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    particle swarm optimization or GA to decrease grid usage in a micro grid matlab

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    ...variable voltage boost regulator, adjusted by a single tactile switch - 3S Li-ion charger, 3x 10440 Li-ion cells alligned parallel. - Necessary battery protection features. (Over-charging, over-discharging etc.) - Battery level indicator via LEDs. - Charged via a micro-usb B port, 5V - PCB is of a custom shape, detailed dimensions will be given later on. But

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    Hi, I want a simple battery charging circuit powered by single phase alternator (varying input ) on Simulink-simscape.. I am student from India.. glad if you could help.. I've seen your similar work on your YouTube channel but it was three phase

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    A simple battery charging circuit with single phase alternator is required in Simulink-simscape

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    Single phase alternator powered battery charging circuit

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    ...3. e-multi criteria (Formulas will be provided by me) • I will tell the data packet content (Mean which things we need at sink i.e packet number, sending time, remaining battery, etc) which need to send up to sink node. • For whole work, you need at least two to three pcs/raspberries for making ad-hoc network and testing purpose. • The code should

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    Needed help in project. Cyber Operation, Wireshark Usage. you must use Wireshark to solve this problem. thank you

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    ...of supporting/pulling 100kg; The battery powering the motors should be rechargeable and be able to travel for 10 hrs. between charges; The arms should be capable of extending to the floor; the hands should be capable of grasping an object; power for the arms and hands should come from the same battery; all motors should be wirelessly

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    ...aim of the project is for you to create a small, hand-held, battery-powered IoT device. This will entail interfacing a microcontroller with a sensor and a display and any LEDs, buttons, buzzers etc. as required. You will have a choice of sensor which to use. After that the specific application of the project together with the features of smart system

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    Building a Power subsystem for water level monitoring system for tank. We are using Arduino due and we need to implement solar cell of 5v with battery and backup battery. Batteries are rechargeable for the absence of sun. The solar cell has to work for at least a year without intervention and the back-up power source with enough energy for two days

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    Determining the State of Charge of a Lithium-ion Battery

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    We need a demo video to show a rechargeable battery with unique safety feature. We will have 3D model, script and storyboard ready. The animation will need 3D animation and after effect to demonstrate the idea.

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    ...* harddrive size (in GB) * SSD (in GB or none) * ships from * ships to * USB ports [port type(USB3.0, 4.0 ect)/ port number] * SSD_slot * HDMI port * meida card * battery life [num of hours] * star rating([out of 5 dived by 2 if its out of 10] / number of reviews) * screen size/is touch? yes or no * type(laptop, desktop) * brand * description

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    I need a PCB developed to meet my specifications and provide the following functionality: • Full Balancing and battery management of & hardware protection for x4 3s banks of 18650 LION cells terminated via 8mm.015mm nickel strips (ideally with low temperature solder or spot weld to board). • USBC input port for DC power to charge with USBC Charge

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website.

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    I need a cordless hot glue gun with a built in rechargeable battery I want the gun to last for at least an hour this should be a full sized glue gun and the battery should be built in

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    ...freelancers I need someone to create Arduino code for my latest project. The device measures current and voltage using the ADS1115 I2c ADC. I use this to work out charge in a battery. I currently have an oled display showing all of the values and also for calibration. I would like to remove the OLED and view it all from a web page. AJAX would be used as

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    ...for the project and experience in development of technology platforms with examples that can be looked at. There will be features that include the creation of custom test battery, comprehensive back-office reporting, emailing of tests with tracking for completion within the back office, time-based assessment, uploading of files from the test taker viewable

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    ...description: It’s some kind of Christmas tree lights, but all components (PCB, LEDs, battery, etc.) should hold inside tiny transparent ‘rod’ (enclosure). This rod needs to be as small as possible, like Dia 8 mm, and up to 40mm long. Design should include battery, charging protective components. Most component list represented on the Block scheme.

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    Need assistance to have my Xiomi 8 phone user-friendly. Can anyone help

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    Build a Logo Ukončeno left

    We are one of the leader in PV module manu...(LITHOS, greek word for Lithium) and the company name will be Lithos Energy Solutions LLP. The product portfolio is off-grid solar applications, EV mobility and anywhere where battery is required. The Logo should include a leaf or something to represent eco-friendly. I want atleast 5-6 options for the logo.

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    Looking for developing a battery for local applications It needs to have design for battery backed system as well as battery

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    with some solar cells charge the rechargeable battery while there is a load attached to it. battery need to support the load for 2 weeks in case of no light to generate power for the load.

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    Design a circuit Ukončeno left

    I need a circuit designed for the arrangement of a fuel cell, battery, and a generator. I've 2 different articles on the circuit between a fuel cell and battery, for reference. the circuit needs to be derived from the same without overlapping completely. I would prefer somebody who has worked on fuel cell or similar technology before or probably

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    Ultraligth project Ukončeno left

    ...motor LR0017 6 hp each ( Brand: DB Electric) Item number 5332 to run together from 1 battery, HOW BIG THE BATTERY NEED TO BE and what do I need to keep the battery alive, a GERATOR or an ALTINATOR 12v DC. Also what is needed for not let over charge the battery. there is more to tell you about this project for you to have a full [pro zobrazení URL se při...

