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    This project is about creating a digital floor plan (one floor only) indoors, so that it is used to interactively show where the vehicles (electrical golf carts) are located in real time inside the mall. The distance stretches to about 2 kilometers point to point, with a bit of variations. Bidder must have a proven demonstratable history working with Indoors tracking, distance calculation, point-tp-point estimated arrival, vehicle average speed calculcation.

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    ...Industry, Functions, City, Country Declaration Statement Professional Registration Mail Communication Mail History Delete Account Upload Video CV Auto Assignment Of Categories Employer Features: Employer Registration Membership Plans Manage Plan Favorite Candidates Create Job Manage Jobs Update Job Status Manage Profile Count Search View Count Job View Payment History View Jobseeker Profile Plan Invoice Mail Communication Mail History Dashboard Background Image Delete Account Import Jobseekers Admin Panel Features: Secure Login Admin Dashboard Configuration Manage Jobseekers Manage Employers Manage Jobs Manage Newsletter Manage Course Manage Categories Manage Blogs Manage Banner Payment History Theme Color Management Manage Announcement Manage Payment Co...

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    timeline assignment 6 dní left

    for this assignment we are required to select three events that drastically shaped the history of Africa and its people today

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    Writing Ukraine 6 dní left

    Hello friend good Am actually looking someone can am looking for a freelancer who can write me the history of 3day spayment $2000

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    content writing identifies its history, its features, and its impacts on the applications, particularly in the Healthcare system in the 21st Century. 1) What is the Industry 4.0 Technology? and its components and features? 2) What are the features of the 3D Printing Technology? and its applications? 3) What are the features of the Additive Manufacturing Technology? and its applications? 4) Where are the potential benefits of these Technology in Healthcare system applications? 5) What is the complexity and cost of these technologies applications, particularly in the Healthcare system? 6) What kind of knowledge and know-how should the engineers develop to be fully integrated in those opportunities? 7) And more??

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    Bus booking app, involves login page, payment system , booking history, last journeys, on going journey , Basic app is already developed.

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    Add order count to the customer grid options and also add Disptached orders to storefront so that shows up on customers order history

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    The sinking of the Titanic is one of the most infamous shipwrecks in history. On April 15, 1912, during her maiden voyage, the widely considered “unsinkable” RMS Titanic sank after colliding with an iceberg. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough lifeboats for everyone onboard, resulting in the death of 1502 out of 2224 passengers and crew. While there was some element of luck involved in surviving, it seems some groups of people were more likely to survive than others. We would want to build a predictive model to predict what people are more likely to survive Titanic sinking? The data is grouped according to whether or not a person survived (1=significant, 0=insignificant). Download the data from D2L, and the following steps that will guide you how to build a data mi...

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    ...the list from details available at public data sources including LinkedIn, Capterra and others. The industry sector is "Membership Software", a sample of which can be found at: To be considered for this project: 1. You must demonstrate that you have completed multiple data mining jobs (your profile must have previous work history and examples) 2. You have a team that can turn around the project quickly AND accurately You will create the list directly into a Google Sheet with the following fields: Company/Brand - Name Company/Brand - Website Company/Brand - Generic Email Address Company/Brand - Generic Telephone Company/Brand - LinkedIn URL Company/Brand - Twitter Profile URL Company/Brand - Facebook Profile URL Company/Brand

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    An in-depth and extended (10,000 word) investigation on a topic of relevance to men's mental health and suicide with reference to the social work field i.e. resources and advocates available/lack of for men's mental health, comparison to women's suicide rate, history, reasons for suicide and case studies in social work field and several other factors found via research. Have an evaluation of current research and demonstrate a critical evaluation of a range of methodological approaches and debates in relation to the topic of men's mental health and suicide. Also have originality of thought and critical awareness in the application of research evidence, theory and policy in social work contexts. Document must be in the following format: Title page, contents, abst...

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    We already have the UI made in Figma iOS & Android Flutter Wallet App Sign in Sign up OTP verification Forgot Password Home Search Wallet (Banks API) Request Money Send Money Pay with QRCode Add Money Money transfer Money withdraw Transaction history Payment Successful Account My Profile Favorite Notification Language Selection (3 languages) Term and Conditions Backend

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    content writer 5 dní left

    We need to get a proposal made for getting sponsorship. A presentation and a proposal need to be made. It has to be short and crisp ,so that sponsors get attracted and invest money on same. Presentation shall include : of event. event history covid even prosepectus. event highlights. Proposal: state the connection of event with them of sponsorship. brand appearance benefits. of business they can get in terms of brand visibility. if you had a previous such experience ,share me your files.

