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We need a logo redesign. We already have the logo (attached file: iubah logo), but it was created a while back, and we need it to be reduced to simplicity, but it should represent the brand better.

Key points:

+ new approach to digital pipe organ -> Iubah Organ represents a revival of the queen of the instruments – the pipe organ – but in a new concept of mobile instrument suitable for concert halls, recording studios, open air or even home for personal study.

+ new technology – the new system used in this organ allows the use of different Sample sets (sounds recorded by traditional pipe organs) played to an excellent sound quality. The audio complexity of pipes, mixed with the reverberation given by the special space of the churches in which we can found the most famous organs in the world is now unalterable played by Iubah Organ. This new technology succeeds in playing the original sound of the traditional pipe organ.

+ exceptional minimalist design

We are open to new suggestions as well but there MUST be:
1. a drawing logo (drawing to be used on marketing purposes - symbol)
2. a text logo (to be used with the drawing from point 1. or separately)
3. A signature (IUBAH – the text of the signature) to be used on the wood part of the organ.

We are a company that produces digital organs. The drawing logo can relate to specific organ issues as pipes, keyboards, mixed ideas relating to organ instruments etc.

First attachment – the old logo
Second attachment – an example of drawing and text logo for IUBAH
Third attachment – a signature example for using on the wood of the organ. (Photo 3 – Sela)

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