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    We are looking to hire a developer who can develop a pricing page for one of our platforms using Bootstrap 4 framework. The pricing page should have a movable scale that would adjust a price based on the volume. We should be able to define the steps as well as set two rates for each of it - monthly and yearly. You can see the attached file ------

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    2D Animation -- 2 20 hodiny left

    60 seconds animation for a movable garage Refrence [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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    ...participating in the event will add items (as created in the webapp for users) to these events and the master will work with these items - The items will in the master app be movable, means that the items can be moved around on the screen and put into different categories and areas of shapes defined by the master. Dependent on the number of items that are

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    Canvas - 3d - guides Ukončeno left

    Implement canvas from BDT using dimensions and box style. 3d view clear and without bounding box showing. Ability to switch view 3d being larger, clear and movable. Implement guides.

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    create 6 clipart pictures in relation to our pro...project, real life like but with a cartoon twist we require all 6 to be different budget for these is $50 for all of them maybe if possible we can have also designed in a movable gif at additional cost for promotional purposes quote jerechoreadproject as we qont respond to bots and bulk bidders

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    Project scope: Detect...need: The methodology of eye ball tracking and mapping the coordination on what they see on the monitor in real time with 80% accuracy, the head position must not be fixed and movable What you need to deliver: - Eye tracking and coordination on monitor accuracy should be 80% and up - All editable source code and documentation

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    ...Button can start the Chat, he can insert in any Pages or Domains. - Button checks if the Server are online or offline. - If offline write under the button "Server currently offline". . If online, open Register Window #### Register Window ### - Window muss Movable (DIALOG) - Start position its the middle of Browser. - this window is for enter a username

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    Trophy icon coffee cart design Ukončeno left

    ...instagram account @bluecup_cafe you can have an idea of the shop to design the cart I want the documents to provide the following information: - Detailed design of the movable cart - places on the cart to put the coffee machine, grinder, cake display and small sink area - detailed sizes of the materials used - what materials to do the cart

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    Trophy icon Restaurant floor plan Ukončeno left with access for the disabled. Staffroom needs to be 15 to 20 m2 -- including a WC. Entrance to the WC cannot be in the kitchen. The “brown” walls on the plan are movable. Dwg floor plan files are available. Ideas -- a floor plan -- can be submitted in pdf, jpg, dwg or psd format. PLEASE NOTICE: We are looking for ideas not a complete

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    ...We can not used at on various machines at the same [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] also,because of heavy weight of filterartion unit we can not move from one place to another place. 3)We Design Movable Stand By using metal angle plates,Wheel rollers,angle gate and also,using [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste],that when we move easily whole coolant filteration unit from one ...

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    I have layout i wish i want done one homepage , for the second page i want a movable selection of the service i provide i have a layout and example of this which can be seen on request For the third page i want the layout designed as per spec, the current using theme being used in avada

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    The deadline is super tight due February 15th. We are looking for a good Animation Lead who can manage this scene and complete it within our timeline Deadline is not movable We’re looking for a blend of 2D animation and parallax effects such as those in Wonder Woman’s bedtime story with her daughter [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] Attached is our

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    ...robes minimum size of bedrooms 3.5x3.5 including robes Dedicated laundry Open plan kitchen that flows on to the back garden. Happy for you to think outside the box i.e. movable walls or other clever design ideas where appropriate. Inclusion of granny flat (could convert existing 1 car garage). Proposed design must also be functional, safe, modern

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    ...nodes. Robot acts on the rectangle polygon 3x2 m, which fenced with an impenetrable wall. On the path, there is a probability of the presence of the movable obstacles. The robot should drive around a movable obstacle or drive to another node if there is another node on the way. The path must be completed in a given period of time. The robot is a rectangular

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    ...the text with the configured color for that keyword. SCORE (see graphic): Add the total score to a badge in the extension icon. All found keywords should be displayed in a movable window that displays the keyword counts and total score. Please see the graphic attachments for details. Please be ready to start immediately. We have a deadline and need

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    Neeisto instalar y poner en marcha un sitio con el CMS Movable Type. En instancia Free Tier en AWS. La cuenta está creada y ya con el paquete de servicio, pero necesito ponerlo en funciones para conocer la plataforma de Movable Type

