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    Our company requires the services of a Building Engineer who can work with minimum supervision on a new "tiny home" concept. The role is to adapt an original design into a product that will stand the rigours and meet the standards of the Australian and New Zealand building climate. For further information please contact The Director

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    Business Ethics—Role of Business in Addressing Climate Change You are a member of Corporate Responsibility Consultants (CRC), a consulting firm whose clients are primarily large, publicly traded corporations. Your team is part of the Environmental Impact Team that conducts research and recommends actions your clients should take to meet their ethical obligations in a fiscally responsible manner. You have been asked to research and produce a white paper that discusses why and how businesses should act to address the climate crisis and provides suggestions for how they can do so in a manner that minimizes costs or perhaps even opens new opportunities for growth. I'm in a group of three and my part is focusing on ethics. We do have an outline but the professor said w...

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    Public Company PLSH new releases

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    ...Company: Dharma Life Sciences is a research-based organization that offers 8-week emotional health programs to individuals. We help people identify the biases and behaviors that interfere most with their daily life with a personality test, and rewire them through neuroscience-based activities. About the Project: We are looking for a talented video content creator who can help us create an engaging video reel to post on social media platforms. The primary focus of this project will be creating one video reel (1-3 minutes in length) to promote our personality test app, Discover Personality, on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Responsibilities: -Create, film, and produce a short video to promote Discover Personality App -Work collaboratively with the Dharma Life Sciences tea...

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    Job Description – QA Automation Lead (Contractual Position) Company profile: Cresen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the fully owned subsidiary of Cresen Solutions with its operations out of India. The parent company Cresen Solutions is located out of USA, and specializes in the Life Sciences vertical providing products, solutions and services for Global Compliance, Transparency Data Capture and Monitoring/Reporting. We also offer solutions in Data Warehousing, Data Integration, and Business Intelligence. Location: Satellite office - Hyderabad, India (Currently - WFH) All interviewing and on-boarding will be done virtually due to COVID-19. This position can work from anywhere in India/ work from home until it is safe to return to our offices. Key Responsibilities: • Develop and ...

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    Climate change 4 dní left

    Climate change answers 400 words each

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    Climate Data Extraction 16 hodiny left

    Data is a set of NetCDF files containing runs for a climate simulation. The compilers of the database provide a FORTRAN to extract data that would be suitable for our purpose, but setting up NetCDF on FORTRAN is going to take more time than we are happy with (this is NOT an area of expertise for us). What is needed is to use the data files, either through the FORTRAN subroutine or otherwise, to extract data for a few locations across the times in the model. Desired output is one or more Excel or CSV files with the variables in the model (temperature, pressure, wind data, atmosphere data) for each time. One file per model and location would be suitable. At present there would be 4 locations and 3 or 4 model databases. The databases themselves are online and we have permission to use...

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    FOR KOREAN SPEAKING FREELANCERS ONLY I am looking for a skilled web designer to develop an amazing website for my non-profit organization, The Recycling Dictionary. The goal of the website is to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and how it can help mitigate climate change. I do not have any specific design elements or colors in mind, so I am open to anything that could make a visually appealing and effective website. It would be great if the website included an ecommerce platform as well as marketing tools, as well as a personal site. The designer should be experienced and able to make a high-quality website that resonates with our target audience and encourages them to take action.

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    TIme Series Analysis Ukončeno left

    I am looking for an experienced Freelancer to help me with a Time Series Analysis project. Specifically, I need help analyzing randomly-selected data in order to forecast trends and measure related metrics. The data I require to be analyzed includes financial, climate, and customer information. It is important that the Freelancer I select for the job has a strong understanding of statistical and predictive analysis for optimal results. If you have the skillset and experience necessary to complete this project, please reach out. Thank you for your interest!

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    ...retired historian, which means I'm a trained academic researcher. I've read hundreds of articles, thousands of pages published in the scientific literature on climate change. What I've found is that TV news anchors, politicians, and the public know very little about the topic. For example, virtually every article I read published by scientists who have done research on sea ice melt, glacier melt, permafrost thawing, ocean temperature, etc, start the same way: ",,,,,[whatever they are studying] is happening much faster than computer models have predicted." The IPCC models have consistently under estimated the speed and severity of climate change by 40-90 years. I even know why this is so. The Washington Post published an article called, "...

