Electronics is an exciting field of engineering that involves circuitry, components, programming, and more. By hiring an Electronics Engineer, businesses and individuals have the power to design and prototype a wide range of gadgets to solve difficult problems. From computers and peripherals to vehicles, Robots and healthcare equipment, electronics experts can create revolutionary products for nearly any industry.

Simply put, an Electronics Engineer can bring life to an idea. With their help, everyday functions are streamlined making life easier for everyone. Accessing remote control equipment just became much easier with Electronics Engineering. Anything from home security cameras to advanced autonomous parking systems are now achievable.

Here’s some projects our expert Electronics Engineers made real:

  • Designing and customizing schematics for DCDC step-down buck converters for specific applications
  • Turning hand drawn sketchs into a clean 2D DWG format schematic
  • Writing Arduino code for controlling thermostats remotely over WiFi or the Cloud
  • Developing custom firmware programs embedded with LCDs, Serial peripherals and WIFI
  • Developing Arduino counter applications for Instagram followers
  • Converting CAD models into Gerber files for the creation of PCBs
  • Programming stepper motors for two axis machines with aNextion 7” GUI script
  • Designing fully functional printed circuit boards in Altium Software
  • Programming Arduino boards for stepper motor control for large scale Sawmills

Are you interested in creating something special? Consider hiring an Electronics Engineer on Freelancer.com to design a new innovative product! With their expertise in automation systems and other advanced technologies, they can bring your product to life faster than ever before while making sure it’s efficient and safe. So why wait? Post your project today!

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    I am in need of an expert in telecommunication technology who can turn a standard (non-smart) phone into an audio guestbook. This project requires: - Knowledge of telecommunications and phone hardware. - Ability to code necessary functions for audio recording on a phone. - A solution that allows any visitor to record messages, without restrictions on user registration or selection. Please note, the phone should not have any other functionalities beyond recording messages from visitors. Playback or deletion of messages is not required. Experience in similar projects will be highly regarded.

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    I'm looking for an expert who can writemodel the behavior of a DC motor with a high level precision for an automotive application. The project entails: - Designing transfer functions & state models: You should be proficient in formulating transfer functions and state models for a DC motor in MATLAB/Simulink. - Implementing a continuous PI controller: You'll need to synthesize a continuous Proportional-Integral (PI) controller that regulates the speed of the motor with high precision. - Discretization of the controller: Finally, you must be able to discretize the continuous PI controller while maintaining the desired precision. - Design a full state feedback controller for speed regulation of a DC motor. I'm looking for someone who can write a detailed report on t...

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    I'm in need of an experienced embedded systems developer who's well-versed in Arduino and Atmel. The task at hand includes: - Utilizing C and C++ to write the required code for the systems - Implementing functionalities like data logging, sensor interfacing, and communication protocols

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    I require a proficient engineer with extensive experience in programming Siemens S7-400 PLC using Step7. I already have the necessary hardware and software for this project. The main task is for controlling a machine process. The programming language to be applied is Ladder Diagram (LD). The professional must possess: • A solid background in LD • Proficiency with Siemens S7-400 PLC and Step7 • Experience in machine process control Keen attention to detail, accuracy, and commitment to deadlines are crucial for this project. Availability for adjustments or modifications is a must.

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    I'm looking for a skilled firmware developer to rewrite C/C++ code for an open source project onto an MCU with a LORA chip, in order to facilitate data transmission.

