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    ...Vedlejsi funkce - Aplikace by mela umet spojovat dokumenty, napr. PDFka - napriklad mam dve sablony, a kdyz splni nejake kriteria, spoj dve sablony do jednoho PDFka - Prehledy - pocet vygenerovanych dokumentu, generovaci report (tzn. Muzu jit do tohoto reportu a projet vsechny merge policka a videt, co se presne ze Salesforce vytahuje a kam) - Jsem schopny generovat i Opportunity Line Items a custom objects atd. Vice detailu na online briefingu....

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    Business Objects help 6 dní left

    Assist in developing Business Objects reports, database , sql ,

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    Salesforce import data -- 2 6 dní left

    Hi I want someone to import 200 rows in Salesforce with multiple objects related to each other.

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    3D low Poly Assets for FPS Game 6 dní left

    we need 3D assets for an FPS game, weapons, characters, environment objects, objects for each character, etc. already textured. they need to be the same style as the attached images

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    I need simple imagej plugin that will find "coin" and "battery" object from picture and splits them into three groups based on shape and size. Small Circular, Big Circular and Noncircular objects. (Object is considered large if it has area bigger than circle of radius 40px). As a result the plugin shall open new window with RGB picture, which containt picture information from input but inner edges of the objects are highlighted. I add example files which describes it better that i can.

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    Python website 6 dní left

    Create and test a function to compute net pay from payment, work and tax credit information. ----------------------- Read in a file named , which contains the following information: (space separated) <StaffID> <LastName> <FirstName> <RegHours> <HourlyRate> <OTMultiple> <TaxCredit> <StandardBand> For Example: 12345 Green Joe 37 16 1.5 70 700 Create Employee Objects from these (you must create at least two in your solution) Read in a file named which contains the following information: (This must have more rows than the file ) <StaffID> <Date> <HoursWorked> 12345 31/10/2021 42 Create a method computePayment in class Employee which takes HoursWorked and date as input, and returns a payment information dictiona...

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    Logo design 6 dní left

    Want a sober logo to be designed for my garments company which can be trademarked. I want it to be simple as it will be printed / embroidered on my clothing line products. My preference is that something like 3 friends or 3 objects if possible. Otherwise any object for eg. a unique bird or a penguin is also fine. Main thing is that it should be kept simple and sober. company name: Leewan Enterprise What we do: Manufacturing of colthing The picture attached herewith is just for a rough reference. Anything totally different yet catchy at the same time is appreciable

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    the developer needs to setup a few basic networking things like: - Join rooms/matches - Host - Each match has 4 players (can be more or less) - The map itself doesnt have interactables so no extra objects to configure - Only players interacting with each others The hosting cost will be covered by the studio, the game is in prototype stage. The time is off the essence

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    The Power of Prayer 5 dní left

    I am looking for a graphic designer that can create a logo/trademark for a retail business that markets spiritual/religious gifts and keepsakes. Products would include everything from t-shirts to lamp/fan pulls. I need a design that would translate both to small objects like coffee cups and baseball caps as well a large impressions like t-shirts and posters/banners. Products would be sold in online stores as well a retail space in regional craft shows and festivals. The trademark should be able to translate effectively as B&W or 4-color. The goal is to have 2-3 word copy in conjunction with art. Subsequently the artwork would stand alone with same meaning. A new website will be designed around the concept so a web translatable color scheme should be considered. Ultimately there ...

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    3D Modelling Expert -- 2 5 dní left

    Model 10 objects as fast as possible and super high quality, and prep them for materials to be applied (materials or rendering is not required) you have to export a file that can be imported in cinema 4d. Example attached.

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    Nous avons besoin d'un tallent pour modeliser des objets type table, chaise, canapé afin de compléter notre library d'objet 3d. Modelisation sur 3dmax et texture sur corona render Pour en savoir plus sur notre concepte allez sur In phase 1 : 1 - 2 month we want to have 500 objects In phase 2 : 3-4 month we want to have 500 more objects Travail à distance, payement mensuel

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    1. Using ATOM software create a HTML document 2. Create an HTML document with math (MathML) and graphic (SVG) objects 3. Make you HTML file from task 1 to resemble given PDF template using CSS. Complete this task using CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid and CSS Box Model tools. 4. Creating a style for PDF template you worked on task 1 using CSS. 5. Use basic JavaScript (JS) functions. Insert JS into your HTML document, enabling your document to be more functional and interactive.

