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    ... Frontend - ty: jde do všech koutů světa také). Odměna je podíl na zisku. Do budoucna až bude projekt kompletně hotový uvažuji o přijetí investora, který by nám pomohl s jeho rozjezdem s "Big Bang". General: Technologie: WordPress, Elementor, Astra, Python, SQLLite, Django, Pandas, Numpy Provider: Forpsi / Webglobe / AWS / Jiný (s největší pravděpodobnosti služba: "Virtuální privátní server (VPS)" nebo "Virtuální managed server (VMS)" --> na serveru poběží ještě můj python code generující obsah, plus vlastní doména Data: jsou uložena zatím na MS SQL, ale WEbglobe MS SQL nemá (pou...

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    Na serveru () probíhá neidentifikovaný script, který každé 3 minuty, úplně zahltí VPS. Občas dojde k úplnému výpadku. Potřebuju script najít a opravit. _____ On the server () runs unidentified PHP script that every three minutes, completely overwhelms the VPS. Sometimes there is a complete failure. I need find script find and fix it.

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    ...listing preparations, backend settings, review generation, etc. - Drive the success of product launches that include delivering on key factors that support this critical phase of the Amazon product lifecycle - Monitor operational health, sales metrics, and Amazon advertising trends to ensure target metrics are achieved. - Report (daily, weekly, monthly) on overall operations health and provide recommendations to enhance performance - Resolution and follow-up of problems through the creation of seller support cases - Analyze product ASIN rankings, ratings, customer feedback/reviews, as well as product sales performance to determine the best and worst-performing SKUs - Stay informed with eCommerce retail industry best practices, new trends and technologies, marketplaces, and platfo...

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    ...plan to develop an AI system that analyzes past projects to generate optimal design proposals. This system will assist junior designers by suggesting modifications or variations that best suit the specific requirements of new projects. We have identified TensorFlow with Keras and Python as the preferred technologies for developing these programs and interfaces. However, we are open to other recommendations that better suit our needs. We are reaching out to inquire if your team has the expertise and interest to collaborate on these innovative projects. Your AI, machine learning, and CAD systems integration skills could perfectly fit our requirements. We look forward to working together and achieving groundbreaking AI and CAD integration results. If you are passionate about AI ...

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    ...third-party email marketing service alongside Google Workspace for my campaigns. I suspect this may have caused some of the deliverability issues. Key tasks for this project: - Identify and resolve the root cause of my emails being marked as spam and undelivered. - Audit my current SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup and make necessary adjustments to ensure my emails are delivered correctly. - Provide recommendations and possibly implement changes to improve my email deliverability in the long term. The ideal candidate should have: - In-depth experience with email deliverability, particularly in Google Workspace. - Proven track record of resolving SPF, DKIM, and DMARC issues. - Familiarity with integrating third-party email services with Google Workspace. - Good understanding of DNS se...

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    ...Current Setup: Understand and analyze the existing setup including EC2, REDIS, and RDS services. - Develop Optimization Strategy: Devise a clear plan for improving scalability, reducing costs, and enhancing performance. - Implementation: Make the necessary changes to the setup based on the agreed strategy. - Documentation: Provide clear documentation of the changes made and any additional recommendations for future optimization. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience with AWS, especially in optimization projects. - Strong understanding of EC2, REDIS, and RDS services. - Solid problem-solving skills to address the current challenges effectively. - Good communication skills to explain the strategy and changes made in a clear manner. If you're confident in your ability to deliver ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Wireshark expert with a profound understanding of networking. The project involves the analysis of network traffic and the troubleshooting of potential issues. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct network traffic analysis using Wireshark - Identify and troubleshoot potential network issues - Provide solutions and recommendations for optimization - Potentially create network diagrams if needed I'm looking for someone with a solid background in network analysis and troubleshooting. This person should have: - Proficiency in utilizing Wireshark for network analysis - Deep knowledge of different network topologies and configurations - Previous experience in diagnosing and resolving network issues - Excellent problem-solving and communication skills The i...

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    ...optimizing resumes for job seekers targeting the Canadian market Knowledge of current trends and requirements for marketing-focused resumes in Canada Excellent writing and editing skills, with a keen eye for detail Collaborative approach to working closely with the client to refine the resume Deliverables: Thorough review and assessment of my existing resume from a Canadian market perspective Recommendations for content and format improvements to optimize the resume for the Canadian job market Collaborative editing and revisions to produce a polished, 2-page marketing resume tailored for Canada Guidance on best practices for presenting my marketing skills and experiences to Canadian employers If you have the expertise to transform my marketing resume into a compelling 2-page doc...