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    ...for each keyword combination. If a keyword is found, it should color the text with the configured color for that keyword. SCORE: All found keywords should be displayed in a movable window that displays the keyword counts and total score. The score should also show as a badge on the extension icon. Please see the 2 functional mockups for details. To show

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    Our client a local municipality is looking for an asset management to manage their fixed and movable inventories from acquisition, disposal, management, disposal etc. The system should be able to manage everything about asset. Integrate the latest technology of asset management [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] Code, Tracking etc The Asset management software will be managing

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    ...should look for each keyword combination. If a keyword is found, it should color the text with the configured color for that keyword. All keywords should be displayed in a movable window that displays the keyword counts and total score. Please see the 2 functional mockups for details. To show that you read this full description, put your favorite

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    Project requirements involve detailed design of Steel structure to accommodate 40 solar panels (dimensions,weight are enclosed in the data sheet), The structure shall entail: 1- steel mounting of 40 panels with wind speed of 30/s. 2- manual rotational movement of solar panels. 3- mounting method will be accomplished using hilti bolts on concrete blocks. The detailed drawings shall include the foll...

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    ...Little Ant running happy to their parents (Spider's mom & dad, Ant's mom, dad). Parents are happy, they are going to embrace each other! 7. Double picture with 2 locations. Movable locations maybe (not sure) on background if possible, to insert text where needed. Ant's on left top, Spider's on right bottom. On each kid's room, bed, lamp on tumbler, sleeping

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    environment: java 8, eclipse, maven 3, javafx controller & fxml job to do: create a fake content stage app movable and resizable in a snap-to-grid way. That means: the stage window is moved by steps of 40 pixels (defined as constant) and resized by steps of 40 pixels, vertically or horizontally depending of mouse move on the monitor screen. Tests and

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 - On click/ drag and drop of filters/accessories to the video space, the accessory(earrings) should be applied to the face. 
 - The accessory(earrings) should be movable and aligned along with the face movement.
 - There should be a sharing option where a screenshot/gif should be taken and shared via social media options. 

- The image/gif

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    ... the user can select only 4 pictures for that template). ii) Pictures should be randomly arranged inside the templates, pictures inside the photo frames can be rescaled, movable, and also features like zoom in and zoom out should also be available and even if the user wants he can swap the pictures between the Photo frames in the templates just by

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    Trophy icon Blender Robot Design Project Ukončeno left

    I would like to design a robot design 3d model using blender, please check the sample designs for your reference, This project is for...Display Screen for Head 5) Should have a body with display screen and 2 wheels at the bottom 6) Should have Wheels attached at the bottom and no humanoid legs 7) Hands cannot be movable kind of designs and no fingers

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    ...the material in this office space. If there is a place, where to build a storage room, please suggest it. If there is an option of built in cabinet or use some variable - movable shelves that are placed under the ceiling - anything you can suggest works. The ceiling is approximately 3 - 3.2 meters. We care about the storage area. Preferably, do not

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    ...Javascript development team to jump in and help resolve few things off our schedule. Task is very simple, we have created Javascript calculator for Real Estate return (with movable slider). Now the task is to link the calculator with the price value from property grid as it is seen in the screenshot. So when user clicks on the grid – calculator prices

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    30 nabídky "activity list". 11. When user selects to edit an activity from the homepage listview, see attached screensshot [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste], Each component on whiteboard is resizable & movable. whiteboard image is changeable to something like a table as shown in attached screenshot editor_playtable.png. If table image, the activity view screen will look like ...

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    I would like to seek services of a website developer who can also make similar app, capable of making 3d map of any location, with movable feature in 3d format, highlighting buildings, contours, infrastructure (sketchup based is fine), additionally with information layers on top (such economic, demographic, spending power information on top) with check/uncheck

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    i want someone to make me fast lesson and teach me how to design 3D objects or 3D movable mechanisms

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    ABSOLUTE REQUIRED – FOR BOTH MODELS (001 images examples, ideas, etc) 1. Logistics – Container should be "movable or shippable" on trucks and or on shipping containers overseas! On the large model both containers 1 and container should keep their wall (or partial wall) then when put together to interlock (connect with screws) and form a home. When

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    Need an Excel Form Ukončeno left

    Can you redo the exact image supplied into a Excel Sheet that I can move into cells with only a tab? All the cells with an X must be movable with a tab to enter text. Same text, same layout, same cells, same, same, same...