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    Carbon Credit 21 hodiny left

    hey Alice, Can you write an article again for me , on Climate Finance, with reference to India's G20 presidency. It must highlight financing to farmers for adoption or incentiving farmers for adopting climate smart agriuculture like in carbon credit.

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    I am in need of a macOS Finder plugin that scans the content of pdfs and suggests a name to save them as when I select the file in Mac Finder. For example, if a document is about climate change, the software could classify it as a "climate change" document and suggest a name such as "". It should use an NLP model to scan the document. I hope to use a pre-trained model from libraries such as spaCy, NLTK or AllenNLP to classify the documents. I do not need a custom model. NLTK provides several pre-trained models for classifying text into categories or topics, such as the NaiveBayesClassifier and the DecisionTreeClassifier, which could be used for naming documents based on their content. It does not need to track any additional data or use any encryption fo...

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    Project Overview Sustainability Sciences Limited are working on behalf of S&T Cover Limited to complete a digital profile refresh with key objectives being: • Improving client awareness and market presence • Improving internal ease of access to website content for editing and updates • Reviewing and updating content to better reflect service and capability. This request for proposal is aimed specifically at the website update. The existing website can be viewed here . This will provide background on industry, market etc. The current website is designed on Word Press. The primary website purpose is to serve as a reference point that provides awareness on capability, current projects, skills acquisition, and general company updates. Note that client acquisition is

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    ...populations of wild species, both by bushmeat hunting in the developing world and by large-scale industrial fishing in our seas. Wildlife poaching and trafficking still present a huge threat to many species, including rhinos, tigers and pangolins. Ever more people produce ever more climate emissions. Our planet is on the verge of a climate crisis due to our endless production of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide and methane. We are headed for a 3-4 °C warmer world by the end of the century if nations’ current climate ambitions are delivered on. We are already seeing species decline due to global temperature increase. Every half a degree of warming has a huge knock-on effect on ecosystems, with mobile species running out of areas to migrate to and...

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    I am looking for a writer to help me with my dissertation. Specifically, I need help with writing the introduction and literature review sections. The project aims to examine the environmental impact of Indian pharmaceutical companies and their operations, exploring their role in contributing to climate change. The writer will be required to conduct a thorough literature review of existing research on the topic and provide a comprehensive introduction to the research project. The ideal candidate should have a background in environmental science, sustainability, or pharmaceuticals, with experience conducting literature reviews and writing academic research papers.

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    My essay topic is "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?". And I am a strong believer in global warming and climate change, I care about the environment and believe we must convert to clean energy if we are to save our planet and ourselves. The requirements are listed below. I have also included some information I found already. This is due for me this Friday night at 11:59 pm so please let me know quickly. Seven- to 10-page (not counting the works cited list or any graphics) Researched Argument Essay. Double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font. A minimum of five credible sources. Two peer-reviewed, academic sources from the SPSCC databases; One other article from the SPSCC databases (may also be a peer-reviewed, academic source); and Two other...

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    This is a realitvley simple task for someone who is familar with eQuest. We need to find EFLH values for heating and cooling in PG&E climate zones; however, eQuest could be used to model the energy savings or, alternatively, assist in back-calculating the EFLH hours for heating and cooling to be used in the APC Tool. I have also attached some relevant documentation on how the EFLH may be calculated.

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    As a member of the Global technology team, you will work alongside with passionate team in conducting market mapping and research of technology trends and applications in the Agro value chain which will cover climate, energy, supply chain, farm-in-a-box, drones, AI, predictive farming, e-commerce, social farming, etc. as a way to understand the digital ecosystem across ASEAN. Under the supervision of Global Technology mentors, you will get immense learning in the corporate IT field and be given the opportunity to present findings & recommendations to Technology Leadership Team. Deliverables : 1. Prepare research strategy and presentation format with Global ICT 2. Map ASEAN digital & Agritech market including emerging trends 3. Map ASEAN players & products in Agro value...