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    I've enrolled in various online courses to enhance and update my skill set. This has been a crucial step for me to ensure I remain competitive in the ever-evolving professional landscape. I'm seeking professional help and guidance to further improve and refine my skills as well as to make necessary behavioral modifications. I'm looking for a freelancer who can offer structured advice and recommendations on how to apply these upgraded skills effectively in my career. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in career development and personal improvement - Experience in offering strategic advice on skills application Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on. A track record of successful client outcomes would be a huge plus.

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    ...Currency System Cocos Creator is a comprehensive, open-source, cross-platform game development engine that is particularly well-suited for creating interactive and real-time games. Integrating a virtual currency system based on USDT or an online payment gateway to purchase virtual currency allows users to buy and create rooms directly on the system's website. Below is a detailed description and recommendations for using Cocos Creator to develop an online Xóc Đĩa game with such a system: 1. Setup and Configuration 1.1. Install Cocos Creator: Download and install the latest version of Cocos Creator from the official website. 1.2. Create a New Project: Launch Cocos Creator and create a new project. Choose the appropriate project type and set the desired settings. 2. G...

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    VPS Malware Removal 6 dní left

    I need an expert to clean malware from my VPS. I'm experiencing slow performance and suspect it might be due to malware, but I'm not sure about the type. Key Requirements: - Deep understanding of malware removal from VPS - Ability to troubleshoot slow performance issues - Experience with VPS security Please note that I do not have a backup of my VPS data, so it's crucial that the freelancer is able to clean the malware without affecting the existing data.

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    Update my Twitter scraper script 6 dní left

    ...on I am seeking an experienced developer for a long-term project aimed at enhancing and maintaining an existing Twitter scraping bot. This bot currently operates without using an API and requires several improvements. Project Background: Currently, the setup includes: - A Python script that scrapes Twitter timelines, refreshing every 5 minutes. - The Twitter account and script are hosted on a VPS. - Data is stored in a self-hosted MongoDB. - The script can identify and expand long posts but cannot detect threads effectively. What I Need: Current Functionality: The script can identify and expand "long posts," which are individual posts that exceed the usual length and need to be expanded to show the full content. Current Limitation: The script cannot recognize if a ...

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    I want step-by-step guide to create an online survey(Example Google form), link it to my domain using Plesk, and generate a QR code for distribution.

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    I'm in the market for a product manager with a speciality in the kids' tableware industry. Here's an outline of the project: - **Industry**: - The product is in the Kids Tableware industry. - **Scope**: - You'll be tasked with helping me design a range of kids' tableware. The items I'm looking to develop include plates, cups...within kids' tableware is highly valued. - Design skills are a plus, as you'll be responsible for the look and feel of the final products. - Knowledge of materials and their properties, especially plastic, bamboo, and melamine, is important. - **Deliverables**: - A comprehensive plan for the range of kids' tableware. - Prototypes and final designs for plates, cups, and bowls. - Recommendations on ...

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    ...involves creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation focused on communicating key recommendations for a pay equity initiative. I would need the presentation design for now. Red/blue and white is our colour scheme.5-6 slides should be enough and the aim is to be able to convert these slides to my work template later on. Colour: The dark red colour is 192,0,0 and the dark blue is rgb 0,32,96 and the green is 120,190,32. The actual slides can be white in colour but any tables, graphics, logos etc can be the above The presentation material should primarily include: - In-depth qualitative data analysis. Put forward insights and narratives, helping to reinforce the need for our recommendations. - Recommendations on improving transparency within the organization...

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    As a business owner looking to secure a commercial lease for a live-work warehouse be a standard commercial lease, and it is about 20 pages long. Key Requirements: - Analyze the lease agreement in detail, and identify any potential pitfalls or clauses that may restrict my intended usage of the space. - Provide recommendations or flag any areas of concern in the agreement. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in commercial real estate law or lease agreement review. - Strong attention to detail and the ability to identify potential legal risks. - Excellent communication skills to clearly articulate findings and recommendations. I'm looking for a professional who can provide guidance to ensure the lease agreement is fair, legal, and explain my rights, o...

