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Projekt/Soutěž Popis Nabídky/Návrhy Dovednosti Zahájeno Končí Cena EUR
Designing Marketing Material (Malaysian Residences Only) We are currently looking for Freelance Designer who can design items below :- 1) Booklet (With proof reading) 2) Company Profile (20 pages) 3) Leaflet (Front and Back) 4) Business Card 5) Letterhead 6) Company Profile Folder 7) Poster (5-10 Design) 18 Grafický design, Design bannerů, Navrhování plakátů, Návrh letáků, Business Card Design Jan 22, 2018 Dnes6d 23h €707
Makeup artistry Freelance makeup for any occasion! 10 Business Card Design Jan 21, 2018 Dnes6d 20h €43
Entwicklung einer Corporate Identity Hallo, ich benötige für meine Selbständigkeit eine Design Linie. Ich benötige ein Logo (alternativ der Unternehmensname oder beides) Visitenkarten Logo für die Rechnungen etc.. Hello, I need a design line for my self-employment. I need a logo (alternatively the company name or both) business cards Logo for the bills Etc.. I work in online market... 124 Business Card Design, Korporátní identita, Grafický design, Tvorba log Jan 20, 2018 Jan 20, 20185d 21h €90
Landscaping business cards Business cards 44 Vizitky, Business Card Design Jan 18, 2018 Jan 18, 20183d 21h €20
DTP work kz visiting card, lagna kankotri, banner, bill book, celender 11 Business Card Design Jan 17, 2018 Jan 17, 20182d 8h €15
Design a Logo Need a logo and card for a property investment co designed. Looking for a modern clean feel. Need to look real professional. Card will be 2 sided 161 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Business Card Design Jan 16, 2018 Jan 16, 201823h 42m €64
how want a business card i will create it how want a business card and i will create it professional 31 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Photoshop, Ilustrátor, Business Card Design Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 2018Ukončeno €54
brown wrapping paper with pattern i need kraft brown strong wrapping paper for meat & chicken ... 20 Prodej, Tisk, Vizitky, Business Card Design, Sales Promotion Jan 11, 2018 Jan 11, 2018Ukončeno €286
Develop a Corporate Identity for Wirelesser Hi, Basically looking for a new logo that looks good on the display as well as printed on paper. Looking for something that stands out on a white brackground name of the website/company : Wirelesser it will have many tld's (.eu , .shop .pro ,.....) focus : Wireless services and preconfigured bundles looking for a logo that that clearly shows it's about wifi and if possi... 34 Business Card Design, Korporátní identita, Tvorba log, Navrhování kancelářských potřeb, Web design Jan 8, 2018 Jan 8, 201816d 15h €20
Design for a logo / business card / stationary design (also used on a website) I would like to get a nice and professional design for a logo for my new grooming salon. I want to use the logo for business cards and papers etc. and also for my website (which is "excisting" allready, but it is just a 'first draft'. We still have to create everything on this site, but... I like the colours used on the website ([url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přih... 48 Web design, Tvorba log, Navrhování kancelářských potřeb, Business Card Design Jan 3, 2018 Jan 3, 2018Ukončeno €87
Design a LOGO for airsoft company COMPANY NAME : Our company hopes to design a new LOGO,We need use "UFC" to make a pattern Hope LOGO can be seen with airsoft related OLD LOGO: [url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste] Colors should be simple and match with every other colors which could be part of our company. Maybe grey/red/black/white could be one of the main color Company background: We are ... 294 Business Card Design, Grafický design, Ilustrátor, Tvorba log, Photoshop Jan 2, 2018 Jan 2, 201810d 3h €83
Design for service company Required works : 1- Logo Design.(should be Related to the name please don't use Shortcuts as TCV -creative symbols are desirable ) 2-business card design .(with empty place for names and title) 3-Flyer design (explaining company business ,website name ,address ) 4--Video Animation for youtube for 30 seconds for online home service company (Super market delivery-home maintenance) in Moro... 31 Tvorba log, Photoshop, Animace, Návrh letáků, Business Card Design Dec 20, 2017 Dec 20, 2017Ukončeno €103
Ho bisogno di alcune progettazioni grafiche merry Christmas postcards for transport company with truck. in German language and Italian. if possible French and English too. Ho bisogno di alcune progettazioni grafiche. 5 Grafický design, Navrhování plakátů, Business Card Design Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017Ukončeno €26
Business card design and brochure design I am looking for someone to create 3 documents. (1) redesign our two-sided business card and (2) customer facing brochures (8x11) and (2) a second different customer facing brochure smaller in size and different content (may be double sided). Attached is what our business card looks like now (front and back) and one of our customer facing brochure we currently have. We're looking for ... 42 Grafický design, Design brožur, Business Card Design Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017Ukončeno €88
Visiting card design and to design a video clip for advertising company’s product Design a Visiting card and video clip 3 Web design, Tvorba log, Branding, Tvorba videí, Business Card Design Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017Ukončeno €13
I need a logo design and stationary I'm 43 year old Finn with years of practical building and design experience. I'm starting a design and project management company in construction industry in UK. I'm helping house owners to redesign interior spaces, extensions and rebuilds. Like an architect, but with practical ideas and less details before an architect draws my ideas and submits their planning application. I th... 25 Business Card Design, Tvorba log Nov 5, 2017 Nov 5, 2017Ukončeno €98