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    Tasks: one searching form with logic of codes output on screen and pdf Final fixing, touch-up, enhancement for whole (four forms) one data input form (around 25 items for input) one standard message box for 25 objects clicked technical support (technical problems guidance) for MariaDB and VB NET (e.g. installation of the VB exe and DB) NO networking connection within the application but simulation for that instead. Source code is required; the application is required to be executed via an exe file on a standalone PC. All UI and operation activities must be 99.99% cloned from video provided (during our negotiation and before deal made), most of requirements can be found from the videos provided. Environment & tool: MariaDB 10.4, VB (VS 2019) The UI language is Vietnamese w...

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    • Develop frontend and backend web application for monitoring ETL processes for standardising dat...flow and Snowflake. • Containerise the web applications securely according to the good practices using Docker technology. • Develop interfaces and API in Flask using middleware products such as Mirth, Iguana, Cloverleaf. • Conduct walkthroughs of the code and write technical documentation and training materials of the web applications to the clients. • Web servers, App servers, Database objects, stored procedures, ETL operations, and related scripts need to be tuned for performance. • Design and construct databases and database support tools in support of patient linkage and projects requirements and processes in collaboration with technical manag...

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    ...just moved to this community, and if so, the company may not have had a chance to create a master record for this customer. Write a complete file-matching accounts receivable program. Use the account number on each file as the record key for matching purposes. Assume that each file is a sequential text file with records stored in increasing account-number order. Define class TransactionRecord. Objects of this class contain an account number and amount for the transaction. Provide methods to modify and retrieve these values. Modify class Account in Fig.15.9 to include method combine, which takes a TransactionRecord object and combines the balance of the Account object and the amount value of the TransactionRecord object. Write a program to create data for testing the program....

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    Trophy icon Debug Javascript Contest 4 dní left

    Please debug the error on the following page: The password to view the page is 'freelancer1983' On the javascript console, I get the follow errors: :2 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.3.2 :639 Uncaught TypeError: is not a Update 11/27/2021: Thank you for those who are submitting entries. No winners so far. This page works: This page doesn't work: Currently, splitting a date object seems to be the problem. The winner will have the code that has both pages working for all of the objects (numbers, strings, dates, etc)

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    need writer for NFT marketplace. 4 dní left

    Metascope is a unified XR and NFT platform that allows anyone with Internet a...allows anyone with Internet access to create their own metaverse. Using the capabilities of the camera of the existing device and geolocation and physical objects of the NFT of the new generation, the platform allows you to create and fill the XR experience with individual meta-objects in real time and share them with other people. Each meta-object may have an endless amount of metaverses, between which users can instantly switch in the app. In other it is both a journey between worlds and an endless opportunity to create. Metascope is integrated with NFT marketplaces such as Rarible, allowing creators and owners of meta objects, meta universes and XR experiences to list their property fo...

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    ...advertisements: Uploading new advertisements on the MarketPlace; 2. Updating of existing advertisements; 3. Elimination of the advertisements sold; Order synchronization: 1. Import of orders received from the marketplace into the Management System; 2. Import of customer data + contact details; 3. Update of the order on the Marketplace (status, tracking code, ..); 4. Updating the status of the objects in the order; Import of Marketplace Categories in the Management System; The log of the synchronization operations will be done on a daily text file saved on Google Cloud Storage; In the event of a serious error (Authentication failed) an email must be sent to libraryadmin and superadmin. NON-Functional Requirements: 1) Implemented in PHP; 2) License activation key; 3) It must be ...

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    Two images where I need objects removed. This needs to be done within 2 hours

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    46 nabídky, and not discovered area (the black area). In this map the occupied areas is surrounding the not occupied but that is not the case all time, occupied areas could be surrounded by not occupied one. The mapping process run on closed rooms where multi uniform and non uniform shaped objects presents. And formed out of 3D visual scanning device transformed to 2D occupancy map. Meaning that it’s not possible to maintain data to form a solid shapes like 2D Lidar scanning. There is no need to classify the objects, the only need to enhance the map to be good to visual on application. Map defined as two numpy Boolean arrays with variant dimension between 1000x1000 to 5000x5000 (not square shaped all time). The most important criteria is the processing time; I am proces...

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    13 nabídky

    IT will be a blockchain game, built on the XRPL in order to take and process payments and information accross the land. We want it to be a social city, similar to cyberpunk in terms of looks. Sims sort of feel.