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    I'm looking for a skilled QA Tester to thoroughly assess my gambling website across various browsers and devices. Key responsibilities include: - Testing compatibility with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, including mobile devices - Ensuring all functionalities work as intended, such...The ideal candidate should: - Have extensive experience in QA Testing, particularly in the gambling industry - Be proficient in testing across different browsers and mobile devices - Possess excellent attention to detail and a systematic approach to testing - Understand the needs of both casual gamers and professional gamblers, to ensure the site caters to both audiences Your insights and recommendations will be essential in helping us launch a flawless gambling platform for a wide ...

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    ...particularly for online courses. - Proficiency in WordPress website development and customization. - Skilled in designing engaging, high-converting sales pages. - Experience with user registration and login systems, particularly in the context of online courses. - Strong understanding of e-learning platforms and the dynamics of online course sales. I'm also looking for someone who can provide recommendations on how to keep my users engaged, how to effectively send updates through a WhatsApp community, and potentially integrate with other necessary third-party tools Note : while sending the pings include your plan of action as well what technology or saas platform you are going to use Example website ::

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    I'm looking for a developer who can create a Net Proceeds Calculator on my WordPress site. This tool should be easy to use and capable of calculating the net profit to accurately estimate net proceeds based on the property sale price, mortgage balance, and closing costs. - The tool should also output the equity percentage. Please note that the purpose of the calculator is to help users estimate their net profit when selling a property. Therefore, it should be designed and developed with a focus on usability and accuracy. I'm open to professional recommendations on the best way to structure the tool and am looking for an experienced developer who can deliver a high-quality, functional calculator. Prior experience with financial calculators or real estate websit...

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    We are looking for a skilled and experienced sports nutritionist from the UK or USA to feature on our homepage and offer their professional recommendations. We are Nutrify, a cutting-edge AI tool dedicated to revolutionizing the way nutrition is approached in the gym setting. Our primary aim is to cater to fitness enthusiasts by providing them with expert nutrition advice. Key Responsibilities: - **Homepage Feature**: The selected nutritionist will be prominently displayed on our homepage. This will involve providing a brief bio, along with snippets of their advice and recommended practices for our users. Ideal Candidate: - **Professional Background**: The ideal candidate should possess a strong background and experience in sports nutrition. Prior experience in working with fit...

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    I have a series of Excel spreadsheets that I need to be converted to PDF. - The page breaks in the PDF should be set by specified row or column intervals, to ensure readability and proper structure. - While I haven't specified whether the PDF should be interactive or static, I am open to suggestions and recommendations. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Excel and PDF manipulation - Understanding of pivot tables and how to work with them - Attention to detail for page break placement - Good communication skills to confirm PDF layout - Optional: Experience in creating interactive PDFs, if you can offer insights on that front.

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    I'm looking for an expert in both product design and literature review to help me craft a comprehensive and insightful paper (nearly 5000 words). The review paper should also highlight any gaps in the existing knowledge and provide best practices and recommendations about the topic. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in product design and software/hardware development - A strong background in conducting literature reviews on technical topics - Ability to critically analyze and synthesize information - Excellent writing skills, with an eye for detail and clarity - Familiarity with academic writing standards and citation styles.

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    ...visibility and organic traffic. * **Data-Driven Insights:** Utilize your Etsy expertise to identify high-potential products and trends, guiding our future product development. * **Strategic Sales Growth:** Develop and execute a comprehensive sales strategy to increase conversions and revenue. * **Collaborative Partnership:** Work closely with our team to share your knowledge, insights, and recommendations for overall shop improvement. **Ideal Candidate:** * Proven track record of success in Etsy SEO and sales optimization * Deep understanding of Etsy's algorithms, trends, and best practices * Excellent communication and collaboration skills * Passion for helping small businesses thrive If you're a driven and results-oriented Etsy pro eager to make a real impact, we w...

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    Cyber Forensics Expert Needed. 6 dní left

    I'm in need of an expert in Digital Evidence Analysis. Your primary goal will be identifying security breaches within the system(s) in question. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct thorough digital evidence analysis. - Identify and document the security breaches. - Provide recommendations for system improvements to prevent future breaches. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in Digital Evidence Analysis. - Strong understanding of cyber security. - Experience in identifying security breaches. - Certified in forensics or related field. Please apply if you have expertise in creating and analysing hash values and have experience in Cyber Forensics. No teams or companies please.