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    We have a very old DB written in RM85 which has old sales history from many years ago we would like to keep the sales history we dont care about the rest

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    Use Ethracer to detect Event-ordering bugs and modify the source code of Ethracer to investigate branch coverage of the dynamic symbolic execution . Dataset contains front-running attacks in Ethereum history. Text me for details

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    We need to have a website with client management and invoicing , receipts and email functions We need to record the history of events and post news and updates The clients should be able to accept and sign the agreement

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    Pipeline job history card implementation, using date and status implementation

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    Required Endpoints, needed to create 1. Endpoint for wallet balance query ( this will return Wallet code and Balance) 2 endpoint for commission query ...for MTCN redeeming ( this will handle all functions in MTCN redeeming ) 4 endpoint for send to my wallet ( this will handle sending from one wallet to another) 5 endpoint for send to IRT wallet ( this will handle Sending from one users to another) 6 endpoint for send to bank/mobile money ( this will handle payout ) 7 endpoint for Transactions (this will return transaction history query per day) ( connection access and security ) 1. MID ( already existing in DB) 2. User email ( already existing in DB) 3. IP (you will create in DB) 4. Transaction Pin ( already existing in DB) 5. Public key ( you wi...

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    hi, I want to have a membership portal with ability for member to subscribe for services with a multistep form and a an admin dashboard to see reports. i dont mind using a ready scripts already in place that i need like it, please let me know you are interested and i will share with you. detailed information: pages required for end user 1- login/registration landing page 2- welcome page 3- profile page 4- active subscriptions 5- register/subscribe to packages with available provided options such as 1 month/2 month and more options in the subscriptions/ upload documents 6- history of payments required for admin 1- dashboard with statistics 2- reports 3- the ability to add/remove/change subscription models. 4- add products like accessories to sell on along with the subs...

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    ...organisation. *Explain the history and context of Banana industry in Australia *Describe the issues and opportunities within the Banana industry in Australia *Analyse Banana Industry in Australia industry by applying Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis PORTER’S 5 FORCES: Bargaining Power of Suppliers Bargaining Power of Buyers Rivalry Among Existing Competitors Threat of New Entrants Threat of Substitute Products or Services Criteria: *Explain the history and context of your chosen industry/business -Provide a clear and detailed description of the history of your chosen industry/business Clearly explained the context of the industry/business within the wider industry and contemporary operating environment. Use a wide range of relevant sources of information to ...

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    bet365 Roulette 6 dní left

    Hi Dionysios I would like to know if you could develop a system for betting on bet365, specifically on roulette. It must run from a VPS. I would like to be able, based on the result history of each roulette, to make automatic bets based on strategies. The system should allow editing of strategies and their parameters, including the use of Martingale (with editable multiplication factor). Regarding the parameters, I would like to be able to select: - Which roulette wheels will be monitored and will participate in the bets - Types of bets (Red, Black, Even, Odd, Major, Minor, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dozen, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Column, Numbers 1-12, 13-24, 25-36). The system should monitor how many consecutive occurrences of each case. - Number of consecutive occurrences before placing the bet. ...

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    ...opportunities from the scholarly literature and/or industry reports for your chosen business or organisation. *Explain the history and context of Banana industry in Australia *Describe the issues and opportunities within the Banana industry in Australia *Analyse Banana Industry in Australia industry by applying Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis Criteria: *Explain the history and context of your chosen industry/business -Provide a clear and detailed description of the history of your chosen industry/business Clearly explained the context of the industry/business within the wider industry and contemporary operating environment. Use a wide range of relevant sources of information to provide a history and context of your chosen business/industry. Harvard referen...

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    27 nabídky to students 3. Tracking my marking time 4. Entering in my in-person training times 5. Tracking any admin time 6. Creating new course ( would like each course to have assessment and a assessment log to be created.) 7. Updating students details 8. Key Features I am looking for - Easy time tracking - Dashboard to create emails in outlook for me to just view and send - Easy to view history of past student activities ...

