Design badges for an language learning platform

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I need 2 badges.

I'd like to introduce a gamification system. The user levels up as they learn more and more words - the reward is a badge every time they pass a level.
E.g. they start on Level 0. When they learn 10 words with Skeebdo, they are on Level 1 when they learn 30 they are on Level 2 and so on.

For each badge I'd like to have a unique concept containing:
- The number of words they learned
- The given creative concept (I provide you one word, I trust your creativity what you make out of it :) )
- the level number

Badge 1:
When they reach level 1 they get a badge that need to contain:
- "10 words"
- creative: babysteps
- "Level 1"

Badge 2:
When they reach level 2 they get a badge that need to contain:
- "30 words"
- creative: sunrise
- "Level 2"

The badges don't need to follow the same shape or structure, but obviously it is a way to go to follow some consistency. The Level number and words should be well-readable e.g. the "Level 1" and "10 words" should be something the user understands what they gets the reward for. Maybe you should make the "10 words" slightly larger than the "Level 1" but it is your choice.

I am expecting a bit over average complexity. See it here: [login to view URL]

It doesn't need to be this complex but a the creative part should be a bit more than two baby foot in case of the babysteps for example.

Also we have brand colors (check [login to view URL]), please do not use them, instead use vintage colors.

Note: The service will have about 15 levels, I'd like to see what you can do with these two. I will certainly order 13 more if satisfied.


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    sir I'm interested in your project . i need to know more about the project . So please do message me

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