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    - Cần tìm Freelancer đã có nhiều kinh nghiệm trong việc chụp...thế) - Yêu cầu chụp 15 sản phẩm nội thất ( 3 hình/SP) - Chất lượng ảnh tốt và điều chỉnh để làm catalogue và KD online - Địa điểm: 211,QL13,P26, Bình thạnh, HCM ( sau lưng bx miền đông) - Các bạn vui lòng xem sp như file đính kèm

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    €27 - €223
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    ...apply based on his selection and also there is a quantity and min/max quantity for each region also i need to have the unit of measure for each product with the conversion like 1 BX= 12 PC and also i need to control the decimal quantity , some products i need to enable the decimal quantity like 1.6 and the others no , so this option enable and disable and

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    Trophy icon I am looking for a logo video intro Ukončeno left

    ...elements will have to be made over. The main idea is for an vortex opening created by the Rings, twill pull the BX through to this world. After spinning like a coin, the ring will settle and be part of the logo. The problem here is: -The BX takes to long to pull through will the ring is spinning. It needs to look more like a slow fade in. -The speed

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    Hi, I have attached a dnb track that I provided vocals for. The release is March 15th and I would really love to upoad a music video to YT on the day of release. I wou...something you can help me with, and you can show me examples of your past work, please contact me so we can discuss this further. I look forward to working with you! Bx

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    ...take step-by-step screen shots of my drawing videos and to transcribe spoken word instructions in to text. Here is an example of what I need for each video: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] Video 1: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] Video 2: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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    Trophy icon Design a logo Ukončeno left

    Logo for a newly opening event-management company "BX". It organizes events for different types of extreme sports. We are looking for a bold yet simple logo that resembles courage, will-power and strength. The logo must include the two letters "B" & "X" as its main elements and can be strictly typographic, but can also include illustrations, geometric

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    ...unit of measures 2- in the product information I need to select the primary unit and the secondary unit and I need to add the conversion between the primary and secondary like 1 BX = 12 PC 3- in the front end in the product page the customer should be able to select if he wants to enter the quantity in the primary unit or secondary unit and the price should

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    ...index price) My site is made by WordPress and I want to make it as follows. exchange price [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] price [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] or upbit or coinone [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] or okex [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] or Coinex 5.bx thailand [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] or japan exchanges cryptocurrency bit...

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    ...LocalTrade - Tidex - Koineks - Paribu - Ovis - Ethfinex - Vebitcoin - IDEX - Negocie Coins - Luno - QBTC - Bancor Network - BitShares Asset Exchange - BitForex - TDAX - BX Thailand - BTC Markets - HBUS - CoinExchange - CoinEx Market - CryptoBridge - Coinfloor - Zaif - Independent Reserve - Crex24 - DSX - QuadrigaCX - Bitso - Bithesap

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    Assembly Language Ukončeno left

    ...200h,300h arrayD DWORD 10000h,20000h .code main PROC ; Demonstrating MOVZX instruction: mov bx,0A69Bh movzx eax,bx ; EAX = 0000A69Bh movzx edx,bl ; EDX = 0000009Bh movzx cx,bl ; CX = 009Bh ; Demonstrating MOVSX instruction: mov bx,0A69Bh movsx eax,bx ; EAX = FFFFA69Bh movsx edx,bl ; EDX = FFFFFF9Bh mov bl,7Bh movsx cx,bl ; CX = 007Bh ; Memory-to-memory

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    Trophy icon design a crypto related logo Ukončeno left

    IMPORTANT: Please read the description carefully I need a logo with the word BX the logo needs to be in blue color. basically, the logo needs to resemble a blockchain hub. Meaning to say that it needs to be a place where most blockchain office will be located. It needs to be very crypto like. thank you and good luck

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    Trophy icon Logo Contest For Pivotal BX Ukončeno left

    I have a new copmnay, it is a blog/software solutions company. THe website is up with some dummy data. I need a fitting logo for this web site. [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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    Boat Wrap Design Ukončeno left

    ...mean looking Octopus maybe wrapped up in the skull. also a mean looking shark. color scheme should include a bright lime green. The boat that is getting wrapped is a Sea Hunt BX 24 BR, file name "IMG_1300[25919]" All the others are examples for inspirations. Would like to have the Fish Reaper logo big on the side, but change the words "Fish Reaper" to

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    ...AREA program, CODE, READONLY EXPORT Reset_Handler Reset_Handler LDR R0, =__main BLX R0 SysTick_H LDR R0, =intCount LDR R1, [R0] ADD R1, #1 STR R1, [R0] BX LR AREA myData, DATA ALIGN a DCD 1 AREA myCode, CODE EXPORT __main ALIGN ENTRY __main PROC LDR R0, =SysTick_LOAD MOV R1, #0x2EE0 STR R1, [R0]

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    ...alog/Programmable_Controllers/Do-more_Series_(BRX,_H2,_T1H)_PLCs_(Micro_Modular_-a-_Stackable)/BRX_Series_PLCs_(Stackable_Micro_Brick)/18_Point_Micro_PLC_Units_(BX_18-z-18E)/BX-DM1E-18ER3 This custom library component is to be used ONLY on the schematic sheet and it is not intended to be included in the PCB board layout. Your Job is to create

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    I need an equation of each parabola in standard form (y=ax^2 + bx + c)

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    Create two static HTML5 pages using a design provided. The pages will ...pages using a design provided. The pages will be created using Bootstrap. The static pages will require dropdown menus to be created, sliders created using Bootstrap slide or BX Slider. One of the pages will include displaying a number of items on a Google Interactive Google Map.

