Před 8 let
  • barasalah
    • Před 8 let

    do you need all sites in single page or multi page html 5
    for ex : this is single page

    • Před 8 let
    1. charliebromby
      Pořadatel soutěže
      • Před 8 let

      I would prefer a single page.

      • Před 8 let
    2. sajidjee786
      • Před 8 let

      Plz give me your Contant Details I will Make a Attractive and best mokup for

      • Před 8 let

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