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    I am looking for someone to design 4 banner ads for a campaign I am running. The ads must be animated or have movement in them. You must have experience designing movable ads to get a dialogue on this. Please respond with a sample link to your work and I will be contacting you as I see any that meets my requirements.

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    ...interactive brown points witch, when access will change the scene and have element 5 and 3 by default (on 3D) on the scene and elements 1 and 2 will be 3D and selectable and movable on the scene from a drop box or something like this. - When the user will attach the element 1 to element 3 will be a reaction witch will melt the element 1 until will be destroied

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    ...youngpilestock.memetemplates&hl=en_US Check the app work flow, We just need that 1 activity only (MemeEditor Activity). [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] be able to add multiple text and the text shold me movable 2. The text should have stroke edit fuctionality 3. Can be able to change the font of the entered text 4. Can be able to Add mutiple images to the Canvas 5. The Added...

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    I have a project of movable [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] I want to create an animated video for a prototype.

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    ...launch setup.exe. This downloaded setup has already its installer. No need to code it. • Installer should run in the center of screen with given size. • Installer should be movable by mouse. • There should be resume option if internet connection goes down (if possible). • There should not be minimize button. • Need to see remained percentage of downloading

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    ...Platform (Core design requirement) 5.1 Field Changes in the PB Platform Size 5.2 Different Design Approaches 5.2.1 Use of Movable Metal (AL) I Beams 5.2.2 Lego Type Approach with an interconnection of Platform Parts to be PEG or “Tongue and Groove” 6.0 CAD Software Preference(s) & Deliverables

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    ...manually manipulates a pneumatic tamper or a pneumatic vibrating plate before the formwork is put in place. I would like detailed engineer design drawings for a semi-autonomous movable gantry pneumatic tamper using off the shelf hardware, available in the USA with the following operational ranges: Y Axis Range: 0' - 24' functional (please design it scalable

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    Hi I am doing a kickstarter campaign and I need an GIF image similar to the attached with movable object. You need have the graphic design skills and technical. Features: 1- RFID Blocker (There should a signal hitting with an armour) 2- Up to 6 Credit card (credit card flipping) 3- Bank Notes (Cash flipping) 4- USB 5- Up to 8 Keys (keys should be flipping)

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    ...something we call modules. Each module has different style. For example, a basic module has just one image and a text. Some module have multiple images. Images or text are not movable so it’s quiet simple and rigged. Here is a complete presentation with all modules: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] ** each module is separated by a line THE JOB: What I need is someone

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    design a logo Ukončeno left

    Design a logo for container house business in Australia brand name: Hypercuby. business activities: selling of container homes, container house, movable house, modular building, Require an icon and the word "Hypercuby" in the logo. Logo must be super modern, easy to remember and identify. You must produce the design from your own idea, do not copy

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    Hi All We are looking for someone who can build a website for Arabian gulf facts and maps and data, A simple site that contain the following: 1- Main movable image 2- Time line similar or like this: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] Any timeline that the user can move the arrow of the mouse and when he is on the spot

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    I have an account to the following web-based conference call; [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] I also, have online radio web-based; http:...conference call live to the online radio. keep in mind, the conference platform is not mine and can happen we can move to another conference call platform. this program should be movable to any other program.

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    Character or avtaar can guide the user ,it is movable and act like a website guide

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    I need random movable clickable links that appear on computer screen. They appear for given amount of time, admin controls how long the appear per link. they can start of small and then get bigger before leaving the computer screen. or admin can choose to have link stay on computer. they move in random, please see a example [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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    I need random movable clickable links that appear on computer screen. They appear for given amount of time, admin controls how long the appear per link. they can start of small and then get bigger before leaving the computer screen. or admin can choose to have link stay on computer. they move in random, please see a example [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

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