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    We are looki...Developer with experience in Wordpress customisations, Plugin Development and third party API integration. We need developer to integrate Wordpress with our RESTful API that consume JSON object. The APIs exposes functionality on: 1. Product Management (description, price, images, etc). 2. Marketplace (Carts, Orders, Catalogs, etc).

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    ...frontend using the Ionic framework version 2 or 3 and Angular. Only code no graphics. The app will have push notifications, geolocalisation and consume APIs. Some parts are already developed. The app will consume REST APIs from a previously developed and tested backend. All documentation is available and accessible with Swagger for the APIs and mockups

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    ...the volunteers' water. In the experimental group, each man brought a total of 1.3 liters (two small bottles of 500 ml, and a third containing a total of 300 ml). They had to consume all of them during the course of the walk, which lasted three hours and thirty-eight minutes, corresponded to 385 ml / h. The second group, however, drank water as they pleased

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    ...database. App details given in the below and the attachments. - App datas fetch from Firebase Realtime DB - Fetched datas should be worked without internet ( App shouldn't consume user's internet all the time ) - App "DON'T" have payment system - Freelancer should follow the design in the attachments. - In the basket page ( you should see in the

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    Our data provider gives us data from rabbit mq [login to view URL], have to consume that data by using node.js amqp client .You job is consuming the data provided by our data provider by installing the node.js amqp library & listen it on a port on our server. we have the pseudo code given to us by the provider but that is in php amqp library.

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    ...Kafka Queue - API endpoint needs to be secured by JWT security authentication mechanism. (JAVA, Spring Boot, REST API) Module 2: Kafka Consumer: - A Kafka consumer service needs to consume the device data available in kafka queue and process the data (Granular level detail and Business logic will be provided at the later stage) and store it into Cassandra

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    The product to be designed is a very simple, miniature device intended to wirelessly transmit Status of a digital input to a Receiver. The product is required to consume very low power and suitable for standalone operation with a battery lasting at least an year. A cost Effective solution for a non-microcontroller based compact device, meeting following

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    ...while preserving it for future contact Your body language is paramount during a first impression to not escalate a person Manage your emotions Don’t let your job consume you and find a hobby...

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    We,have to subscribe the messages through rabbit mq client and consume the data that is provided by service [login to view URL] client is the preferred [login to view URL] service provider first sends the data as snapshot and from there on they send the data as [login to view URL] details will be provided to the winning bidder after discussion.

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    We need to consume a web service from a remote host and expose the method in this API. The web service to consume has a method to sign a string, this algorithm I will provide. The API has to have a way to authenticate a request from a remote client application.

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    Greetings, Our data provider is providing us data that only can be consumed by RABBITMQ host .We want to hire some one who is excellent in rabbit mq client side for consumption of the [login to view URL] place your bids and we will be happy to discuss details with you. Regards

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    Greetings, We,have a new data provider who only passes data with rabit mq serv...who only passes data with rabit mq server our code implementation needs to be with rabbit mq [login to view URL] responsibility: [login to view URL] through the documentation with our provider. 2.Consume the rabit mq data [login to view URL] us how we display the data to the clist side i mean in browser

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    I'm attempting to create my own simple node.js + express application to consume the Yahoo Gemini Ads API. I'm able to get oauth2 verification, and I receive my access token to be able to make API calls to their servers. The problem is that every time I do a post request to create my test account in the sandbox, I get a statusCode 400 "E40000_INVALID_INPUT"

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    ...they are 100% natural, healthy and they consist of pure fruit only. Thanks to the preparation procedure all vitamins and minerals stay within the fruits. In winter we can consume it in a form of a pleasant hot tea and during the summer with soda and ice or mixed with some yoghurt as well as using it for cocktail preparations. The product is stored

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    Need an MVC CRUD Based application, JQUERY, Bootstrap UI Person to put together an MVC 5 Web project using VS 2017. All APIs are done I need the solution to consume the WEB API I need a login page, Add, View, search and Edit page. I need this done over the next two days, Sat and Sun as i have a demo on Monday Morning GMT.

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    18 nabídky time by some maximum known value. 3. Nodes can have three modes: Transmit, Listening/Receiving, Sleep. While transmitting nodes consume twice in comparison to when they are receiving. In sleep mode nodes consume 1% power in comparison with transmit mode. Only the mobile nodes are power limited (the access point is not power limited). 4. You

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    ...Microsoft Dynamics as proof of concept. Basically I need a sample that shows how to create a Web Service (prefer Web API, but OData or WCF also works) which interacts with DB and a Webpage (HTML web resource) that consume this Web Service. Let's say that the service will return a JSON list of the Dynamics Users or Contacts, the HTML p...

