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I hired a logo designer but I don't think he really understood what I was wanting so now I am here. [Edit I changed to guaranteed as I have been incredibly impressed with what people submitted and I am now torn on which to choose].

{another edit - PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A LOGO WITH A CAMERA IN IT, I hate those so much, I put that at the end of my brief but I am moving it higher because many didn't see that I guess}
I am looking for a logo for my photography company that can be a word mark as well and can be easily applied to photos. I am looking for a Magazine like style in the wordmark and logo.

Name: Blake Blamalam Photography - I was thinking of something like BLAM for a shortened aspect to it or BLAM ALAM. Basically, like a photo version of Emeril's BAM! I don't care if you need to alter it a bit, but it needs to have at least BLAM and Photography included in some way so it is clear who I am and what I do. My clients associate the word Blam with me already as well as people in my community. I am just starting out really though so I can be flexible with it as I don't have a website or anything yet.

Feel: Chic, goddess-like, photos that would be seen as cover photos in fashion magazines. I like to provide high fashion photos for everyday people.
Love: Vogue's logo including where they put their country-specific magazine tag in the O, Elle, Glamor, Fashion. I want to be able to play with the workmark and logo. Something that doesn't take away from a photo but adds a glamor feel.
Hate: dated logo looks, cameras in logos, something that looks stamped on a photo and not editorial.

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“I really appreciated how Dimitrije really followed the brief I gave and made the minor adjustments with no hassle. I also loved that he sent me one of my photos with the logo on it to see how it would all come together. Really brilliant and I am incredibly grateful!”

Profilový obrázek blakeblamalam, United States.

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    Check #65 entry

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  • petertimeadesign
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    Sorry but the brief is a bit confusing. what Emeril's BAM! has to do with you company? what is Emeril's BAM?

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  • joselgarciaf1
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    hello friend @ I hope that this very well, I would love to connect with you for a better elaboration and reach what you are looking for, write me to the private chat ... it will be an honor ... greetings!

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  • hasanjahedi100
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    ok if you dont want to guaranteed contest i can help you to make your logo

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