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    starship lunar lander -- 2 4 dní left

    ...complex job but a easy job lost of small parts that will be 3d printed and assembled into the entire structure of a space ship. fuel tanks, fuel lines, blukheads, sliding over head cranes, a exterior shell, landing legs, equipment room with many seperate peices of equipment needed to run the ship, lunar rover, lunar powered cart, water and air resupply cart, each one of these are very simple objects just a lot of them we will build it one part at a time inserting the parts in to the inner frame from the top down to the engines. I will give you 3d file for many of the parts and you will modify to improve their apperance and make sure they fit properly. I am a retired engineer who has been helping Elon and am now trying to start my own business and this is one of the de...

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    Tree search dropdown in flutter 4 dní left

    I’m developing a mobile app using flutter framework with dart language, and I need a tree model dropdown, like in the first image. In this component, we have a list of objects that contain objects (that are also selectable). I want to be able to search (in the search bar in the top) for the father objects or son objects. Example: I have 3 father nodes: A, B, C and for each one I have 2 son nodes. A - A1, A2, B - B1, B2 C - C1, C2 The first son node inside the father, must be all son nodes and if I click it, it will select all son nodes. Whenever I click in a node (father or son) will select/deselect it. If I click a father node, will also select all son nodes and put a selected icon in the father node, however if I select son nodes (but not all) the mark ...

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    We are a company who is looking for an animating genius who can: 1. Create frames. 2. Design an animated environment with backgrounds, objects, and sets. 3. Design different characters. 4. Draw storyboards and create realistic models. 5. Use computer software. 6. Use photographs of an actor's movement to animate as a 2D/3D character. 7. Have a positive attitude working with clients. To apply please: 1. Supply a few examples of work that you have done 2. Let me know what your rates are for a given level of quality. 3. For me to know that you’ve read and understood this job post, please start your response by providing details of how many years you’ve been doing this for. Ciao

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    Trophy icon Booth Design 2 dní left

    Idea: We would like to have a booth to be placed outside with various elements stacked placed in different ways for children to take pictures with their parents in front or behind certain objects. Concept: We would like the booth to look like a scene from nature that includes various elements (trees, mountains, sky, clouds, etc.) and incorporate some icons and the logo of the nursery in the design as well. Size: Length: 270cm, Width: 150-180cm, Height: 160cm. Extras: We would love to have an element or more that could be interactive if possible (E.g.: attaching a piece of rope on the end of the kite so that the children can hold it and pretend they are flying the kite).

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    Base on an existing fbx i need 7 new models like explained : fbx format

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    Need Live Photo (iPhone Feature) of objects that have Japanese curved text on them. Also, require a video file extracted from each live photo that you capture. My budget for 200 .HEIC and .MOV file is $50.

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    ...> TrueEyeClose:100 frames (60 without glasses/40 with glasses) > TrueMouthOpen:100 frames > TrueMouthClose:100 frames > TrueObjectEye:100 frames (Different objects) > TrueObjectMouth:100 frames (Different objects) 2. Fake Person (example:) > FakeEyeOpen:100 frames (60 without glasses/40 with glasses) > FakeEyeClose:100 frames (60 without glasses/40 with glasses) > FakeMouthOpen:50 frames > FakeMouthClose:50 frames > FakeObjectEye:50 frames (Different objects) > FakeObjectMouth:50 frames (Different objects) - Photo Source example 1. Selfie 2. Webcam 3. Image gallery website 4. Google Search 5. Youtube 6. … - ...

    €75 - €80
    €75 - €80
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    Instagram Filter Development 3 dní left

    Create FOUR 3D products objects on Instagram, that user can interchange between different products

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    9 nabídky

    I want to build a 3D custom isometric illustration and it should have 4-5 objects with various characters. We can discuss more details

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    We are seeking a graphic designer that we can provide photos of electronics components and they can turn them into SVG vector artwork that we can repurpose as needed. Attached is an example. This is ongoing work for a wide range of electronics (modules, switches, electrical component...This is ongoing work for a wide range of electronics (modules, switches, electrical components etc) as we need them for our educational content creation. Our workflow is to send new designs via Trello, so that we can prioritize what needs to be done and you can provide the result there as well. Invoicing can be handled on Freelancer. It is important that the dimensions of products and major objects placed are somewhat accurate. We will include a ruler in raw photos so that you can get relative mea...