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    I'm looking to integrate my solar inverter with Home Assistant, specifically through ESPhome. - I need to capture real-time data about power generation, energy consumption, inverter health, and alerts. - I have access to the necessary technical documentation, so you can dive straight into the integration process. Ideal candidates should have experience with: - Home Assistant and ESPhome - Solar inverter integration - Handling real-time data streams - Understanding and implementing inverter health and alerts

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    Searching for a freelancer with advanced knowledge in Arduino systems to help design a project that can turn three water pumps on and off. You would need to tell me what Arduino supplies (board, relays, etc) to purchase, and create the program to run it. The Arduino relays can be small and able to turn on larger relays that can handle a higher amperage. I have a water fountain that has three different pumps for three different water outputs. I want to be able to press a "start" button to start a program. Each pump will turn on and off for a programmed amount of time. I would like to have 3 different programs that I can select to run. For example: Start button for Program 1 would do the following: 0 to 50 seconds - Run pump 1 20 seconds to 30 seconds - run pump 2 25 seco...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can assist in relocating an existing street light in Los Angeles. The project requires: - Planning and coordinating the relocation of the street light - Handling the plan check process through the Bureau of Street Lighting The specific requirements for this plan check process include: - Ensuring the relocation meets the necessary electrical specifications - Selecting an alternate luminaire for an upgrade The upgrade involves: - Selecting an appropriate LED luminaire - Meeting specific wattage requirements Ideal candidates should have experience in street light relocation, familiarity with plan check processes with the Bureau of Street Lighting in Los Angeles, and a solid understanding of LED luminaire specifications. A background in electrical en...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer knowledgeable in C programming to build an effective Nrf52 zephyr operating system. Ideal candidates should have a solid understanding of operating system development, particularly focusing on: - Bluetooth connectivity: The OS should be able to interface with other devices via Bluetooth, facilitating wireless communications. - Low power consumption: The OS must be highly power-efficient to ensure long-term usability for wearable devices. - Real-time operating system (RTOS): Real-time system responses are imperative, and your experience with RTOS will greatly benefit the project. Your work will mainly target wearable devices, hence any previous work experience in this area would be highly desirable. Ultimately, your role is to create an OS that maxim...

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    We are looking for a long-term partner in quality assurance/control with an expertise in electrical engineering to periodically review and enhance our product descriptions and marketing materials. The candidate will ensure technical accuracy, industry-standard compliance, and clear communication to our audience. Tasks include verifying details, ensuring consistency, and enhancing readability while maintaining technical authenticity. Here is the details: Our website is LEDCITYUSA.com. We have 1500 different skus that break down to about 500 products. Our graphic design team creates product videos, social media posts, product specification sheets, showroom displays, installation guides, product brochures, webpage descriptions, landing pages for online ads, and other content. We are looking ...

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    FPGA SerDes 6 dní left

    We have an exisiting design with Lattice FPGA and Verilog to interface to a cameras module with LVDS interface we changed the HW from 4Bit to 8Bit support. Now we need to change the Verlilog as well. see allso file attached

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    I'm looking for an expert to develop a PLC program specific to control and manage a lighting system. Specific tasks that need to be done are: 1. Assist with selecting PLC / HMI; Click or CLICK Plus type with HMI 2. Programming to control: (3) 120v light fixtures One white One red One amber One OFF button 3. Logic - program HMI buttons to only allow one color light to be turned on at a time. See attached.

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    Ansys Siware PCB Simulation 5 dní left

    I'm seeking an expert in Ansys Siware to help me simulate and optimize my moderately complex PCB design. Key responsibilities include: - Simulating power distribution to ensure optimal performance and reliability. - Analyzing signal integrity to prevent any signal distortion or loss. - Conducting thermal analysis to identify and mitigate potential hotspots on the board. I have all necessary materials ready for this project, including schematics and CAD files. You should be capable of interpreting these materials and drawing meaningful insights from them. The ideal freelancer would have: - Proficiency in Ansys Siware and experience in PCB simulation. - Ability to handle moderately complex PCB designs. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail to ensure the simulation r...