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    We are the Defenders of the 3 Basic Human Rights: Food, Water and order to defend these rights, we have taken on the challenge of becoming Solution Providers for Several of the World’s Greatest Challenges. Our solutions address the affordable housing crisis and the homeless population, clean energy and climate change as well as the global water crisis. Through technological innovation we help billions of people around the globe avoid waterborne illness, starvation, homelessness and global warming. In addition, we help small companies with the most innovative technologies present their products to the world by creating the one and only renewability and regenerative, self sustainable, green living platform that will bring both manufacturers and customers together on the s...

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    Hi, I want someone to proofread and correct the write up, he / she should be an expert of research and knows how to write literature review with proper APA style referencing (using mendeley software) related to the hypothesis without adding irrelevant stuff ...of research and knows how to write literature review with proper APA style referencing (using mendeley software) related to the hypothesis without adding irrelevant stuff just to fill the pages. In line with the literature review, introduction will be corrected (plus more stuff will be add) too and finally the conclusion part will be done. The topic of the research is related to management sciences. I only need someone to make the write up perfect - most of the work will be related to literature, I already have the results...

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    ...share based on turnover). For each company please provide detailed elements as follows: (collected in an excel sheet) - Headquarters address, country of origin - the type of company (family, public, etc), - products manufactured, brands & co-manufacturing activity if relevant - Number of production sites & key countries of presence - Positioning, strategy - CSR objectives & targets, focusing on climate, carbon, energy, water, packaging, organic waste, and circularity, with timeline & if relevant, split by scopes 1/2/3 3. Top 5 production sites in each region: EU28 (country-by-country), North America, Latin America, Asia, Pacific, Middle East, information include: - Name - Location - Parent company - Products manufactured (e.g. soy-based milk alternative, coco-bas...

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    Simple analysis of a building, using energy plus and climate consultant software. Will involve simulating solar radiation using EnergyPlus, and showing model in sketchup.

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    ...concept of the performance based National Construction Code. CO2. Create and use sketch plans, elevations, sections and specifications to communicate construction elements. TASK DESCRIPTION Complete the questions in Parts A, B & C. PART A: ENERGY EFFICIENCY 1. Using the plans from task 2, assess the building fabric in the proposal for a deemed to satisfy solution using the BCA for a site within climate zone 5. Assess each of the walls and the roof, in accordance with and of the National Construction Code (NCC) using the information provided on the pans and elevations. State whether the proposal would comply with the NCC or what further information you require. 2. Assess the artificial lighting design for the dwelling for compliance with the NCC, using th...

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    I am writing to request a quotation for the preparation of a Land Management Strategy in line with Clean Energy Regulator's (CER) requirements to apply for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). The land is located in Clarkefield Victoria. We are looking to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to Australia's efforts to combat climate change as well as earn a second income for our family by selling ACCUs. To achieve this, we are interested in developing a Land Management Strategy that aligns with CER's guidelines and requirements for earning ACCUs. The scope of work that we are interested in includes: - Conducting a comprehensive assessment of our current land management practices and identifying areas for improvement to reduce emissions and increase carbon s...

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    Thermal Environment Ukončeno left

    Develop an advantageous design for utilizing three ceiling fans in an actual residential building in a hot tropical climate to achieve reductions in energy use, economic costs (initial and operating costs combined) and environmental emissions, considering only cooling loads. You are to define and characterize the actual building by finding one on the internet (specify the source). You should clearly describe the design for utilizing ceiling fans, and evaluate the annual reductions in energy use, economic costs and environmental emissions – for cooling only – that the design would deliver.

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    We are a green and sustainable energy company providing Clean-Renewable Energy services. We harness solar energy to address the issues and impacts of climate disaster-related crises. We are advancing sustainability and achieving responsible production and consumption for a clean world!

