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    personalization jira

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    Drawing up of as built drawings.

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    Basic requirements: - support android backward api compatibility 19 and forward - complete clean up and removal of all cache / browsing history and any other footprints - Tabbed browsing - Download management - Spell checking - Search engine toolbar - Auto-updater - Pop-up blocking - Auto-play blocking - Page zooming - Support for XSLT, XHTML, MathML, HTML5 form elements, RSS, ATOM - JavaScript Support - Support for latest image formats - Tor VPN / Orbot Support

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    I can give you hand measured dimensions of a 1200 sq ft basement. I’d like someone to translate that to CAD.

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    Hello, i am building a Product but i am only a designer and not an engeneer. I know exactly what i want and how it should look and feel, i can make drawings and even technical drawings. but i have no idea how to build a 100% perfect prototyp in a CAD program so a factory can produce this afterwards. I am looking for a person who can support me on this project. if you are a pro in using a CAD program and if you are able to build 100% acurate 3 model, than you are good for the job. i attached a image of the product i want to build on my own. its a base, a inlay and 2 covers. in the end i will need the CAD file to forward it to the manufacturer. and i guess than we will have some more changes and remodeling work to do.. maybe you can give me a quote what you need in total, to build...

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    I am looking for an experienced writer who can create a detailed and informative article on "Wellness as We Age". The article should include legitimate research, and should be more than 1200 words in length. The tone should be informative, providing readers with facts and figures on the pertinent topic. The writer must also be capable of crafting an engaging piece of work that speaks to the reader along with being authoritative. The writer must have knowledge within the wellness/health sphere and should be experienced in writing on this particular subject. I will be running detailed Plagiarism Checks before accepting. Only bid if you have prior experience in this area. This is a trail project for a series of upcoming similar tasks. Thank you.

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    Solana Developers needed for a short code Review as part of a study. see:

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    I'm looking for someone who can reduce the size of a 3D character model in Blender, then export it as an FBX file for use in UNITY. An experienced freelancer with a strong handle on 3D modelling and Blender is a must for this project. The expected outcome is a highly optimized 3D Character model that is exportable as a FBX file. If you have the required skills to deliver this project, I look forward to hearing from you. Start your bid with the word 'BLENDER' so I know you read this description.

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    We are looking for someone to help rebuild my existing e-commerce/ Multipage website as per our requirements. It’s an existing website, so I have existing content that we would like to use. I need someone experienced in building an e-commerce/Multipage website in WordPress and understand the peculiarities of the platform and coding. The challenge is we need a quick turnaround on the project. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can read our mind and understand exactly what we want without needing a lot of help from us. An eye for details is important, as we want the website to be perfect. Reliability and timely completion of the project is key for us. We look forward to finding the right developer for the project and thanking him/her with a 5 star rating on...

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    We are searching for developers with experience in developing Solana Smart Contracts using Rust. You are provided with some code snippets of one Solana Smart Contract and are asked to do a code review as you usually do. Afterwards, you are required to fill out a short survey. Everything should not take longer than 90 minutes. Within the survey you will be provided with clear instructions and the ability to copy the project from gitlab project, or review it directly in the browser. What does this job look like? 1) Receive a Link with instructions 2) Review 3 code snippets of one Solana Smart Contract and fill out our survey 3) Receive your money You are eligible for the job if you have experience developing Solana Smart Contracts. All participants will be compensated equally with ...

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    €30 - €249
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    LEAVE THE REQUEST IF YOU CAN COMPLETE THE TASK TODAY! NO TIME WASTING - NO "HELLO" [and that's it] MESSAGES AND NON READING OF THE REQUIREMENT! I am looking to create an online contact form for an airport list. The form should be a booking form and will require users to enter their name, contact information, travel details, and any special requests....should be accurate and easy to use for customers. The form should be intuitive, quickly collecting all necessary information and allowing for the submission of completed forms. I need a reliable freelancer who can efficiently develop this online booking form so that my customers can easily submit their requests. The form needs to be integrated into my wordpress website. The form should be created as per reference atta...

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    I am looking to add ApplePay as a payment option on our website The website is powered by WordPress. We use Braintree as an on-site payment gateway and wish to add ApplePay as a second on-site payment option. To be awarded with this task, you MUST have done this task previously and be able to provide a link to the website as an example. Please note: We will not select a person who cannot show an example of their previous work. If you are successful at completing this talk, then need the ApplePay setup applied to our other 3 websites. and will awarded a further $300 for this task, as the bulk of the work would have already been done on the first website.