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    PCB Gerber File Developer Needed 5 dní left

    I'm seeking a talented PCB Gerber file developer. Initially, I'll provide you with a list of components and expect a Gerber file. If you perform well on this paid test, I'll consider you for future projects. Key Requirements: - Create a Gerber file for a proof of concept prototype - Develop the file based on a list of components that I will provide This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your skills and potentially secure ongoing work. If you're proficient in PCB design, and you're interested in this project, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I am looking to get in touch with someone experienced in hardware and software who can work on designing a specific hardware chip with dedicated software. Please reach out if this is relevant to you for more details. Product Details: • It requires 24V power. • It should have GPS that is accurate and can pinpoint the nearest road you are driving on. • The software should be integrated with the maps from and include speed cameras, average speed checks, and speed limits. This is a user-controlled device for use in a car. It includes: • Animal on road warnings • Traffic accident alerts • Traffic jam alerts (difficult) • Speed control alerts • Police alerts • Distance to the nearest alert, regardless of type, with an arrow indicating th...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Python developer to work on adapting the code for an EZCAD2 Galvo control board. If you don't have Ezcad board, send me the code and I will try. We just need codes our points to send galvo board. We can control board but need further help. For the payment, without success there is NO PAYMENT, don't beg for payment without finish the project. We just need to write an array to buffer. Not opencv or etc code. We use Balor-main library for galvo control with Ezcad2 card. In our project, we want to find coordinates(points) using opencv image processing and then, drawing the points with a laser (real-time). When we sent the points one by one to Ezcad2, there were slowdowns and delays due to communication. For this reason, we want to send the p...

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    Arduino 220V AC to DC Conversion 5 dní left

    I'm looking for an experienced Arduino developer who can help me with a specific project. I'm planning to convert 220V AC to DC using Arduino. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Arduino programming and hardware - Prior experience with power and electrical engineering - Ability to design a safe and efficient voltage and current conversion system - Knowledge of industry standards for similar projects The project will involve: - Understanding the requirements and constraints of the project - Designing an efficient and safe 220V AC to DC conversion system - Programming the Arduino to manage the conversion process effectively - Ensuring the final product meets all necessary safety and performance standards Your previous work in similar projects and a strong understanding of Arduin...

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    Project Description: We are seeking a skilled engineer or designer with experience in thermal energy storage to create a outline conceptual design for a 10m³ sand battery system. This project is focused on utilizing sand as a thermal storage medium, heated via inductive heating. The design should also incorporate a heat recovery system using hot water to maximize energy efficiency. Key Requirements: Conceptual Design: Provide a detailed conceptual design for the 10m³ sand battery system, including diagrams, schematics, and material specifications. Inductive Heating: Design an inductive heating system capable of efficiently heating the sand within the storage unit. Heat Recovery: Incorporate a hot water heat recovery system to capture and utilize excess heat generated during t...

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    Siemens S7200 PLC Optimization 5 dní left

    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer with experience in Siemens S7200 PLC programming. I'm looking to optimize the system for improved efficiency. Key Tasks: - Programming the PLC: I'll need you to work on the programming side, ensuring it's well-tailored to the system's needs. - Troubleshooting existing code: Your troubleshooting skills will be put to test to identify and rectify any existing issues within the code. - Implementing communication protocols: You'll be critical in setting up the necessary communication protocols to ensure the system runs optimally. Access: - You'll have remote access to the system via software, making it convenient for you to troubleshoot and program from your own location. Ideal candidates should: - Have solid experience...

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    I have a JSN-SR04T ultrasonic sensor that needs its signal cable extended to 8 meters. It's important that the extension is reliable and does not cause any signal loss, as the sensor will be used indoors to integrate with an existing system. Cable type is solid CAT5e on the unused wires in existing cable which carry intermittent load 24v AC (2x360mA maximum). If that is a problem i can make dedicated cat5e cable will be in the same conduit. The conduit also runs along side another carrying 240v if that needs to be factored into it. is for a water tank. If not are there a recommendation as to item to use that will e suitable to read water level from a tank that will not need power closer than 8m. Even if a different type of sensor. This is to be connected to an ESP32 at 8m distance...