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    I am seeking an experienced optical engineer to take on the task of designing high-grade optical systems for our innovative LED Light Bar project. Tasks Include: - Designing advanced optical systems focused on o...indicated, proficiency with known optical design software like Zemax, Code V or COMSOL Multiphysics would be advantageous for the tasks needed. Open to suggestions based on what you are comfortable with. Ideal Candidate: - Previous experience with optical system design, preferably with a focus on LED or general lighting solutions. - Strong communication skills to effectively share findings and recommendations - Detail-oriented and diligent in both the design phase and testing procedures Let's create a breakthrough in LED lighting together. Looking forward to yo...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned financial analyst to conduct a detailed financial performance analysis of the quarterly earnings data I have available. Key Responsibilities: - Dive into the provided quarterly earnings data and derive meaningful i...earnings data and derive meaningful insights. - Provide a comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of the company. - Identify key financial trends, strengths, and weaknesses. Ideal Candidate: - Demonstrated expertise in financial analysis. - Experience with quarterly earnings data. - Strong understanding of financial performance metrics. - Ability to generate actionable insights and recommendations from data. Please provide me with samples of your previous work in this field, and give a brief overview of your approach to fina...

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    After restarting the server we get this error 500 PleskExceptionDatabase DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused and the site is not reachable. Payment and/or milestone after resolution of the problem.

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    I need a professional developer to a video editing AI website for me. The website should include specific features and functionality like video editing tools, real-time filters and effects, Automatic video enhancement; Object tracking and removal; Text and graphics overlay; Voiceover and background music integration; Intelligent video analysis and recommendations.

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    10 nabídky color scheme - Designing elements with a minimalistic look, yet interactive features and distinct typography, just like our main site as mentioned previously - Creating 5-15 pages as part of the custom WHMCS theme (including order form pages) and any default pages that should be restyled must resemble the current site theme -forms for dedicated hosting, Minecraft hosting, source game hosting, vps hosting, bot hosting, web hosting Ideal candidates would have extensive experience in WHMCS, understand key principles of design, and have a portfolio showcasing their work in similar projects. Proficiency in working with interactive features and typography is a significant plus. Let's elevate our website to another level through this tailored WHMCS design. theres alot of sou...

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    26 nabídky

    I'm on the lookout for a professional illustrator who can help me create an engaging infographic. There are three illustrations 1. user transacting on B2B clients website and the B2B mirrors parts of the transaction for AI purposes to my company system 2. B2B client calling API to get user recommendations from AI system to their users 3. B2B client downloading data about users likely to churn from their system

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    Talk about your experiences andlearnings with ALX. This summary should include: 1. Your understanding of supply chain optimization and simulation in general . 2. Your understanding of GFA, NO, and SIM, in ALX 3. Your understanding of how ALX can help SC managers to improve the decision-making process. 4. One example as a case st...include: 1. Your understanding of supply chain optimization and simulation in general . 2. Your understanding of GFA, NO, and SIM, in ALX 3. Your understanding of how ALX can help SC managers to improve the decision-making process. 4. One example as a case study of possible SC management problems with regard to either GFANO, or SIM, in ALx, respectively (with argumentation!) 5. Conclusion and recommendations 6. References (use at least 15 peer-reviewed pub...

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    I am in the initial stages of starting a business in the design and promotion industry and require trends, customer preferences, and competition - Strong understanding of the design and promotional products industry - Excellent communication skills for presenting findings Key deliverables: - A report detailing potential niches within the design and promotion market - Analysis of current market trends and consumer demand - Identification of key competitors and their strategies - Recommendations for product differentiation and competitive positioning - A summary of potential customer segments for targeted marketing This project is vital for laying the groundwork for my business. The ideal candidate will guide me through the process of defining a clear and actionable busi...

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    18 nabídky

    I need a skilled professional to review my Etsy shop and make sure I'm doing everything right to generate sales. I'm particularly interested i...need a skilled professional to review my Etsy shop and make sure I'm doing everything right to generate sales. I'm particularly interested in receiving feedback and improvements in the following areas: - Product descriptions - Pricing strategy - SEO - TAG usage I currently have between 50-100 products listed. While I don't have specific competitors in mind, I would be open to hearing any recommendations you might have, so the ability to identify potential competitors would be advantageous. I'm looking for someone with proven Etsy platform success and strong digital marketing skills in SEO, competitor analy...