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    The purpose of this task is to analyse an agrifood or fibre industry taking the perspective of a business owner or manager. You will need to nominate an industry and business. You...your nominated business operates. You will use Porter’s 5 forces model, scholarly literature, and professional reports to analyse your nominated business or organisation to facilitate strategic decisions or practice change. You will also identify several potential innovation opportunities from the scholarly literature and/or industry reports for your chosen business or organisation. *Explain the history and context of Banana industry in Australia *Describe the issues and opportunities within the Banana industry in Australia *Analyse Banana Industry in Australia industry by applying Porter’s 5...

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    Magento 1.9 – my magento website only shows the last 32 days of orders. All the remaining 6 years of old orders and order history are missing. I have a backup copy of the database from a backup I did 3 months ago which has the missing 6 years of orders. Is it possible to copy the order history from it and merge it with the current database? Weird thing is the history orders shows up on the frontend just not the backend...(Screenshot attached) Is this something you can fix?

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    I run a highly exclusive onlyfans agency I work with influencer accounts. I am looking to hire people to chat on the behalf of my clients on the platform - as my clients are typical famous and busy they can not be on their phones 24/7 You should be proficient in English - you should preferably have a history with this type of work. Include the word “stardust” in your proposal

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    hiring tech lead/senior dev 2 dní left

    Requirements: Must have done custom e-commerce development Must have previous e-commerce experience Must be familiar with react and node js Must speak English Clean documentation Work with developers Must be able to properly communicate issues etc Must have a positive personality (problem solving not blaming) Must ha... Must have previous e-commerce experience Must be familiar with react and node js Must speak English Clean documentation Work with developers Must be able to properly communicate issues etc Must have a positive personality (problem solving not blaming) Must have experience working with serverless Agile scrum management a major plus Please provide work history. Positions held in development and e-commerce work history the bigger the pr...

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    ...inventory. No need to track sale price, tax. Users can deduct from the scanner. For QTY more than one, the function will be by key in QTY or scan multiple times. If there is the same item sale twice, the order record will be in a separate line. For example sale item 1001 qty 1, sale item 1002, QTY 1, sale item 1001 qty 1 again, Users click the save button, then the buy or sale will be saved to history. Either add listed as a separated line in the same sale or added together with total qty for the same item. Only record inventory deduction. The information includes the date, item ID, name, and qty. 4. No customer information need when selling. 5. Order report will be a list. This list will list all orders listed by date, including all items, that include item ID, Item name, descri...

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    sales agent 2 dní left

    ...effective business proposals. ● Closes business. ● Designs custom programs and tailors standard programs to meet individual client needs. ● Designs account strategy and business development to develop new and existing accounts. ● Develops and executes on territory marketing and management plan to meet and exceed monthly revenue targets. Requirements ● Experience in corporate sales. ● A stable work history and successful track record of personal sales performance in a large corporate environment is essential. ● Requires a consultative sales background with demonstrated skills in the areas of lead generation, forecasting, prospecting and driving opportunities to closure. ● BA/BS in business or related field is required. ● A well-developed pattern of achievement, competitive skills...

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    ...receive a $20 discount per month. * You can register from 2 classes per week, and 1 class is not allowed. ✅ Langley 6+ ?Richard Bulpitt Elementary School Tuesday, Thursday 4 o'clock ✅ Coquitlam 10+ ?Coquitlam Town Center Park March 3:30 ✅ Coquitlam 7+ ?Coquitlam Town Center Park Wed 3:30 ✅ Coquitlam 7 years old and older indoors open in winter (October to February) ? Football history of JK youth soccer academy coach 'Jayden Kim' 6th grade elementary school Songpa-gu soccer tournament winner U14 Provincial Championship Winner 19-year-old Swiss national team ‘Blaise Nkufo’ trained for 2 years at the academy (Blaise Nkufo is a player who won the Dutch Pro League, played by Ji-Sung Park, and participated in the 2010 World Cup in Sou...

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    We are a startup called GointheCity which works with freelancers who are experts in their field to conduct walking tours in their area of expertise. Rated well on Tripadvisor, we have been very successful in New Delhi, India earning great ratings for our in-depth, factual tours. Tours are not restricted to any space and can be about local history, culture, photography, food, arts, shopping etc. We experiment with everything to learn and do. After a brief hiatus, we are now launching in Sydney and looking for people who are passionate about what they know to design and conduct tours. Please get in touch with a short resume highlighting your expertise and we will take it from there.