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    ...posted this job before and not gotten good results. I am looking for someone to assist with the iframe on the right side of this page. [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] I need it to grow dynamically as the iframe changes with information. I do not want it to scroll. I have control of the iframed site and the site it is going

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    Math Factorisation Ukončeno left

    Hi freelancers, I have this math formulae to resolve : Y = -a + bx - c•x power2 I want to have at the end the way to obtain X with a known values of Y, a, b, and c. To test the formulae we have thoses values : Y = 49.4133 a = 2.0468 b= 0.0367 c = 1.5955e-6 X = 1500 I want a formula to calculate X with a given value of Y. (a, b and c) are constant

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    Trophy icon Slogan for a Swiss stock exchange Ukončeno left

    BX Swiss Ltd. is a licensed stock exchange in Switzerland. We currently have two websites [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] and [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] which desparately need a redesign. The redesign will include a new slogan that we want to use together with our BX Swiss logo (see attachment). This is where we need your help: Come up with a cool, new marketi...

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    ..." For the Current Market Data, I only need the current 10 yr treasury yield, and it can be scraped from [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] You'll need to change the label of the Risk Free Rate label on each sheet/tab from 5 yr to 10 yr. Make user access to the page require login credentials that I can manage

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    ...blockchain cant handle much querys or it costs money. There exists several private blockchain explorers: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] And many more... but im unable to install it. Got here several depency problems :( Your work is to install

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    ...(from Column D to Column BH) to BJ. STEP 5 VALUE CONVERSION Execute value conversion at Columns BJ to BP (Question A1-A7) Columns BT to BV (Question A11-A13) Columns BX (Question A15) Columns CA to CC (Question B1-B3) with using vlookup from sheet “score”. Example) 1 -> 4 2 -> 3 3 -> 2 4 -> 1 STEP 6 SCORE CALUCULATION Column DO(SCORE

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    nano MIPS project Ukončeno left

    I need a MIPS code that will find the roots of the quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 , where a, b, and c are entered by the user as integer values. Once read, these integer values should be stored in $a0, $a1, and $a2, respectively. The main code should call a procedure roots that computes the roots of the quadratic equation as double-precision

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    Maximizar função Ukončeno left

    Maximizar uma função f(x)= ax^2+bx^7+cx^6+dx^5+ex^4+f ; fazer um algoritmo e implementar no Matlab. no Matlab deve ser feito um teste para verificar se é uma função unimodal.

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    We have three symbolic equations in the form of: x = Bx + Cy + Dz + Ek + Fl+ Gm y = Hx + Iy + Jz + Nk + Ol+ Pm z = Rx + Sy + Tz + Uk + Vl+ Ym we need to solve this system of equations to find k, l and m in terms of other variables. (k = ....., l = ....., m = ....) I tried to solve it in MATLAB, but it tired my PC.

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Aliexpress and Ebay and generate the affiliate links. With Woocommerce I publish the data on the sites. This plugin is actually being very good, but it has limitation in the amount of bx for Aliexpress is 10200 products Maximum and for Ebay is 1000 products that is not enough and I have to import 40 products per page at the time because there is no function that

    €457 (Avg Bid)
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    ...was intended to import from 10200 to the maximum available data. We do not work together anymore and I have some issues that I want to fix: 1- the plugin shows the max data bx. for a category that I want to import say 15000 I find that not in all cases that the plugin didn't cache that amount it cache lesser than that. 2- the plugin in some cases

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    Write some Software Ukončeno left

    We need following details to wt in ct x diamond Quality + gold kt x gold wt + Labor Example : [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] need following details to input in master

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    electronic design Ukončeno left

    ...on a web page accessed via internet so it needs a webserver preferably with https. Ideally (depending on any additional cost) there may need to be nonlinear (ax squared plus bx plus c) scaling of the values from the ADC output to some real world parameter such as Watts. There may need to be scaling calibrations on the web page which are not directly

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    I currently use excel LINEST function to fit parabolas (Y = AX^2 + BX + C) to hundreds of (X,Y) data points, and can crudely do weighted fitting by multiplying the instances of each point by integer weights. I need someone to write VBA code (that doesn't use excel LINEST) that can be used to do this for decimal weights. I currently have the VBA code

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    ...servo's need to return to their original location. Original Location will always be fixed. Ax point will always be a fixed location for Servo A. Bx point will always be a fixed location for Servo B. Ax and Bx can be different values. The ENGAGED position of the servo's acts the same way. Ay is the engaged location for servo A By is the engaged location

    €237 (Avg Bid)
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    I NEED all of the products, categories, images etc on this site scraped into a spreadh sheet [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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    We need to design an logo for our window tint and paint protection film store The logo should includes the letter " BangXin ” or abbreviation "BX" with color scheme yellow or orange or gradient. The logo should indicate the profession service of film installation.