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    ...provide us with pricing of such options that we can expect if we purchase direct, provide us with direct source and quote. The heat pumps that are being replaced are approximately $3,000 per pump. Is this best heat pump? Alternatives? If so, why? What other questions should I be asking? Note: the property is located in the state of Colorado so the winters can be cool, the system has to address climate appropriately. ...

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    Trophy icon advert design rila Ukončeno left

    Objective: Rila group requires creatives for Facebook ad campaigns. This requires a Facebook feed ad and a carousel ad. Each format should...9 Month Online Program o Designed for Clinicians o Validated by a top British University In partnership with the University of Plymouth • Carousel o Slide 1 Rila Logo o 9 Month Online Program o Designed for Clinicians o Validated by a top British University In partnership with the University of Plymouth o Slide 2 “To study Postgraduate Diploma Family Medicine at Rila Institute of Health Sciences was great experience, and on educational side, very informative, helpful and encouraging. Brilliant coverage of the specialist areas in the topics” Steve O o Slide 3 Apply here. Layout Reference and logo attached. All design...

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    This job is about proofreading of an article for publication with a renown publisher. 14 pages, 5800 words

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    Animation Video Ukončeno left

    Create an animated video that simplifies the causes and effects of climate change. The video should explain how the burning of fossil fuels has led to the increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, resulting in the greenhouse effect and global warming. It should also highlight the consequences of rising temperatures and increased CO2 levels, such as the acidification of oceans, melting of polar ice caps, and extreme weather events like flooding and droughts. The video should emphasize the urgency of the issue and the need for action to address climate change through education, awareness, and consumer choice. Use creative visuals and simple language to make the topic accessible to a wide audience.

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    ...centre that assists governments, the private sector and communities in defining and implementing policies for sustainable development. Established in Australia in 1999, ICEM has its regional headquarters in Hanoi and is staffed by full-time international and national technical and administrative personnel. ICEM works in Asia and the Pacific - especially in the Mekong countries and focuses on climate change, water resources management, disaster risk reduction, renewable energy, environmental assessment, environmental economics, nature-based solutions (NBS) and biodiversity conservation. ICEM seeks to integrate environmental concerns with development through spatial planning, modelling, socio-economic analysis and environmental assessment tools. ICEM is now seeking to employ a W...

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    Hey there! We are in need of a Structural engineer to review framing for a house design we had done. We just need recommendations for one window wall (attached) for Texas winds/climate and stamp for that window wall. I can send the full plans for the job once awarded. This is for a site on north Texas so needs to be designed for wind shear strength. You do not have to be in Texas but being in Texas is a plus because you would understand the metrics for wind loads etc better for the area. As long as you understand the wind loads and the requirements, it would be okay. But, its a plus to be a Texas based Structural Engineer with stamp. Thanks!

    €230 - €690
    €230 - €690
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    This project has a very narrow timeframe for completion, and may be rather worthwhile for freelancers in the eastern hemisphere. The document will be made available on Monday, 27th February at about 6-7pm GMT and needs to be returned within 12 hours, the proofreading task needing to be completed. Please refer in your offer...worthwhile for freelancers in the eastern hemisphere. The document will be made available on Monday, 27th February at about 6-7pm GMT and needs to be returned within 12 hours, the proofreading task needing to be completed. Please refer in your offer to having understood this condition and that you have time to do this job. This project is about correcting an academic article in the wider social sciences. The freelancer has to correct the text for grammar and rea...

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    is a t-shirt brand owning the idiomatic phrase "in the same boat." It is uniquely positioned to appeal to young people who are sick and tired of a world headed toward disaster (i.e., toward self-destruction, wars, climate disaster, etc.). The brand's slogan is, "we're all in the same boat," or–more impatiently put–"we're all in the same damn boat." Check it out at / / If you can help us invest $500 in TikTok advertising (including your fees) for a proof-of-concept MVP project that produces more than $500 in profits, please reply with your proposal. The winning submission will receive 100 dollars on top of the $500 advertising budget. If you succeed (i.e., by placing ads that produce profits exceeding th...

