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    2,839 asp consume net web service zakázek nalezeno, ceny v EUR our central servers. The time spent data has to be integrated with our application running on Central server. Each user will have maximum? limit to total time they can consume seeing the lectures. The limit will be set on Central server. The max. time limit should be passed on to the user on first log in. User should be able to view lectures even

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    The project is about a webpage where the user will be able to use a scanner (through TWAIN I suppose or any other way)in order to... But this is optional. Just a note: I m a professional programmer too (too many years on the roads, more than 20!!!) so I know the real price and time someone will consume on this project. Please be fair. Thanks

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    ...all that's necessary. I'd estimate that the work you will invest will be about 5 hours of design work, and 3 hours of HTML work - One day, with a few revisions that might consume an additional day. The key is aesthetics and website standards. I'm a former website developer, I've been away from developing for years now, and I'm looking for someone

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    Web 2.0 AJAX Portal Ukončeno left

    I need a web 2.0 AJAX portal developed similar to ? It has less functionality than that portal in that there are only 2 types of web parts that need to be developed: ? ones that consume RSS feeds and display it in a predefined template and style, and ones that are widgets whose static html/flash code is obtained from partner sites.

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    I need a C# Winform developer to create an outlook like user interface then consume my webservices to send sms, add contact, create group etc. You be able to add, to xml, edit xml and page it with gridview. records are like 10,000 rows Please read my specification and we will discuss the rest once you are awarded the job . My maximum budget

    €26 - €214
    €26 - €214
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    ...12345 UserID: test123 Password: test123 I'd like to "consume" or call at least these "functions":? **Mandatory**: PinDistSale, TransactionConfirm **Highly desirable**: GetProductList, GetCarrierList, GetCategoryList, GetTransTypeList, The vendor that supports this service can be reached at? <websvcs@[pro zobrazení URL se při...

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    ...for someone with experience using PHP to connect to and consume Microsoft .NET SOAP interfaces. I need someone to implement a small amount of PHP to access the following SOAP API: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] So far, I have been able to get PHP to connect to the service, however I am having difficulty getting the calls to the

    €26 - €214
    €26 - €214
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    I need a website made, business to consumer offering a online billed service. [[pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]][1].au [[pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]][2] [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] <[pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]> review the websites above and provide itemised quotation for construction of this website. An itemsis...

    €428 - €4280
    €428 - €4280
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    Looking for a two part project. One, a simple rss publish class. It will take a data table as input and return an rss/xml string. 2nd, a system tray utlity that will consume the feed. It will show a count of items in the feed and also clicking on the app will show a listing of the data and urls.

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    Build a winform application in smartclient architecture with CLICKONCE technology. The language must be VB.NET based on .NET FW 3.5. The winform consumes Webservices there is no important data to store in client side. The target of the application is a tool that employees use for the daily activities accounting. ## Deliverables At the moment

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    ...module [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] of company and size of team, to implement this module [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] of production deployment or reference letters [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] of Java and knowledge of SOA The service within this design will concentrate on the following functionality deliverables: Deliverable 1 – Common Por...

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    ...using a fixed template and generating an PDF file with the information of the flight. We want to port FlashPass from being a desktop application to become a full online web service, where paid and authorized users can logon to their account and use the features of the software, that are currently present in the software plus some more we want to add

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    I need two working examples of user controls(.ascx files) that can consume webservices(one local and one external) in C#. It will be used in a third party software of which I can only use user controls and code-behind files in their prepopulated pages. I am also open the suggestions of how to do this another way.

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    Back-up software Ukončeno left

    Im looking to make a backup software that will be compatible with our web-backup. ## Deliverables build a Windows Client-based application project in Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 with the following features:- 1. In general, there will be an option to select a file/folder. This folder or file will be backed up, if it has changed since the time it

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    ...Queue – submit SOAP message for createpetclinicowner to activeMQ via activeMQ web-based test harness which will create a record in the database via the Sprint pojo Deliverable 2 – Common Business Application Framework XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We will create a simple service “Sales Lead Portlet Options WSDL” that will update user preferences and have 5

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    The project we want to buy is very simple. We need an IPHONE Application that consumes Amazon Simple DB Webservice and return a list ordered by a field. The Amazon Simple DB is a domain with 8 fields, you have to go and get the list and list sorted in the iphone. Additionally, we need some field of the domain modified (the functionality to modify some field). There is no complex user interphase...

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    WCF Configuration Ukončeno left

    ...IIS6 with SSL certificate. The bidders QUALIFICATIONS: **STRONG understanding of WCF, with Winform "ClickOnce" client and IIS hosted service. **7+ years of design and development experience with .Net frameworks, C# and SQL Server. **Experienced in WCF to move business objects around is a must **Well versed with creating msi deployment packages

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    ...level, the program is a Navigation based application that will prompt the user for their Sex, Height, and Weight and then display the daily number of calories that they should consume. The deliverable will be all of the source code in an XCode project, where I can run the program in the iPhone Simulator. ? ? I do not require assistance in

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    My wife is involved with a network marketing company (okay, so we both consume the product). I helped her create a website using SBI/SiteBuildIt, which has about 10 pages or so and is very simple. This website has been pretty successful in her group, and she wants to repeat the process for the other product that she uses (called Vemma).

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