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    Hi Helen C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I would like some graphics made for some buttons. It's a small project, but i am looking to hire an artist on an ongoing basis from time to time, so this project could easily lead to more work. Let me know if you are interested. *Removed by Admin*

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    1 nabídky brand known for our ultra-comfortable fabric, minimalist style, and fit. We are looking for an artist or graphic designer to create and recreate minimalist, timeless graphics to be screen printed on the front of our women’s sweatshirts. The graphics are inspired by timeless art pieces like Picasso and Monet, by patterns from ancient cultures in Asia

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    ...trending styles which in turn will add to your portfolio of skills and talents? If so, please read on! Our growing business has a great job opportunity available for a graphic artist who can meet certain criteria. We are a mortgage/real estate business out of Los Angeles and are creating content to help educate home buyers as well as real estate agents

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    Hello I am looking to hire the best game developer the market has to offer. This person must have atleast 10 years experience in building games, apps, website development, engine maintenance, game engines, or have great experience in building dicing bots, gambling platforms, knowing odds, A-Level Mathematics qualifications. Requirements: Java Script++

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    We are the Black Riddles Studios and we would like to hire a 2D artist to create a "2D Game Cover" for our upcoming title. In attachment upload your previous works and your introduction, without the requested information we will NOT accept your application! When you submit your application you accept to sign an NDA. All requested contents (game logo

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    30 nabídky 34934. We do not accept automated bids, so bids without the code will be DELETED. *** Project Specification We are seeking a freelance graphic design artist or firm to design graphics for a web-based software system. Please note this project is NOT to design images that will be used in the system but to design preview images of screenshots similar

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    Need some still images and motion graphics made for my social media. I would like the following: Image 1: Cartoon Animated "cartoon" look Characterized Portrait made similar to a hip hop artist with same color style hair, clothing, gold chain with pendant. The face should be centered and the top of the chest should show with the gold chains. I

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    This project is a very simple graphics project. I have about 10 videos to do that are anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes long but the graphics are just showing corporate structure and the moving of money and the showing of corporate structures. We will be using stock icons. My partner was doing all the videos but we've had to take on another project

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    I'm looking to hire several full-time artist for my project. Please recreate these 3 designs as closely as possible to these attached originals using same or almost identical fonts. Note: Please change the graphics so they are similar in style but not exact. I will hire the artists who can recreate these the fastest with the most accuracy. Do "NOT"

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    We sell medical aesthetic equipment (IPL machines, tattoo removal...the equipment with text highlighting it's main features. We would prefer not to have a voice-over artist, so we would like the graphics pretty self explanatory without too much text. If we're happy with the videos and value then we would probably re-hire you for our other products.

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    I need a 20 second animation of the ocean washing a shell onto the beach. very simple nothing complicated. I'm starting a new business on motivational speaking and spiritual guidance videos and I just need a short intro video file that i can put at the beginning of my videos. My last name is shells and my logo is already done. it's a seashell logo

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    I need some help with a product demo / motion graphics video where Cinema 4D is the main production software. I'd like to hire an artist with at least intermediate level experience using either Mograph or Xpresso particle effects for a quick turnaround 1-2 day project. Here are a few links demonstrating the technique & effect I'll need help with:

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    I am trying to find someone to make a lyric music video.

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    I need to have a animation for my software company logo, it has to be fun entertaining and look professional, i would like something that works like the google logo animation but mine has to bebased on the top accent of the logo.

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    I need 3 motion graphic clips made. I have the source files, just need them animated. Animate the two illustrator files same as the .mp4 clip (trailing effect, transparency, color shift.) using the color palette provided.

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    Similar to the animation on [login to view URL], we have a looped gif of the boy walking on the graph bars. We are looking for an animator to work with that gif and have several outfits (graduation cap and gown, interview outfit, and a suit with suitcase) fly in/out to fit the boy as he is walking. Following that will be the companies logo appearance with slight typography motion.