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    Require research data points in infographic format. Easy to consume visualisation of the data needed. Will want it all on one page and able to send it out to clients in an email. There are only 8 data points to visualise. Audience is professionals like lawyers, bankers etc. See data points here: [login to view URL]

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    Th...the pages should be fixed, just by improving the components mentioned before. We are looking for someone with a lot of experience working on React application, who can consume the current state of the repo, and apply the changes we have defined on the components. All the modifications to be done on each component are defined on a Trello Board.

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    ...perform object detection and tracking using deep learning model (Bonus one : incorporate kalman or particle filters). It also need a front-end web or desktop client access portal/framework that will consume laser scanned point clouds data (prefer pcd file format data ) and use per-trained deep-learning model to output detected objects and save into

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    It's a short prototype to test a basic API with .NET Technologies using the following concepts/technologies: c#, MVC, Data Access Layer, Business Logic Layer, Repository, Consume an API, DTO(Data Transfer Object), Factory methods, OOP, Unit Testing. Optional: Angular NOTE: Should be done in a few hours.

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    ...example WCF web service (.svc) with to receive and send an XML document (Soap) extracted from a SQL Server Database as well as the receipt of a pdf document or Excel to backup to a SQL Server database configured with security: security mode = "TransportWithMessageCredential"          - An example of website with v...

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    ...simple working example that consumes, wraps, modifies and re-exposes a WSDL based API. Example must be using PHP or node.js. Requirements: - original WSDL (API A) - consume and expose API A as a local/src or rest based API (using PHP or node.js) (API B) - enhance API B with new a feature (1 example function is fine) (API BE) - expose API BE

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    You will create an Ionic and Angular web application to showcase your Angular and JavaScript skills. The application will consume a web service and display the results for browsing. You’ll use services, routing, and local storage. Everything from the user interface to the tooling will be evaluated. When complete, you’ll upload your code to a GitHub

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    ...actual de la tienda. 1) utilizando un plugin importamos productos masivamente desde otras tiendas, algunos llegan en español otros llegan en inglés, esta carga es masiva y consume bastantes recursos de procesador y ram. 2) Utilizando Woosync enviamos estos productos a MercadoLibre, este proceso podemos definirlo como automático o manual, normalmente

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    ... but keep in mind it will be used either as a logo, or a website header if it is horizontal, or a side illustration of a website if it is vertical shaped, so it shouldn't consume more space than necessary. The winner will be paid $300 and I will also choose 2 runners up and I will buy their entries for $100 each also, providing they select the option

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    Consume a Java Public Web Service (2 parameters) in .NET c# vs 2017 using REST Example: No parameter: All Employees employeeLevel = Manager employeeStatus = Hired

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    ...our brand "The Chase - Your Muesli To Go". We are selling muesli from Germany in attractive "to go containers". Consumers can simply add milk directly to the container and consume muesli straight away. We have launched in India. We have already created our Instagram Page. We have to launch our Facebook Page. We need really professional creatives

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    We're looking for very creative designer for creating a fantastic design for our existing website which is an Indian Traveling planner site. If yo...please do share your sample and based on your work we'll award this project. This is only for designing and not development, your design ideas should not be a copy and should consume very less memory.

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    ...expected to copy edit and edit the scripts yourself. Plus if you are in the Internet Marketing or Amazon FBA space... 1. You will be given a blog or youtube video 2. Consume the content 3. Respin the content to where the content can be read off a telepromopter to shoot a youtube video. At this point, I'm curious about your skills and your background

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    Price comparison website for shipping services. What needs to be developed Api with the ability to consume REST and SOAP services to get data from providers The api should be able to handle at least 3 types of services REST services SOAP services And custom services, where we have the relevant information in our own DB Website

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    ...playing videos, carousels, slideshows etc. on the Android TV installed at the location. The project can be divided into two parts - 1. Android TV App - This app will consume the web services and play the content as uploaded by the admin. 2. Admin Dashboard - Admin should have the ability to create different layouts (i.e how many sections a screen