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    60 nabídky

    Looking for a 3D designer who can design objects, characters, etc. The project is linked to NFT's with the potential of a long-term collaboration. Needs to know about NFT's and how to generate an NFT collection from layers automatically!

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    ...should be about 20 seconds long. The story is from the attached pictures and links from Youtube how similar features are available. Picture 1, which is from the football pitch, is the idea to start the film according to that picture and the link ( -fr%C3%A5n-spelare-zon-gm590128696 -101903291). When you have entered the field and the zooming stops, objects should come down from the sky with lightning. From picture 3.1 to picture 3.5, the idea is that each Pole comes from the sky in a flash and rises according to these pictures. As an example, look at the link and the first 10 seconds in this Youtube clip So you should understand what i am looking for . Before you show your interest, go through the links and attached pictures

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    8 nabídky

    Powershell script to discover AD service Account & disable stale objects

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    Javascript (Front End Developer) 2 dní left

    ...and launching of high-quality front-end pages. Send an artifact of your work or link to a website or portfolio developed using the following: JavaScript, jQuery, React, Vue. Qualifications: - Proficiency with JavaScript, jQuery, React, Vue (other necessary JavaScript libraries and frameworks) - Familiar with Git, MemberStack, Webflow - Comfortable in using/converting PSD files (photoshop) as objects to the website - Keen eye for detail and design aesthetics - Excellent communication and collaboration skills Plus points for: - Attention to UI and UX details - Knowledge and/or interest in music...

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    I’m looking for someone to design real estate stickers. I would need commercial use. I want to start off with 30 stickers. Some will be of a full person others will be a real estate term. Some maybe of objects. I would give you a list of what I would like. I will also be printing these stickers to use for a planner and also to use for a digital planner. Thanks

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    Digital artist 2 dní left

    Looking for a digital artist who can custom create 20 to 25 scenes that will depict certain times of a woman’s life from birth to present. Most will involve minimal objects in the in the background. The characters will tell the story. I am leading towards faceless characters, which would eliminate the eyes and nose. I want the bodies, and other things to tell the story without a detailed face.

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    YOLOv4 Prototype development 2 dní left

    Need an app developed on Yolov4 which can detect certain objects and report in real-time. We need someone or a team who can work on a bigger scope combining IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Augmented reality. App Brief: Windows app which will be connected to a camera for the live feed. The app should detect certain objects in the live feed along with the people and also tag which person has what object. At the end of the session "10 hours Long", it should report the number of people detected and associated objects. More details will be provided in the discussion.

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    ...- create main 3D Robot character – (robot character guidelines will be provided) - chest up robot character is required with face and arms with accessories - robot needs to look vibrant and have rich colors and texture The robot needs to have the following 7 features: 1) eyes 2) mouth 3) chest image (logo) 4) helmet (head gear) 5) lights around the arms and body 6) body armour 7) Individual objects held in hand Robot needs to be build as a full character. Then robot needs to be dissected in parts separating the 7 features into individual items, which can then be replaced later with variation options as described in milestone 2. Milestone 2 - BUILD VARIATIONS TO ROBOT PARTS Each feature (trait) – needs to have the following variations - eyes – (9 type o...

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    43 nabídky

    We are creating an android application for children. This is an interactive gaming and activity application for children under 5 years of age. We need digital illustrators and 2D animators who have experience with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate and Adobe After effects. Work includes 2D character designing, creating environments and objects in 2D.

    €1132 (Avg Bid)
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    13 nabídky

    ...environment. Able to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups, including peers and managers. Able to execute a systematic, disciplined, analytical, and logical approach in problem solving. Have a desire to learn, accept new challenges, and have fun. Excellent organizational, communication, and time management skills. Responsibilities Design, Develop, Test: Database objects, such as Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Tables, Views and Scripts Integration solutions using SQL Server Integration Services New application functionality using, C#, and JavaScript. Understand business needs and transfer them into technical solutions and interfaces with both internal and external systems. Develops an in-depth understanding of Jefferson Capital busin...

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    19 nabídky

    ...should also have some defensible relation to your previous stop motion project, whether that be in concept, subject matter, emotion, or color palette. The module assignments are going to build towards a longer video composition at the end of the semester so at this point you should begin thinking about elements that will thread them together. The chosen video clip should also have clearly moving objects within it or the rotoscoping effect will not be very apparent or interesting. Learning Objectives have the ability to create a video composition using multiple still frames that are hand drawn have the ability to create a video composition that creates a consistent artistic direction, aesthetic and mood have an understanding of how variable frame rates affect the overall speed ...

