An algorithm is a term involved in mathematics, computer science and related subjects. It is a step-by-step method given for solving a problem using a finite sequence of instructions. If your business is into the development of software for computers to solve a problem, then you will also need the help of algorithmic experts to help you. You can find algorithmic experts right here. Just post your job or task! Z 90452 hodnocení, hodnocení klenta Algorithm Experts 4.84 z 5 hvězdiček.


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    The task will take you through modelling 1. The f-I curve of the leaky I&F neuron 2. A dynamic synapse in an I&F neuron using MATLAB. Including Report Writng

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    we have to use locality sensitive hashing instead of contextual loss and the results

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    Improve some graph network 5 dní left

    Hello everyone! I have a specific graph neural network, and I have its paper with code. I need to improve this algorithm. Thank you

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    Hello , I am looking for a Python developer who is familair with Pandas , trading concepts, Alpaca api to develop my day trading pattern strategy

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    Prediction Model and Evaluation. The rationale for choosing a given model should be provided and discussed in detail. What steps were taken in the learning process for the model selection? How was regularization done? What was validation used for? Please provide detailed discussion. Learning Curve, Validation Curves should be provided. The process for selection of various hyper parameters should be detailed. Estimate for the out of sample error from the test data

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    I have simple C++ code to complete. I already have code, but some change is needed. I attached file. Please contact me.

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    My project is about landing gear shimmy damper. I just want to get 3 graphs from available MATLAB code. I has to be analyzed and changed to get respective graphs. message me if you are interested.

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    MATLAB Simulink Expert 5 dní left

    MATLAB Simulink Expert ................

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    Hi guys, I'm working on this project so I already have the code for the algorithm but I need help with comparing my code with the algorithms in the market and document the results. We have to go through the algorithms which are currently available in the market by looking into the research papers and then we can implement with our dataset and compare the performance

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    It is about calculating average waiting time and turnaround time for a specific process

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    Machine learning 4 dní left

    Need help on machine learning problems

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    Build strategy in NinjaTrader 8 4 dní left

    Hi, I would like to get a strategy. All the information is split between two pdfs. Strategy → This explains all the parameters that should be selectable in the strategy builder Filter indicator → This explains all filters in detail If there is any question, please ask me The project I will split for milestones

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    2-Dim K-Wave Matlab Code -- 2 4 dní left

    There is a need for a small code using the Matlab K-wave toolbox. It's in 2-dim for sound propagation around a static hard element that can be shaped at will and to be covered with materials also to be chosen. Starting from a simple noise barrier erected on a surface, and then to be altered in shape and surface coverings, patch- wise. Sound source: circular, omnidirectional. Simulation for a time laps of noise mapping around the barrier, and for frequency as a control parameter. The purpose is to calculate the sound pressure level over a flat terrain, and then again with the noise barrier erected and study the difference of sound pressure levels and its variation by combining various shapes and materials of the barrier. If instead solved by other FEM/BEM-based software, then please ...

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    Code is already done most of the parts so I need an expert to finish up the remaining parts and make sure it's working correctly

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    Maple Software 4 dní left

    Need an expert who is well-versed in this software so that he can manage to do symbolic mathematics, numerical analysis, data processing, visualization, and others.

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    write a simple math server in C 4 dní left

    write a simple math server in C using C programming and p threads and etc..,

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    Genetic algorith programming c# 4 dní left

    Genetic algorith programming c#

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    trading algo software 4 dní left

    so actually I am a trader and i operate different broker accounts so I want an algo software which I can then connect with the brokers API and punch in all orders at once

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    Code for Equations 4 dní left

    I have a few equations which I need to write up codes for.

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    need a matlab expert 4 dní left

    details will be share to the final person choosen for this

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    Global Lightning Energy Project 3 dní left

    Convert large amounts of raw *.mat data files into *.cvs (*.txt) files, which can then be use to graph the data. The raw data file are Matlab type with the file extension "data.m" Each of the data file has embedded values of energy joules (J), along with the Year/Month/Day time stamp. Compile the data and generate monthly graphs to show the energy values in x-y format. Uploaded with the posting: A detailed project description is provided, as well as pre-written code with many of the calculations already completed. Also, a sample of the raw matlab file is uploaded. • Due to export law restrictions of data and IP technology, only programmers which reside in the USA are eligible to bid. • Project budget range: $1000 to $1200. • Completion schedule: 30 d...

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    project on Implementation of unsupervised simple competitive learning with 3 clusters in artificial Intelligence.

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    I am looking for a algo trader who can put my strategy with renko trading and automate it.