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    I'm looking for someone to convert a floor plan sketch that I currently have in pdf form into a pdf document with exact measurements. The original document is a pdf - I don't have any other images I would like included in the pdf and I don't need the sketch to be used for exact measurements. Rather, I just need the floor plan to be converted into a pdf document with measurements. If you think you can help, please let me know. Thanks! I need to do a design plan for my office furniture.

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    ...of this software is to provide a link between all departments by increasing efficiency, making operations more cost-effective, and improving data storage and backup. In particular, the focus of the project is to benefit the Accounting department and other department with reporting. This includes streamlining processes, improving financial accuracy, and developing faster internal operations such as purchase order approval, budgetting etc I am aiming to have the software implemented within one year; however, I need a freelancer that is able to provide guidance throughout the entire process timeline. This includes preparation, implementation, and maintenance of the program. If you are experienced in software implementation and have knowledge of project workflow management, I wou...

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    I'm looking to take press releases and have them rewritten through ChatGPT and then automatically posted to our wordpress blog site as new posts. Photos need to be pulled over too. Here's an example RSS:

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    Smart Contract Generation Wizard as per chat. The smart contract will include these 4 functions: 1. Create a non-fungible token including invoice and supporting information as above 2. Deposit and withdraw Payment Tokens generated by Anchors including USDC. 3. Lock function. 4. Signature function. 3 milestones 1. NFT smart contract provision. 2. Escrow smart contract provision. 3. Testing and Screencast Video and provision of the source code. This is for Milestone 1 only

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    + styled-components for CSS-in-js Prerequisites - create responsive React component - React Bootstrap - Styled components - use Typescript ONLY! - Create a story for storybook for each react component (not mandatory) => Code in for the 1st component, after that: github workflow knowledge mandatory. This is a challenge for coders to prove their knowklledge/skillset. / Later on - AFTER the best coder is awarded: - Knowledge of git and git workflows (Issues, pull requests, releases) mandatory - you will be given access to an existing git repository with read/write access where you will push your code and have it reviewed. The GitHub repository provides you with all necessary information how to spin up the project and start working. - Everything has to be programmed in Typescrip ON...

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    ...Attorney General to drop the lesser cases due to covid backlog. She highly recommended that I apply for a peace bond with the Justice of the Peace. The JP fast-tracked my case - his exact words were, "I'm sorry the Justice System has failed you". I have a hearing on March 24th against the defendant. I am looking for a paralegal to represent me as agent for that day please. I do not feel strong enough to represent myself as I am bound to break down, as this has been a very difficult journey. I will forward the files to the person who is has the availability to represent me. The paperwork is all done, including an opening statement written/edited by a lawyer at Legalshield who has been guiding me through the paperwork process. It is just...

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    I am looking for an experienced Salesforce professional to help me parse an XML into Salesforce Apex and save the output as a case. I have a specific XML structure, and I am using Salesforce Lightning. I need someone who is experienced with this type of project, who can help complete the task in a timely and efficient manner. Also, it's test class.

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    Looking for someone to create cost-effective articles for our company blog. The blog is about social media, tech, blockchain and crypto. Here are the goals: - Should be able to produce a lot of articles per month with high uniqueness - You are ALLOWED to use AI, because the goal is to push volume and minimize time/cost - Quality of article should be decent (not too high), as long as it has 90% uniqueness - Shouldn't spend too much time on each article We offer fixed $10 payments for each article. We prefer candidates from India and Pakistan.

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    Hi everyone don't all of you know what is logo? A logo is a graphical representation or symbol that represents a company, brand, or product. It is a vital element in building brand identity, recognition, and loyalty. A well-designed logo can communicate the com...product. It is a vital element in building brand identity, recognition, and loyalty. A well-designed logo can communicate the company's values, personality, and mission in a concise and memorable way. The design of a logo typically includes a combination of typography, color, and imagery. The typography refers to the font or style of the text used in the logo. The color scheme is also essential as it can evoke certain emotions and associations, and the imagery can include shapes, symbols, or illustrations that re...