    €20 - €68
    €20 - €68
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    I need Evolution Gaming roulette results history in real time. I don't need a graphical interface. Only printed on the terminal.

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    12 nabídky to potential clients. Ability for Admin to update them frequently. Potential Clients can choose the services, choose the options, upload the files etc for the JOBS. Clients should be able to create their profile, update their profile, create tickets/comments/follow-ups on different JOBS, create meeting requests. Client should be able to pay for the JOBS and should be able to see the history of JOBS and Payments. 2. Designer Portal. Designers should be able to create the profile. Take the courses and certifications. Admin should be able to Assign JOBS to designers. Designer should be able to access their Assigned JOBS, should be able to track their hours, Submit Pay-Requests. Admin should be able to review, Edit, and approve Pay-Requests. Designer should be able to see ...

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    Write for a Blog Post 1 den left

    I have a list of 24 Pizza Restaurants. I want you to research each one and write 3 sentences about each one. You could write about the following: 1. What kind of pizza they serve. 2. What they are known best for. 3. What neighborhood they are in. 4. Some history about the restaurant. 5. Something unique about the restaurant. No more than 60 words per restaurant. About 1440 words in total.

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    ...clients where they can place orders online also and send them to the official email of the company. How and what kind of: They have like 700 names of commercial clients so a new feature button with LOGIN must be added to the company website, where a client can access it with their credentials and place an order. Clients in their private window must have password changing option along with the history of their orders. As previous private order function was created in DataMySql. So we also manage that. Same thing we will do, we will manage the inventory in data base but we will also create usernames with passwords which I will late allocate to the customers so they can access and order. If your team can add this feature to their website like A menu without pictures as the menu will...

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    Main duties include but are not limited to: Each team member is expected to become an expert in their respective domain and effectively communicate and quickly come up with solutions in a team-orient...From measuring API response times to the efficacy of a new feature release, you understand the importance of monitoring both stability and rate of adoption within a complex system. Understanding and experience with reactive and functional programming paradigms such as RxJs or ReactiveX. Clear and effective communication skills. We prefer generalists over specialists and look for candidates with a history of pushing past their comfort zone and learning new things. You understand—and are excited to join—an early-stage company and can play a critical part in building the app...

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    To create a general Brand Presentation for pitching to malls for leasing space - comprising of History, Who we are, Business Line, Founder, Business Plan & Road map, Sales & Revenue, Market Presence, Customer Feedback and more

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    Trophy icon Evolution of Society - ARTWORK 1 den left

    ...section, I need to illustrate that in a single scene. I'm not looking for stock photos... I already have a subscription to Adobe Stock. I'm looking for original works that can express the evolution of society as defined below (and in the attached PDF). I'm not looking for copy/paste artwork. Each stage of Society should follow what we know of recorded history. Provide a suggestion of a timeline. Each society should tell a VISUAL story of our history (through Society 4.0). Society 5.0 should show bits of the present but suggest the future for humanity. ### Society 0.0 *Scavenging for any food - especially various grasses, tubers, fruits, seeds and nuts* Society 0.0 is more about pre-humans (primates). How do we, as a society, go from being primates to hu...

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    Zaručené Zapečetěný
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    I want to build MVP for goods tracking. with 4-6 screens. Features are as follows. 1. User auth (firebase) 2. Three tabs on home screens 2.1 History (List of previous rides) 2.2 Start/Stop ride 2.3 Profile (profile details with logout button) Start ride: In this feature, we get the input source and destination from the user and start the ride. For the best route, we need to place a button that opens google Maps and navigation. 3. On the home screen we have special buttons to see all active rides (this is on the map)

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    Our project is the Lead on Purpose Podcast hosted by James Laughlin. James has won seven world championship titles as a musician, made world history by leading his underdog team to world champion victory, hosts global leaders in his sold out Mastermind, is the founder and host of the Lead on Purpose podcast where he interviews former world leaders, pro athletes, Fortune 200 CEOs and more. We are passionate about leadership and our podcast. We believe it will make a massive impact on all the lives it touches! We are wanting to grow our podcast to the point of monetisation. We need someone who can help us grow our podcast reach, downloads and streams organically. We want to be able to go to businesses and have them sponsor the show.