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    Looking for an experienced electrical engineer to develop a KEELOQ Remote control and Receiver with specific features. Functionalities: - Wireless communication, with a range of up to 30 meters. - Integration with remote control. - Wiegand output (we have C code to perform it) Security: - Implementation encryption. Skills and Experience: - Knowledge in wireless communication design. - Expertise in KEELOQ technology. - Familiarity with symmetric encryption. - Proven experience with remote control systems. Your proposal should detail your experience with similar projects. Include any potential challenges and solutions for this project. Looking forward to working with a problem solver who values security and efficient design.

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    For this project, I am looking to partner with an experienced PCB designer. Our aim will be to put together a complex, double-sided PCB prototype that uses both active and passive components. Key Project Details: - Purpose: Our primary goal is to prototype a functioning PCB for testing and fine-tuning purposes. - Components: We will be utilizing both active and passive components in our prototype. You should be familiar with a variety of components and know how to incorporate them into a cohesive design. - Complexity: Our PCB will be double-sided, meaning you'll need to handle the added intricacy of creating a design that works on both sides of the board. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in PCB design, especially for prototyping purposes. - Strong knowledge...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional who can assist in the development of a bidirectional charging system for an electric car, specifically to enable the selling of excess electricity back to the grid. Key Requirements: - V2G 15118-20 CP TLS CCS to hybrid inverter SW & HW, ideally design the HW, minimum: write the SW for ESP32S3 or RPI4, our wallbox (we designed ourselves) already does PWM 5% to do com to OBC via CP; CCS should then give out DC on whatever the EV allows, and inverter (ideally design it yourself) should pass on DC>AC power to grid according to VDE-AR-N 4105. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing bidirectional charging systems - Strong knowledge of electric vehicle systems - Familiarity with the CCS standard - Ability to...

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    I'm looking for a skilled engineer to design an automatic changeover switch with a power monitoring system. This system's primary purpose is to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. Key Requirements: - The system should be capable of switching between two power sources: grid power and a generator. - It needs to handle a power capacity of 100-200 Amps. - The power monitoring system should be robust and reliable. - The system should monitor how long each powr source has supplied power and how much of that power was consumed The ideal candidate should have experience in electrical engineering, specifically in designing automatic changeover switches and power monitoring systems. Familiarity with power capacity ranging from 100-200 Amps is essential. The ability to deliver a syste...

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    In this intricate yet exciting project, I'm looking for a skilled engineer with experience in PCB design, touchscreens, and proficiency with Linux OS. Your job will be to: Details: - Design a sophisticated PCB capable of measuring specific water quality parameters; pH level, temperature (in and out), redox and flow meter (6 inputs) with an onboard soldered raspberry PI . Inspiration can be - Probes we use are from with SMA connector. - The PCB should support WiFi, Ethernet, USB-C and USB-A (for USB stick ie.), SD-slot or fixed RAM of 8GB. - Incorporate a touchscreen display to show real-time water quality values. - Ensure that the chosen microprocessor can efficiently run a Docker supporting Linux OS. - Add minimal 4 relais to steer pumps. These relais should be able to switch 250...

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    I am looking for an experienced electrical engineer who specializes in PCB design, component selections, and PCB assembling. The task at hand includes creating a highly accurate temperature controller that operates between 20-40 degrees C. - Method: We should ideally use a Thermistor control method for this project. - Accuracy: The expected accuracy level for the temperature controller should be within +/- 0.5 degrees C. - Load: The temperature controller will be connected to eight 100W heating elements. - Power: The controller should handle 220v input and output. Thermistor must be waterproof The ideal person for this project should have the following: - Experience designing and building temperature controller circuits. - Knowledge in using Thermistor temperature control methods. - Abi...

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    As a client, I'm looking for a skilled professional capable of developing an IoT device that will serve as a gateway to an open-source weather website API. The primary goal of this device will be to gather weather data, specifically focusing on wind speed, and displaying it in a visually engaging manner on an LED matrix. I need an IoT device that can connect to an open-source website with an API to gather data, primarily weather. It should be capable of interpreting the data and displaying it visually on an LED screen. - Developing the device to access the open-source website and retrieve the specified data - Implementing the data gathering process for weather - Designing the LED screen display to show the data in a readable manner

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    35 nabídky
    Raspberry Pi Expert needed -- 4 4 dní left

    I'm in immediate need of a Raspberry Pi expert. This project is quite urgent. Please bid if you are available and have the required expertise.