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    ...used for inference models developed with YOLOv8 which are exported as onnx models. 1) Open (based on the from YOLOv8) in Colab and run 2) After running through there are a) 3 sample models: - model_det Detection model model_det started with YOLO('') # load a pretrained YOLOv8n detection model - model_seg Segmentation model model_seg started with YOLO('') # load a pretrained YOLOv8n segmentation model - model_cls Classification model model_cls started with YOLO('') # load a pretrained YOLOv8n classification model b) sample results for usage of the models with the sample images (included in the outputs) 3) Each model should be exported as onnx and downloaded for inference calculation on a Windows 10 system

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    We have many manuscripts needs submission to journals, the tasks includes: 1) Check the journal requirements 2) Format the existing manuscript, tables, images to meet the journal requirements 3) Submit / upload the manuscript and all the info as per the requirements 4) Make sure the submissions complete and processed Payment terms: 1) $50 for a successful submission 2) Will be deposited as a milestone once we agree on the submissions 3) will be released once the submission is processed (Confirmation it is complete or sent to reviewers)

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    Need a sample data to satisfy IPND requirement as per section 6.1.2 of file

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    ...recent additions. Hence social media marketers must be ready to learn the new features. Outstanding Communication-One of the advanced SMO skills is communication skills, as the ideas, campaigns or thoughts that you have could be rendered meaningless unless you are able to put them into words. Conveying them effectively to your colleagues or teammates so as to have a proper exchange of ideas and information is important. Analytical skills-The understanding of algorithms is key in figuring out which product or content is being liked by the audience and which is not. Focusing on the elements of the algorithm is also mandatory as they keep changing. Content Management-Keeping track which content to share where, in addition to having a knowledge of the particular content...

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    Hi all, we will like to bulid a web like lalamove in malaysia. Pls quote accordingly, many thanks. *Webview(apk)

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    I am in need of a multivandor eCommerce website with capabilities to support the sale of industrial equipment, fashion clothing, and grocery items. It should also have the ability to control the margins of customers and products, manage stock, and track payments. Payment options should be customizable as per supplier, and account management should allow for the ability to manage vendors. The right developer should have the experience necessary to create this type of eCommerce site. ***** product management / search product wise, SCO wise, discount wise, vender staff management, only experiences must be needed, send a preview work details

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me explain my website's current structure and add international shipping feat...need to include international shipping to Europe in addition to the current Middle East and Saudi Arabia. The project requires an experienced freelancer who fully understands how to properly implement an API. They should be familiar with web technologies such as PHP, Smarty, and My SQL. Moreover, they must have extensive hands-on experience with integrating APIs and handling sensitive information. This project is time-sensitive, so I will require a freelancer who can deliver results quickly but still guarantee accuracy in their work, as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. If you believe you are the ideal freelancer for this project, I would ...

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    1. Get data from 3rd party API, and represent data as a graph or table on the UI (sepearate webpage) with an get data button 2. on the navigated webpage then put a button saying "get inventory" and build all these . i. As a visitor, I should be able to create an inventory item from the UI by filling a form with name, quantity, and image upload fields. These inventory items should be persisted in the database. ii. As a visitor, I should be able to update individual inventory item’s name and quantity. iii. After addition, Inventory item objects are fetched from the database, and should be passed to the UI where they will be enumerated and displayed as list of inventory items. iv. Each item should show an Image, name, quantity, and an &...

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    Dear Freelancer, kindly check the attached contents and prepare a proper SLA document that cover all our service scope details, escalation matrix, and any other additional details that should be part of SLA document and please add all the details in our technical template and also highlight that the customer will be getting live dashboard for SLA and tickets will be raised through a mobile app/web portal for end to end SLA tracking and reporting

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    I want to tell a short story lasting 10 mins in the middle of my presentation about a menopausal woman having a bad day. It should have 3 parts to the story displaying mixed emotions. The outline is attached. Its needs to be grammatically correct, eloquently written with emotion so the audience can feel her pains, interesting and thoughtful. A non fiction book will follow.

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    Hi Avinash P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to help me in deploying a working machine learning model as a REST API. This model will be hosted on the AWS platform, and I want someone with Python as the programming language experience . The freelancer should have experience working with deploying machine learning models on cloud platforms as well as developing them with Python. Expertise in REST APIs is also necessary. Time and cost efficiency is of the utmost importance to my project, so the freelancer should have proven track record and success in completing similar projects on time. I'm looking for an individual who is reliable, talent and capable of delivering beyond expectations.