Any computer work I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built. 12 iPhone, Business Card Design Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017Ukončeno €2838
Brand Identity We are a new startup initiative which promotes natural products as a supplement in certain illness conditions. We have a new natural product to help the relive of constipation. I'm looking for a marketing specialist to create the logo, the slogan and the colours to build up the product identity as a brand. For the Arabian Gulf countries. 32 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Branding, Korporátní identita, Business Card Design Oct 24, 2017 Oct 24, 2017Ukončeno €368
Design project I need some graphic design. Design an identification card for exclusive club membership with security features and suggest the necessary machinery to print them 24 Grafický design, Design brožur, Business Card Design Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017Ukončeno €484
Project for Barrid P. -- 5 Hi the website design as rewarded in [url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste] shall be implemented. details regarding functionality shall be implemented according to submitted design document. 7 Grafický design, Domovské stránky, Kreativní design, Návrhář aplikací, Business Card Design Oct 16, 2017 Oct 16, 2017Ukončeno €949
Project for Kawsar Ahmed A. Hi Kawsar Ahmed A., you have won the RIMATECH logo design :) My client however would like the A to be blue like the RIM 7 Design bannerů, Tvorba log, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, , Business Card Design Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Ukončeno €218
Hire a Website Designer Hello, Im looking for professional designer to make a great business card Thank 8 Business Card Design Sep 23, 2017 Sep 23, 2017Ukončeno €75
Hire an experienced card designer in Hong Kong Hello, I'd like to build a business card for Hong Kong. I am looking for an experienced card designer. Will require very detailed work and will discuss further details via interview. DO NOT APPLY if you are not located in Hong Kong!!! 23 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Business Card Design Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 2017Ukončeno €269
Handmade Greeting Card Hi, I am looking for someone to make HANDMADE, personalized Greeting cards (with pencil, watercolor, crayons, anything like that) for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving. Any artist that thinks they can create a Set of maybe 10 customized greeting cards for these holidays should contact me. 35 Photoshop, Vizitky, Photoshop Design, Design, Business Card Design Sep 12, 2017 Sep 12, 2017Ukončeno €30
design a logo ( (3 designs) & business cards ( 3 designs) i need logo & business cards for the below. business cards & logo - pre school - FOR junior's harvard business cards & logo - for - my investment firm - INVESTMENT INSIGHT business cards & logo - FOR CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST 23 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Business Card Design Sep 12, 2017 Sep 12, 2017Ukončeno €8
Create Print and Packaging Designs My company Rethink ([url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste]) requires an A4 corporate presentation folder for a place to put our clients paperwork when they become a client. We also require business cards being design for 2 people as well as a corporate brochure outlining all of our services as per our website. In addition to this, please can you also design a email signature to be used... 83 Grafický design, Korporátní identita, Přebaly a balení, Design brožur, Business Card Design Sep 11, 2017 Sep 11, 2017Ukončeno €209
Hire a Photoshop Designer The people i need, should well efficient in designing with photoshop, coreldraw. I'll give regular works. So they should done my works within time 12 Web design, Grafický design, Photoshop Design, Design brožur, Business Card Design Sep 1, 2017 Sep 1, 2017Ukončeno €14
Marketing Material and business cards We require a ready to print A4 Marketing brochure on services that our business offers. The brochure will consist of a logo branded cover with website at the footer. The inlay will have a business card holder. Within this, there will be a pocket for 6 A4 pull outs on the services that we offer. We also require double sided business cards. The company is an IT Support & Maintenance business... 32 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Marketing, Obchodní korespondence, Business Card Design Aug 31, 2017 Aug 31, 2017Ukončeno €144
Mobile development I need an iPhone app. 14 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Business Card Design Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017Ukončeno €430
disign brand label To create a design of label for a water bottle, website for the water production factory, business cards. 42 Web design, Grafický design, Tvorba log, Business Card Design Aug 26, 2017 Aug 26, 2017Ukončeno €1610
I need some Graphic Design we need to design a letter pad/buss card and with new logo on all of them MARTYS DRUGS NEW BRATION PHARMACY INC. 9422 AVE L BROOKLYN NY 11360 PH 718-251-1313 FAX 718-251-7792 [url odstraněn, pro zobrazení se přihlaste] WE ARE A RETAIL PHARMACY (DRUG STORE) I want to put this on the logo "We are proud to be the most trusted profession in the world" 59 Grafický design, Tvorba log, Korporátní identita, Business Card Design Aug 20, 2017 Aug 20, 2017Ukončeno €106
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