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    12 nabídky in the Ecommerce space. We're looking for a great writer who can write super actionable and in-depth content for our blog and third party blogs in the Internet Marketing, Web Design, eCommerce and blockchain technology spaces. Applicants MUST have in-depth knowledge of eCommerce business, SEO and content marketing or eCommerce website development

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    We are an Import Export company aiming to Import Floor/Wall Tiles from China and Italy. We are looking for a Specialist that can clinch d...Export company aiming to Import Floor/Wall Tiles from China and Italy. We are looking for a Specialist that can clinch deals around South Africa with tile distributors to consume and sell off our imported products

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    A new website needs a...National Donut Day to a full seven day event. Our target sponsors are people in the business of producing donuts. The love of donuts is a most unique American love affair, we consume millions of donuts every month. I can not afford the most expensive writer, but I do need a very good experienced writer that is available now..

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    I would like to consume [login to view URL] into my webpage which accepts JSON. The charts would be generated dynamically based on the user selection. I tried to create a method in the controller to generate the json and pass it to the view but I keep getting errors. Attached is my view. The user would select the excel workbook from the view. The controller would

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    Part 1. To build iOS and Android application Feature list - Main landing screen (configurable buttons) - Login (forgot password, registration, login) - Personalization (personal info, add/remove friend list, max 3, using mobile number or from contact list) - Notification: Sender send a predefined message with GPS coordinate to server. Server

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    We need to consume a web service from a remote host and expose the method in this API. The web service to consume has a method to sign a string, this algorithm I will provide. The API has to have a way to authenticate a request from a remote client application.

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    27 nabídky freeandroidspy provides free with few limitations , you can tweak the code as per my requirements . app should run on all android versions 4 to 8 mspy provides web portal to monitor and interact with the device. I need a apk file once i send it, should get installed it should not ask for registration or login and become hidden (make as

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    ...understand the budget needed for that specific campaign based on the conversions received while the campaign is running. I hope this makes sense. My goal is to have an easy to consume and professional look at the same time. ...

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    ...Before I can give this document to anyone, I need to test whoever wants to bid to make sure I am comfortable with his/her style. So, only submit a bid if you are willing to consume 10-15 minutes of your time doing this test. The test is that I will send you a 300 word document and you paraphrase and submit the paraphrased document within 24 hours of

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    ...prevent any data loss 4. Data from counter should be beamed to a receiver which will be connected to power supply & will send data to a cloud server 5. Shot counter should consume min power, to enhance battery life , 6. Battery should be rechargeable, should last min 10~12 months at one charge 7. Distance between shot counter & receiver can be up

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    ...up to scratch with best practices. Objective: Write a PHP web service that will do data retrieval and processing (to and from a MySQL DB that will hold all data required to be stored). Ajax to be used from a browser to call the web services. Build a web application that will consume the services and present the user with a functional user experience

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    Requirements: 1: Have experience using HTNG specs for hotels 2: Knowledge of WSS security 2: SOAP-based XML Webservices. 3: Code API server / consume existing services on IIS 4: Use C# Note: Only those with above may apply.

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    We are looking to engage a Python developer with experience working with web API's (REST and Websockets). Who are we? We are a small 'boutique' trading company that currently operates a trading bot on some popular digital currency exchanges. Our expertise is very strong in algorithm development, logic and mathematics but we are looking to engage

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    ...requirements. It will not be sending or receiving an email, text messages, or phone calls in the initial version, but may in the distant future. We will be using the Nokugiri gem to consume the public XML feed of the last 100 Portland 911 calls. Additionally, we will be using the Geocoder gem and Google Maps API to map calls and give the user a visual representation

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    Hi Roman C., I was hoping you could help me...a script in the past. I basically need the same thing however instead of the individual channels, it will be hex codes based on the microcontroller pins. This way I don't consume a lot of memory when making patterns. Is this something you can do for me? If so, please inform me the milestones , thank you.

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    ...sql and fully optimize it for my VOD script (i already have the script running on apache and vesta panel) The problem with my current setting is about memory load that consume by apache and mysql when the concurrent users passed 200 so i need someone who really understand about linux, nginx, and how to setup for high traffic site. I will provide

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    Please I need a developer to work on my app that posts content to WordPress or to Blogger. Users will also sign in or sign up with Google. I have done all the required analysis and designs. I started developing the app already and I'm done with the front end. I just need someone to add to my team to make my work fast. More details on chat. ONLY BID IF YOU ARE SERIOUS. ADD "SERIOUS...

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