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    26 nabídky

    I am looking for someone to restore and enhance digital scans of old posters, old advertising, and varied wall art to be sold for a print on demand store online. I would like to achieve an excellent quality so these images can be printed in 300dpi.

    €8 - €30
    €8 - €30
    36 nabídky

    I need help to update and add new features to the existing code written in Python. Specifically, I'm looking to create a Q and A interface that allows me to quickly get answers to basic questions. The bids you provide will be taken as the final acceptable bid and should detail exactly what will be done in order to fulfill the project requirements. Task 1: Update current Q & A code with Note style ready 3 columns and looping to get thew highest confidence answer: Notebook code explanation. Your code imports the necessary libraries, loads data from a CSV file, and defines functions for searching the data based on a user's question. The code also creates an interactive user interface using Jupyter widgets to input the question and the number of answers to display. Here&...

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    22 nabídky

    I need a responsive website registration form with a database for a welfare organization. Where will be included: 1. First and last Name 2. Email 3. Phone 4. Age 5. Profession 6. Address 7. Password ** Follow the attested image. It should be responsive. If anyone is interested then please knock me. Please don't kill my time. It is urgent.

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    Looking for a freelancer to produce videos on how to use the ai tools such as ChatGPT 4 and Midjourney so we can train freelancers at scale. This could also be in the form of a webinar.

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    *** PLEASE NO AUTO BIDS. PLEASE DO NOT ASK "WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET". YOUR BID AMOUNT SHOULD BE THE AMOUNT YOU INTEND TO DO THE WORK FOR *** We have a simple PHP program that inserts data including two date values. The date values are getting inserted as 0000-00-00 instead of the date selected in the datepicker. We need someone to troubleshoot this for us. I have included the source files as well as the database file.

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    i need classified ad script like same as anybody can make or have ready contact me

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    as discussed 5 dní left

    already explained...

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    Hi there I have two images that needs to be redrawn as vector . I have a few instructions which i will share with the illustrator on the chat Thank you

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    We are a company that makes fire barrels with logos for both B2C and B2B customers. Please see the attached mockup. Step 1. We receive the logo from a company (normally as a pdf or jpg file). Step 2. We make a drawing with Inkscape and turn it into a svg file. Step 3. We make a mockup of the barrel on fire with showing it with the companies logo. Step 4. We send the mockup for approval to our customer. Step 5. Our customers approves or disapproves. Step 6. a) if the customers disapproves we make a new mockup. B) if the customers approves we start producing the barrel with the companies logo. What is very important for you to know? Your drawing with Inkscape must be very precisely. The logo is going to be lasered into the barrel, which means there always have to be connecti...

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    I've been struggling to use photoshop to make a bending image that has space within it and white glowing border. I want to make 2 stripes like this fashion (White border, bending shape, filled with space imagery inside) I want not only for this to be made but also to be provided a video clip on how exactly it was done. The attached file will illustrate what I'm describing more clearly.

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    I need 2 cars drawn for a logo design

    €123 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Jason, I have 2 cars to draw and would like you to help.

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    I am looking for someone to help integrate Whatsapp on my website . I am using WordPress to power my website, as it currently exists. I would also like to have an authentication method in place that can initiate a message as soon as a visitor visits my website - without any manual input on my part. This project will require integrations with both the Whatsapp API, as well as how to incorporate a streamlined authentication process. Experience with both is preferable, and I look forward to finding the right freelancer for the job!

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    Hi there, I want to use my 3.5mm headset as a microphone in OBS studio for video conferencing purposes. I need someone to guide me on how to use the headset in OBS audio monitoring.

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    €16 Průměr. nabídka
    15 nabídky

    求购天堂怀旧版,天堂m,天堂2,天堂2m,天堂w,传奇m,以及仙境传说爱如初见的源码 Buy nostalgic version of Paradise, Paradise M, Paradise 2, Paradise 2M, Paradise W, legendary M, and Fairyland legend love as first seen source code

    €14150 (Avg Bid)
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    13 nabídky

    Need an online tutions website with new user registration with available batch timings, tutor, online payment, ability to download as reports

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