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    Hi, I need a java and google ML expert. Windows command-line tool is written in Java that is fed the file paths of images as arguments and outputs a formatted JSON array containing all text detected in the images. arguments and outputs a formatted JSON array containing all text detected in the images. input • Command should be invoked by calling txtfromimg • Should accept unlimited file paths as command arguments Both relative and absolute file paths should be accepted Output • Output should be in proper JSON format • Structure: The outermost structure is a JSON array Outer array elements are JSON objects with keys that correspond with each image’s filename and values that are JSON arrays Inner JSON array elements are text elements extracted ...

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    The budget for the project is fixed at INR 7,500/- and is NON-NEGOTIABLE. We need very basic video graphics ideated and executed for videos for a fitness and wellness platform. The project does not involve any editing. The scope involves video graphics etc for: - Wellness Tasks - Habit-building programs - Workouts Wellness Tasks: 8 task...clear distinction between the 4 weeks and the 2 tasks versions. Workouts: Workout videos involve - 5 categories - Strength & Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, Rest day, Day 29 + 30. For 4 weeks. For a total of 4*4 = 16 graphics. Plus 2 graphics for Day 29 + 30 Brand colours are fixed as orange, black, grey, and white. More details will be provided when discussing the scope of the project. All the objects created need to have some underlyi...

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    6 nabídky

    Windows command line tool written in Java that is fed the filepaths of images as arguments and outputs a formatted JSON array containing all text detected in the images. Deliverables input • Command should be invoked b...arguments and outputs a formatted JSON array containing all text detected in the images. Deliverables input • Command should be invoked by calling txtfromimg • Should accept unlimited filepaths as command arguments Both relative and absolute filepaths should be accepted Output • Output should be in proper JSON format • Structure: Outermost structure is JSON array Outer array elements are JSON objects with keys that correspond with each image’s filename and values that are JSON arrays Inner JSON array elements are text elements extra...

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    Trophy icon Family Crest / Coat-of-Arms: Healy 2 dní left Healy I've attached some old versions of the emblem. It consists of three boar's heads. They can appear vertically, or can be in an inverted triangle patters (two above, one below). *Want to keep it clean, simple, modern and and elegant. Not old-fashioned.* Healy is an old Irish name, so a Celtic/Viking/Norman kind of vibe would be interesting. The image will be used to engrave on black objects, so it will appear silver against a black background. So black + white (no color), and NOT overly intricate, not fussy. It should include the family name. I am not asking you to invent a brand new, original family crest - it should follow the existing concept described above (i.e. the boars heads). Don't be afraid to go *abstract*. The boar head images can be abst...

    €53 (Avg Bid)
    Doporučené Zaručené
    47 příspěvky

    Build an application on Python or Java with a web based UI. The application should be able to listen to a MQTT broker and generate E-mails monitoring incoming MQTT messages. The UI should allow the user to add alert rules as objects. Alert rule- consists of - Topics to listen to - Threshold values to trigger email alerts - List of 5 email addresses to send emails to 1 Application Listens to MQTT Topics 2 Generated Email alerts based on payload values 3 Decode JSON on payload and generate alerts 4 Alerts to be created by User, using a GUI 5 E-mails to be sent via Mailgun API 6 File based configuration for MQTT Server details 7 Listen to all MQTT messages and created a list of all topics in a database

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    27 nabídky

    Stage 1 (done) We have developed a first version in unity : We can drop multiple (same) objects on the floor, move, rotate, delete We can have an overview and we can record a video of this experience Stage 2 (the job) We want a version with advanced functonnalities and new design like that : We explained functionalities (no api urls are working for the moment)

    €2363 (Avg Bid)
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    20 nabídky

    Our company is launching a new product. It's a black a...attachments for example.) We need a graphic designer to create and give us a single PSD file which will contain: - A background (something like a wall in a living room) - A model of our product (the box) hanging on the wall. - A "Smart Object" which will be editable by us so that we can change the logo/design on our product. Please only bid if you have experience on mockups with editable smart objects. More information can be given if requested. NOTES: *Product samples are provided as attachments *Here is a link to a file of something similar:

    €97 (Avg Bid)
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