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    Its a very simple task for a person who is efficient in ML and Matlab, I will provide a sample of the dataset. More details, I will share when we discuss the project. New and young talent are welcome.

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    Knowledge of the mathematical concepts in the syllabus (for simulation and statistical analysis) Also someone who knows matlab and is capable of converting maths to matlab code

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    Python Game Algorithm 3 dní left

    I would need to create a very simple game + algorithm.

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    I have task on C++ and signal processing. I can train if you are expert in your programming skills for the required task.

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    needed to solve some data mining computer science questions based on requirements. topics include clustering, Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC), and K- means. please dm to see the file

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    I need help to Write function to check if expression is isomorphic (a + b is the same as x + y, but a + 1 is not the same as x + 2) in C++. I will share more details in chat.

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    turing machines -decidability and computable enumerability -mapping reductions, and polynomial reductions -complexity class: P,NP coNP, PSpace -NP completness, SAT and examples of NP completness -Approximation ratios, and examples of approxiamable and unapproxiamable problems -greedy algorithms -divide and conquer, recurrence...

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    Hello, Looking for a JS developper to fix a script in Retool to push information to an API. Experience with Retool would be a big plus :) ! Answer with GOLD to make sure that you read the description.

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    Given a system of three equations with three unknowns derived from the method of moments estimation, I would like an example of how one can derive the variance-covariance matrix.

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    mathematics Markov Decision process theorems proofs

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    I need help in doing data structures project which is on simple hash table using open-address linear hashing to build a sting cache.

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    I need an expert in Algebraic topology urgently (in 48hrs). For more details, please message me.

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    Hi. I will provide the funds but I don't have the required time to do the actual trianing with proper strategy and efficiency. Looking for veteran traders with experience of binary trading. The trader will get a commision in each profit.

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    Develop a security-constrained OPF routine (e.g., runscopf) in MATLAB using modified MATPOWER routines. Run your scopf with your top two generator contingencies to determine the "minimal cost dispatch" that satisfies the security constraints (post-contingency branch MVA limits, post-contingency voltage magnitude limits, and post-contingency Pg/Qg limits) as well as the operational constraints (Pg limits, Qg limits, branch MVA limits, voltage magnitude limits). The following MATPOWER files should be examined as potential files to copy and rename (and possibly modify) for your SCOPF application: runopf.m opf.m opf_setup.m opf_execute.m fmincopf_solver.m opf_costfcn.m totcost.m polycost.m opf_consfcn.m The Optimization Toolbox contains the MATLAB "fmincon" function. If y...

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    Project C 1 den left

    J'ai besoin que ce simple projet soit développé en moins de 6 heures. Ce n'est pas compliqué à faire

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    Edge computing is much vulnerable to various types of security attacks. Various approaches for detecting security threats in edge computing have been presented. Machine learning has been proposed by various researchers for attack detection. The schemes which have already been proposed have various phases of data preprocessing, feature extraction, and classification. It is analyzed that machine learning algorithms like SVM, KNN, DT, etc. give low accuracy for vulnerability detection. A novel machine learning algorithm is required which increases accuracy for vulnerability detection in edge computing. Note- [ Need new hybrid ML algorithm, not an existing one with GitHub available code.] The main objective of this project is to secure edge devices using a hybrid machine learning algorithm th...

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    binary heap 1 den left

    Develop an array implementation of a binary search tree using the computational strategy to locate the children of a node. (2* n +1) for left child and 2 * (n + 1) for right child. Note the binary search tree of integers will not be a true binary search tree as define in chapter 20 of the text book. The binaryArrayTree will support the following operations: 1. Default constructor 2. toString in level order 3. Insert(int item)

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    MATLAB Expert 1 den left

    Need a MATLAB expert who can design a simulation on IoV trust management framework

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    7 nabídky

    There are 5 simple prolog exercises that you need to write.

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    We are looking for a Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Developer from LATAM or US region. The skills candidates should have: Experience using PyTorch, , and relationships with top researchers in the field of Geospatial ML (people at Microsoft, Facebook, etc.) Please send a proposal if you are interested. Our team is excited to have you on board.

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    need an expert in shiny -- 3 18 hodiny left

    Need an expert in R programming Shiny to build an interface

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    4 nabídky
    Automata Expert Needed Urgently 1 den left

    Hello there, I need automata expert to help me with my assignment. No Auto budding, bid if you can do it...

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    I have got some *.fig files and I want to convert them into .pdb or S.M.I.L.E.S format. The black balls are C atom and the red balls are H atoms having charge and bonding. And the software or code should work for all the files created. And I have used matlab for creating the files.

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    24 nabídky