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    ...details to show to user like, example, user A loged in then --> selected vehicle ID 12304 then server should show the vehicle details like, -> vehicle battery level -> vehicle fuel level -> vehicle status (ON/OFF) -> vehicle GPS location -> vehicle speed -> Device SIMcard

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    ...[pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] Sections 2: Things To Consider When Buying Grass Shears What Do You Need To Cut? Where Will You Use Your Shears? Blade Length. Battery. Size & Weight. Grip & Ergonomics Types Of Head: 1. Hedge Trimmer, 2. Tobboggan Head, 3. Dual-Bladed Head. [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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    ...Berkeley and I recently wanted to pursue making a prototype for an idea that I have. It is a Ring that I want to be thin enough to be fashionable but also be able to fit a battery and bluetooth component which I dont even know is possible. Ideally in the future it would be able to pair the bluetooth with an app that hasn't been created yet. this is all

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    We need: 1. PCB...load cell (E+, E-, A+, A- wired) - HX711 amp - Battery management unit - Qi wireless charging (receiver) - LiPo recargeable battery - one Multicolour LED 2. Firmware/embedded software For ESP32, including ULP development for deep sleep awakening/battery management. Signals: unique ID, load scale value, battery value, charging status.

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    TL/DR: I'm looking for someone who helps me design and build an arduino based solution that sh...operate the tally. Supply me with step by step list how to set up each tally light. Bonus: Integrate a small Battery with the Arduino so that it is rechargeable via USB-Mini / C Bonus2: Add mini OLED Display to show Connection Status and Battery Status

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    Build a Mac App to show battery status of airpods and easily connect to them Examples: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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    **Please prove that you read the full description when you apply for this project** My website causes constant CPU usage spikes (about every 2 hours or so), which makes the hosting provider limit my resources. I've been unable to identify the problem and my hosting provider ([pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]) won't give me any clues as to what the issue may be. It's

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    IBM part 39H1266 3 cell ni-mh battery is no longer available. Need fabrication of prototype and future run of about 20 additional units. Will require experience with battery tab spot welding and skill in shrink wrap assembly with dimensions matching the original part. Battery cells will be Varta V150H and we still need to identify and source the 2-pin

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    ...looking for the person who can speaking English & Chinese (Pref. Local Person from China) - Know basic terms about import export of products - Can find the customers for us from Battery Manufacturing or Cable Manufacturing Industry - You can use whatever tools you like phone, chat, offline marketing etc. - Take the requirements from Customer - Negotiate

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    ...smartphone until it goes off, because the battery runs empty. This work is about to find out how well different smartphones work together with their batteries. Some people with a general same usage of their smartphone have to charge their smartphone more often. To find out which smartphone works best with its battery, a developed app shall collect data from

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    Android proxy SDK Ukončeno left used to Android application acting as a proxy server. Just SDK for Android apps, I will deliver API to communicate with my server. Requirements: The SDK should be easily implemented in any Android application. The SDK should be designed to keep the operation of any application in the background as a process (service). The application must b...

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    I need small animation with dental floss picks usage illustrations with my brand floss pick.

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    ...To remotely assist (using Team Viewer or similar) our coder with the following: Communication using GSM (see attachments) and remote connection, minimising of power usage for remote battery operation, connection reading, calibration and data logging of sensors. Setting of parameters and trigger point alarms. Export of data, tabulation and display of logged

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    Build android app Ukončeno left

    An android app that can alert charger connected or unplugged or fully charged by alert with preloaded sounds and user custom voice alert the app should also alert battery low the app shud not work when phone is on silent mode

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    Custom Android ROM Ukončeno left

    ...626s phone from the T-Mobile network in the USA. I need to use to the phones in a different application and need a new Custom ROM that eliminates all T-Mobile apps and only includes the apps I want. I also want to update to the most up-to-date version of Android that the device can run. The Apps I need are: - InBrowser - Twitter - Facebook - Google

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    scooter ...launched we need full project similar mobile app androis - ios - webpage - admin panal - CRM apps will have face to the users who ride the scooter connecting to GPS and battery level and also face for the person who will charge it daily if you dont know the project plz dont send qutation sample [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste...

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    ...for the person who can speaking English & Korean (Pref. Local Person from Korea) - Know basic terms about import export of products - Can find the customers for us from Battery Manufacturing or Cable Manufacturing Industry - You can use whatever tools you like phone, chat, offline marketing etc. - Take the requirements from Customer for Metal

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    ...English & Chinese (Pref. Local Person from China) - Know basic terms about import export - Know basic knowledge of the metal industry - Can find the customers for us from Battery Manufacturing or Cable Manufacturing Industry - You can use whatever tools you like phone, chat, offline marketing etc. - Take the requirements from Customer - Negotiate

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    I would like very clean and good illustration also photoshop images of: Water damage Screen damage Battery Charging issues This will be for an iphone repair issues so do a good job. I’ve already provide you with pictures through messaging to give you the right idea, if any question pls feel free to ask.

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    Source code: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] We need to get 3 scenarios of QR code scanning on our site: (any kind of control could be used to switch scenarios) 1. Scenario . It is used for cases when QR code includes web address. The website with the decoded address must be just opened on a screen. After QR with url is scanned - we need to go on that url automatic, 2. Scenario Af...

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    Want to pair an iPhone with a multi-sensor thermometer. Application should pair, display data, option to record data, user sets timer and target temperature. Swipe between screens. Work done for hire - my company retains all copyright and IP for this software. This BLE application will pair 2 devices, an iPhone and a multisensor thermometer. The

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    ...No. – +251-910599719 Ms. Danait kahsay Email - danaitkhsy@[pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] Designation - co-founder Phone No. – +251-912491433 1. Mobile OS Platforms to target We target only android. 2. Services Needed from the App Development Company App Development Services. 3. Technology Preference Native App Development. [pro...

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    In need of an engineer to help build and source parts for a custom screen which can be used...external display for a laptop. Key components; 2 screens HD 60 Hz Connect via 1 USD for both displays Thin a lightweight battery to power both screens for at least 6 hours. Power lights to display battery power Battery charger Use battery as a USB charger

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