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    17 příspěvky • Communications & media () • Energy & utilities () • Oil & gas () • Utilities () • Government () • Health () • Insurance () • Life sciences () • Manufacturing () • Retail, consumer & services () • Space () • Transportation & logistics () Careers () Company overview () • Pivitle is changing the consulting

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    I'm doing a topic about climate change and imperialism with health issues within the environment of all cultures and different continents. The essay will need an abstract about the entire essay in summary and then into the introduction. While talking about Climate Change and Health, we want to intertwine that and Imperialism. Beginning the essay about climate change and the history behind it and also describing what Imperialism is and explaining what that is. Going into depth about how Imperialism is exactly affecting climate change and health to increase. With all the history catching up, using the topic to talk about ecological debt between the countries and USA mainly. By the end of the essay, providing a potential solution to climate change. The ...

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    Looking for a graphic designer to design and layout reports and case studies on a range of subjects, from climate change and gender to inequality and philanthropy. I need someone that can start soon and that has experience in designing reports, preferably in the non-profit sector.

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    Hello, I am doing a CFA as part of a personal project and would need some support to finish it. If you have expertise in it and social sciences please do not hesitate to bid, my budget is 100 EUR.

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    Hi, I have need a research document that requires proofreading. It is 370 pages long but covers topics such a climate change, recycling and genome editing. A combination of both technical and persuasive writing. expert freelancer with 2 year experience ( WORK ONLY INDIAN FREELANCER) Thanks.

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    I need you to write a research article Job Description: Job Summary: Support center researchers with research translation. Job Responsibilities: Coordinate research translation efforts and act as liaison to Center researchers and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) (100%)

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    Think of a very current, relevant issue in the field of environment, climate change, and disaster risk resilience and management either specific to a country or a region. I need help with designing a proposal for an op-ed or an opinion piece around that topic. The proposal won't be more than one page. One example could be- after the earthquake in Turkey, there is a sense of urgent preparedness in places which come under earthquake red zone area etc. The broader theme is- environment, climate change, and disaster risk resilience and management While applying for this job post, send me a topic that you think is current and relevant and on which you will be able to draft a proposal for an op-ed to be written on it. I will contact you accordingly.

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    I'm working at university college of computer and information sciences , I'm responsible of the computers labs, and we face many issues , i need RFP for different technical companies to request a system to manage the computers labs : 1-scheduall the labs reservation of the beginning of the semester and meeting room . 2-Chickining any issues in the labs during the day (devices-items missing) 3-closing and opening the labs 4-monitoring labs 5-software program orders and its license 6-controlling the labs and the student activities in labs . 7-make weekly reports of the lab events 6-and wee need more features if its there.

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    Hi, I need someone to proofread, rewrite a document including literature review, introduction, abstract etc. The field is related to management sciences. 100+ pages are required and already 80 pages have been written but need to add more stuff to make the flow good, Thanks

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    I have a research document that requires proofreading. It is 100 pages long but covers topics such a climate change, recycling and genome editing. A combination of both technical and persuasive writing. High level of English literacy a must, a scientific understanding a benefit.

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    The Climate Active program publishes data about carbon offset use by Australian businesses () For each company listed (there are 459 brands) - Climate Active publishes a Public Disclosure Statement. In these Public Disclosure Statements are details about the number of carbon offsets purchased by each company, the type of carbon offset purchased, and the projects they are sourced from. I need someone to collate data from each of the most recent Public Disclosure Statements for each company certified by Climate Active. It will require reviewing each PDF report for each brand, identifying the year the report applies to, and the number of offsets purchased and splitting the total up between offsets. I've attached a template of the spreadsheet

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    36 nabídky • Communications & media () • Energy & utilities () • Oil & gas () • Utilities () • Government () • Health () • Insurance () • Life sciences () • Manufacturing () • Retail, consumer & services () • Space () • Transportation & logistics () Careers () Company overview () • Pivitle is changing the consulting

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    Hello, I need someone to proof read a file. Person should have knowledge of Mendeley as references will be added with that. Area of research is management sciences (particularly resilience, diversity and leadership) Thanks P.S. please mention the time it will take

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