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    I would like to create motion graphics with my business logo. Continent this project, I would like to retain someone for on-going weekly projects.

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    I'm looking for a custom made, animated banner. (468x60) For my gaming community. Prismatic Gaming. You can view our website at [login to view URL] This banner will be used for a Minecraft server to tell players what we have to offer and how to connect. We can discuss more if you are interested in doing this project. You can see our logo and a current free stock banner attached. This should ...

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    Need a motion graphics video for my website- here's a good example of what we're looking for: [login to view URL]

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    Need to animate a save the date illustrator file into motion.

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    I need a gaming org motion graphic. It is space themed and you can maybe get ideas from our twitter @Stellar_NA . Just a simple 10 second professional intro for our presence in the community.

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    20 second motion graphics animation. I will provide an adobe illustrator file of icons that need to flow like running water across the screen.

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    I need to get a motion graphic video that consists of a voice over and a digital visualization of that voice over shown on screen. Making it look like a futuristic computerized voice on screen.

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    We're looking to hire an illustrator / graphics artist to design a unique range of greeting cards covering all areas birthday, wedding, new baby etc including themes of humour, love, modern, cute etc between 75 and 100 digital files obviously licence free. Examples of your work will need to be seen to pass on our Director at our next meeting. This

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    This Motion Graphics Video is for a webpage for the explain of the How It Works We have some graphics (It's desirable if you can use it, NOT obligatory) It's only 5 steps.

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    Hello, Looking to hire an expert to help me develop a couple of app prototypes using the [login to view URL] development tool. Candidates must have extensive knowledge and past experience using [login to view URL] to create complete detailed & animated high-fidelity prototypes for mobile tablet and smartphone based applications. Ideal candidates will also have

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    As an aspiring full-time internet streamer, I always look for ways to have an edge in the industry. I currently stream on the gaming network Twitch, which I'm using to build my growing audience. I would like to have custom animated backgrounds, transitions, intro sequences, and overlays, similar to what you see on television broadcasts on my internet broadcast. This includes making 1080p vi...

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    Je recherche un designer pour une video d'environ 1 minutes à 1 minutes 30. La mission comprend : - la mise en "forme" de l'animation - la recherche de la musique - la déclinaison en deux langues (pour le texte). Seront fournis : - le script et e story board l'ensemble des illustrations et des visuels Timing : - la vidéo devra être op&eac...

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    urban music video ... i need a motion designer who do some after effects.. write me

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    This project is about the historical timeline of snowboarding. Animated with stick figures coming in and out of real photos and landscapes.

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    I created this project several years ago and completed it with the help of a motion graphic guy out of Russia. He is no long working in the industry. Can someone assist me with recreation of this? Nancy [login to view URL] I do the VO.

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    a medium company in Saudi Arabia have (hair product) and they want Motion Graphics Video that will be published at market centers and beauty saloons. outstanding work only please!

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    We want a motion graphics video that explains how a finance app works with nice animations. The artists needs have great taste and give importance to the details.

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    How to play video for our card game.

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    We need a :60 motion graphics video made for our company. Would need someone to handle the post production in after effects, etc. Thanks!

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    Need an exakt 3D construction of a specific shoe-model from our client. We need a detailed construction file to import it in after effects

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    40 nabídky

    Illustration and Animation work. 7 short animated films to be completed by 9th June.

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    ...feeling(with a song like this one [login to view URL], or similar feeling) and we want it to be based on motion graphics such as these ([login to view URL], [login to view URL]), combining fast transitions ([login to view URL])

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    motion graphics red text black background blue logo

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    Motion graphics that help building health literacy for general audience in Thailand

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    I Need 3D animated motion graphic intro that I can use for videos. The Motion Graphic should consist of a revolving earth globe and 3 lines of text consisting of 1-2 words in front of it.

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    Cool Motion graphics freelancer for music videos

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