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    36 nabídky

    ...or Graphs or financial jargon 1. Today's Cash flow health - score it between 0 to 100 (with 100 being high). 2. Compare the score to previous period 3. Days cash in hand 4. Burn rate B. Forecasting: 1. We need the sheet to have 2 inputs that I will enter forecasted income and expense 2. Based on those inputs provide a new cash flow health for next 30, 60 and 90 days C. Provide ongoing recommendations to improve cash flow (if you can use Open AI to do this great). Examples: 1. Reduce recurring expenses like Netflix 2. Switch insurance provider and save $$$$ 3. Increase fees for client X to match client Y whn both get the same services Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in using QuickBooks for cash flow management and forecasting - Experience in analyzing Income...

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    €28 / hr Průměr. nabídka
    12 nabídky

    I'm looking to have a fuel delivery app developed that will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app will cater to the following key functionalities: - User Registration: The application should have a seamless and secure user registration process. Though the approach to user registration has not been specifically determined, I'm open to expert recommendations or industry best practices. - Location Tracking: Accurate and real-time location tracking is crucial for this app. Users should be able to track their delivery agent's location as well as see the delivery progress. - Payment Integration: Users should be able to pay for their fuel deliveries directly through the app. It should support a variety of payment methods and be secure. The ideal freelance...

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    ...programming problem. While the primary goal of the project hasn't been clearly defined, it's safe to assume that the end objective is to maximize profits, minimize costs or optimize resource allocation. Your role will involve: - Analyzing and understanding the non-linear constraints - Implementing the most appropriate algorithms to solve the problem - Providing detailed and insightful recommendations that will help me achieve the goals of this project. A deep understanding of mathematical optimization and experience in non-linear programming is essential for this task. Your ability to work with optimization tools and software is paramount. A background in finance, economics, or engineering will be a bonus. The ideal candidate should also be able to translate compl...

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    26 nabídky

    I'm in need of an expert who can help me with Virtualmin settings on my Hostinger VPS. Specifically: - Fixing my SSL certificate: The current one expired yesterday, I'm planning to use the free version from Let's Encrypt to replace it. I need someone to help with this process and ensure it's correctly installed and functioning. - Other Virtualmin settings: There are a few other settings on Virtualmin that I need help with. I would require your expertise to configure them properly. Ideal Skills/Experience: Proficiency in Virtualmin, SSL Certificates and VPS hosting This project is time-sensitive, so a prompt and efficient response is highly desired. Your past experience with similar tasks will be a deciding factor in my selection.

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    I'm looking to expand my business into the technology industry, specifically focusing on digital marketing. We aim to enhance our online presence and reach new customers through strategic digi...improve future activities. - Work closely with internal teams to align digital marketing initiatives with overall business goals. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in digital marketing, preferably in the technology industry. - Familiarity with current online marketing techniques and best practices. - Strong analytical skills with an ability to interpret data and make actionable recommendations. - Excellent communication and collaboration skills, as you'll be working closely with other teams. - Understanding of e-commerce and software development, while not mandatory, wo...

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    I'm seeking a professional with in-depth knowledge of mapping a drive with Rclone on a Windows operating system. Key Requirements: -- powershell expert - Expertise in Windows OS. - Proficient in configuring Rclone for Windows environment. - Ability to provide recommendations on automating Rclone tasks effectively. - Knowledge of Sharepoint and how it can be integrated with Rclone for mapping a drive. Please provide a brief overview in your proposal of your past experience with Rclone, particularly on Windows, and any experience with Sharepoint that would be relevant. Familiarity with automating Rclone tasks would be a bonus.

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    Linux Server SSH Configuration 4 dní left

    I'm looking for a skilled professional to help me configure my Linux server for SSH access. - Operating System: My Alibabacloud VPS machine runs on Linux. - Key-based Authentication: I need assistance setting this up for my SSH connection. It's important for me to have a secure connection to my server. - Additional Security Measures: While I'm unsure about specific measures, I'm open to suggestions for enhancing the security of my SSH access. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Linux server administration. - Extensive experience with SSH configuration and key-based authentication. - Knowledge of SSH security best practices. - Ability to recommend and implement additional security measures for SSH access.