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    Write some Software Ukončeno left

    ...ERP system on Microsoft access. Data will be provided Outputs will be: Master Production Schedule (MPS) Master Resource Planning (MRP) Table Forecast (Regression Model: y=a+bx) for the next year (show by month also) Inventory Record Report Customer Orders/Order Details Report Total Sales Report Accounts Payable Report Accounts Receivable Report

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    ...“HoleID” , “From” and “To”. Please use these attributes to update the columns correctly. NOTE: The “From” and “To” values are different in the “update” sheet and the “lith, Min, BX, ALT” sheets. You only need to assign data to the “From” and “To” intervals specified in the upda...

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    BX-monitor Ukončeno left

    Looking for someone to modify/upgrade existing firmware (original programmer has passed away). So that we can enter the serial numbers and new mac address can be generated. Existing firmware is available via ISO.

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    Do some Excel Work Ukončeno left

    ...series of columns similar for a number of exchange traded funds (ETFs) The columns BS to CG are in a sequence as follows: BS Name BT Symbol BU Date BV Open BW High BX Low BY Close BZ Volume CA Advances CB Declines CC Up Volume CD Down Volume With data on rows 429 to 534 as in the example enclosed. Columns BV to CD need to

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    ...existentes em nosso catálogo. Seguem (em “.pdf”) os 5 desenhos os quais necessito as imagens em 3D. Notar que a formação das peças são da seguinte forma: • BX-011-12V...........composto por 2 peças iguais • EVX-1-12V.............composto por 2 peças iguais • EVX-2-12V.............composto...

    €107 (Avg Bid)
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    T...database and displayed on selected screens using BX Slider. The digital advertising tool allows businesses to display their advertisements on a digital screen within newsagents. The newsagents each have their own subdomain URL of the website, which draws ads to be displayed on their monitors using BX Slider. Ads are rotated at set intervals.

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    BX COSMETICS Ukončeno left

    I'm looking for a cosmetic chemist to help my mom and I with building our makeup line

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    Web development -- 3 Ukončeno left

    http://joomla.f...[pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] the slider on the top of this pages (phoca sgallery slideshow bx slider) should be in center, not on the left side it is all the same module, only copies. change should be done in the Modul once and in general

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] 1. the slider on the top of this pages (phoca sgallery slideshow bx slider) should be in center, not on the left side 2. component phoca Gallery, eliminate the big Detail picture over the thumbnail Gallery under the Detail Text the big Foto Alpenpiraten

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    Design a T-shirt Ukončeno left

    ...need someone to design it. So we can get it produced and hopefully sold. We have thought about some fade t-shirts and then with an abbreviation of our brand name on the chest(BX) with some nice font i.. And would like to see what you can offer. We have some attached some pictures to give you an impression of what we are thinking about. More information

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    Project for Softeria Ukončeno left

    I have a quick problem the similarities and differences from an analytical method, least squares and chi squared on a gausian distribution for a model of 2e^bx in laymans terms should take an hour

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    Project for daratmf Ukončeno left

    ...points using the following code data = [(x,[pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste](1,0.01)*exp(log(2)+log(id)*x/400),20) for x in range(100,201)] The data can be modeled with the following function y = 2e bx • Analitycally linear least square fitting • From first principles, by minimizing χ 2 using an optimization algorithm ...

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    Write some Software Ukončeno left

    ...0.01)*exp(log(2)+log(id)*x/400),20) for x in range(100,201)] where id is your id 2. Plot the data. 3. The data can be modeled with the following function y = 2e^bx You must determine the value of b in three different ways: • Analitycally, as function of your id. • Using the linear least square fitting function. Notice the fitting function

    €27 - €223
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    €27 - €223
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    ...but provably hard going backward. I need someone to do some research as to what is possible here. Some thoughts (and maybe incorrect) include finding a hash(X) = (aX^2 +bx +Y) mod p, and modifying it so we can calculate hash(X,N) which is the equation iterated N steps in the future. I've heard about mash functions though not sure if they apply

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    Hi hgholizadeh, I have two small projects based on matlab that are really simple. The first one is You need to plot an equation of third order like ax^3-bx-c=0 where you have to find the roots and plot x vs y. the second one is you need to write an integration function that do a simple integration and then plot it. they are really really easy. let me

    €18 - €18
    €18 - €18
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