    €14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Eugenia G., It's been a long time. I'm glad to see you're back on the site. I wonder if you would be up for a new job? I would like a report on vintage Italian Drum synthesizers. Apparently, these rhythm computers were a thing in the 70s/80s. I'm curious about them but don't have time for the research myself. I would like a 2-part report describing the history of Italian Drum synths including well-regarded models AND an analysis of the used market for purchasing these vintage devices today.

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    Editor/Copywriter for Large Website 8 hodiny left

    I am seeking a Freelance Editor/Copywriter to "clean-up" my rough copy for a new website with lots of content. The content is non-technical, and for product-related business entrepreneurs. The project after this will be to take all this content and create a non-fiction how-to business book. Please respond with your bio/history, your $ rate per word & per hour, and your availability (hours available per week).

    €32 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    69 nabídky
    k-pop Globalization -- 2 7 hodiny left

    Outline Introduction: Intro that summarizes main points while stating purpose of paper; to inform of the history and involvement of other cultures Start of Korean music: Brief mention of older styles of Korean music, to talk about the roots of it all Beginnings of K-pop: Talk about beginning music that would evolve into what we know as K-pop Comparisons/Inspirations: Takes a bit of the essay, comparing old with new styles. Seeing where certain styles came from Conclusion: Once again, summarize main points while making clear what inspirations came from. Cho, Chung-un (March 23, 2012). "K-pop still feels impact of Seo Taiji & Boys". The Korea Herald. Gingold, Naomi (January 8, 2019). "Why The Blueprint For K-Pop Actually Came From Japan". National Public R...

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    3 nabídky
    Social media poster and manger 7 hodiny left

    Looking for a monthly social media poster and manger. This is a long term project so we need good work and price. Please apply with if you have previous work history

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    93 nabídky

    In this quote we will add all features related to reports like download refunded, inventory, sales history reports. And other necessary things related to reports

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    1 nabídky

    I am looking for a co-writer for a project. I already have an artist for the project. The story would be a horror/mystery. 5 college students cross paths because of family history that ties them together...

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    €1059 Průměr. nabídka
    52 nabídky

    See attached logos from previous 2 ownesr and most recent owner logo. So recent owner logo was poor quality and not crisp and owner before was crisp. We want something more along the lines of crisp logo(none building one) but changed to be modern. We are younger more modern owners and want our logo to reflect this. This cafe is old cafe with history so to help build best logo we have attached their website and linked to cafe google page. !1s0x4867b0cb091eebef%3A0x981ebd2f38211d6!5sHalpin%27s%20Bridge%20Cafe!15sCgIgARICEAE Please do not apply for this to provide us with generic logo off some logo maker. We expect top of range logo created that is clean, crisp and modern. Don't produce that we will reject the project. Need logo created

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    I need a developer to develop a customer Registration form with a payment gateway, database and admin portal to see registered customers and payment history

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    How do you work? I am interested in a wikipedia page on my mother, who recently passed away (), my father (Sigmund H. Danziger Jr. Memorial Lecture in the Humanities Wikipedia), the company (Homak Mfg Co... I have much history), and (perhaps) myself (I am a professor). Can you access the project and how successful you would anticipate being in getting Wikipedia pages to stay. Thanks.

    €1811 (Avg Bid)
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    41 nabídky

    website pages - home page about us moving slider 10 pictures on home page news feed of institutions Find by countries, States, Cities, Pin code Register a institution Donate Major Projects status by instituitions Major Initiatives status by instituitions Volunteer Registration Advertise Interview Each instituition page - Contents of each page 1 main section 2 History of the instituition 3 Architecture and Archelogy Evidence 4 instituition Administration 5 Gallery 6 Names and contacts 7 Charitable work done by instituition 8 Renovation done by projects 9 Puja Online 10 How to reach 11 Nearby Accomodations 12 Sevak 13 Others 14 Integrations of Youtuve, Facebook and SMM links 15 Comments and posts 16 Donate 17 Blogs and Posts 18 Major contributors Workflow of the we...

    €517 (Avg Bid)
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    71 nabídky

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