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €6 / hr Průměr. nabídka
    29 nabídky

    I'm seeking a professional with in-depth knowledge of mapping a drive with Rclone on a Windows operating system. Key Requirements: -- powershell expert - Expertise in Windows OS. - Proficient in configuring Rclone for Windows environment. - Ability to provide recommendations on automating Rclone tasks effectively. - Knowledge of Sharepoint and how it can be integrated with Rclone for mapping a drive. Please provide a brief overview in your proposal of your past experience with Rclone, particularly on Windows, and any experience with Sharepoint that would be relevant. Familiarity with automating Rclone tasks would be a bonus.

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    ...The chatbot should be able to respond to common questions asked by users. These FAQs will be pre-defined and should be easily updatable by me in the future. - Collect User Feedback: The chatbot should be able to ask users for feedback on their experience with the website. This feedback should be stored or emailed to me. - Provide Product Recommendations: The chatbot should analyze user queries and interactions to provide personalized product recommendations. This will be based on a predetermined set of rules, which I'll provide. The chatbot should be designed for text responses only. It's important that the integration is seamless, user-friendly, and doesn't slow down the website. Ideal candidate would have experience in: - selection of a ready-made chatbo...

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    94 nabídky

    plesk I have a vps and I want to install php 5.5 - 8.3 version I want it to be able to have these versions

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    39 nabídky

    ...are primarily geared towards providing personalized recommendations. This is a crucial aspect of the project and should be given top priority. - The product should be compatible across various platforms. Specifically, it should be operable on iOS, Android, and Web. Seamless integration on these platforms is essential to ensure a consistent user experience. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - A solid portfolio of AI-driven applications that have been successfully launched across multiple platforms. - Proven expertise in developing and implementing NLP, ML, and Computer Vision features. - A keen understanding of how to incorporate AI features in a way that enhances user experience and provides personalized recommendations. If you're confident in ...

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    I'm looking to create custom robots within Microsoft Azure that will help enhance customer service by providing personalized recommendations to users. Key Objectives: - The primary goal of this project is to set up a robust recommendation system that can cater to the varied needs and preferences of our users. Specific Requirements: - The robots are expected to understand user preferences and behavior. - They will then recommend products, services, or content tailored to individual users. - The system should be able to handle large amounts of data to provide accurate and timely recommendations. - The system needs to be user-friendly and intuitive for both customers and the service team. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Microsoft Azure. - Experience in developing reco...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Shopify expert who can help me with the following tasks: - Theme Customization: I haven't decided on a theme yet, so I'm looking for your recommendations. The chosen theme should be in line with the Food & Beverage industry. - Product Page Layout Customization: I want to ensure that our product pages are engaging, easy to navigate, and optimized for conversions. - Payment Gateway Integration: This is a crucial aspect of the project. I need a seamless and secure payment gateway integrated into our website. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in customizing Shopify websites - Knowledge of the Food & Beverage industry - Expertise in integrating payment gateways - A good eye for design and user ...

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    I am seeking a skilled and experienced mechanical engineer to design a human-like skeleton for a self-defence training dummy. The goal is to create a prototype that can be 3D printed. This project will focus initially on designing the arms, specifically the wrist, elbow, and shoulder Joints. These joints do NOT need...that can be incorporated into the design as I understand that something like a shoulder joint may be difficult to 3d print. • Design Objective: Create a realistic human-like skeleton that can be 3D printed with functional joints. Movement: The joints should allow for realistic human movement. • Focus Area: Start with the design of the arm joints (wrist, elbow, and shoulder). • Materials: Recommendations for suitable materials for 3D printing and funct...

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    I'm looking for a social media professional to help manage our sicial media accounts. Responsibilities: - Regularly monitor and create accounts and posts - Create and schedule posts that align with our brand - Provide recommendations on improving our social media presence The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in managing Instagram and Twitter accounts - Strong understanding of social media algorithms and trends - Excellent communication and creative skills Please note that your past working experience will be very important as I'd like to see a portfolio of your work prior to making a hiring decision.

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    ... bright, airy kitchen, with a potential for a bold and dramatic statement. I'm open to innovative and exciting ideas. Here are the main project components: 1. Kitchen Style: The layout design is all set, but the style of the doors is yet to be decided. I am leaning towards a modern and transitional tone. 2. Cupboard Doors: I am divided between a wooden or a gloss finish. I'd appreciate recommendations here. 3. Light Setting: The natural light in the kitchen is limited, so I’d love suggestions on how to use color to compensate for this. The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in interior design, specifically kitchens, with an emphasis on creating bright and vibrant spaces. A portfolio of previous projects showcasing their style and creativity wo...

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