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    14 nabídky

    I am in need of a skillful freelancer with in-depth experience in High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) designs. The project is focused on a specific frequency range, and it will encompass a variety of features. It is primarily for an educational research endeavor. Key Features: - Antenna design - PCB layout - RF filter design Frequency Range: - The designated frequency range for this design is between 1 and 10 GHz. Ideal Candidate's skills: - Proven HFSS design experience and background in Physics or Electrical Engineering. - Broad understanding and application of antenna design, RF filter design, and PCB layout. - Capabilities to design within the specified frequency range. - Prior work with educational research projects is a plus, although not necessary. The perfect candi...

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    13 nabídky

    I am seeking an expert for designing a versatile LED circuit that will serve a multipurpose role in residential, industrial, and outdoor lighting. The circuit should primarily emit light. Your task will include: - Designing the LED circuit with mcpcb - Designing the PCB - Designing a power supply driver - use Altium Designer Ideal skills and experiences: - Comprehensive knowledge in electronics engineering - Extensive experience in circuit and PCB design - Understanding and experience in power supply driver design - Adept in creating LED circuits for different kinds of lighting environments. Please note, the focus should be on light emitting LEDs suitable for diverse lighting requirements. Your proposal should highlight your work approach, timeline, and the tools you plan to use. Loo...

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    Raspberry Pi Expert needed -- 3 4 dní left

    I'm in immediate need of a Raspberry Pi expert. This project is quite urgent. Please bid if you are available and have the required expertise.

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    MCP2515 board copy software 4 dní left

    I have an MCP2515 board with a program that I need copied. I'm looking for a skilled developer who can extract the program from the board and provide it to me in either a .bin or .hex file. I have no way of getting the source code and it is very important to extract the file from this board The intended use of this copied program is for a custom project. Ideal skills for this job would include, but are not limited to: - Proficiency in C programming - Experience with microcontroller programming - Familiarity with CAN bus monitoring and diagnostics - Ability to extract program from hardware Please only apply if you are confident in working with MCP2515 breakout boards and can deliver the functionalities I've mentioned.

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    16 nabídky

    I'm in need of an IoT expert with extensive experience in Arduino Mega and WIFI communication protocols. This project encompasses two key features: - Remote Control: The device should be fully controlled remotely via WIFI. I'd like a user-friendly interface where I can manage the different functionalities of my system effectively. - Data Logging: Another critical functionality is data logging. The IoT device should be capable of collecting, storing and transmitting data over WIFI. Familiarity with robust and efficient data handling approaches will be essential. Suitable freelancers should have a solid background in Arduino Mega, WIFI connectivity, and data management. Proficiency in designing user-friendly interfaces will be an added advantage. Showcasing previous ...

    €10 (Avg Bid)
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    3 nabídky

    I am in the process of developing a new consumer electronic product, specifically a custom-designed smartwatch, and need a skilled professional to assist with its design and development. Key Responsibilities: Provide design support for the custom smartwatch Create a thoroughly researched and innovative consumer product design Ensure the designs are feasible and compatible with the development process Ideal Candidate Should Have: Prior experience in consumer electronics product design, particularly wearables Strong background in product design and development Proficient knowledge of design software Ability to think creatively and solve problems Excellent communication skills If you have read the job description and are interested, please send me a messag...

    €32 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    30 nabídky

    I'm in urgent need of an experienced engineer to design and implement a gas cylinder LED indicator system. The indicator should signal when the gas within the cylinder is depleted. Key Requirements: - LED Indicator Design: I require a simple and effective LED indicator system that can be powered directly from the energy of the cylinder. - Gas Depletion Detection: The system should be designed to accurately and reliably notify when the gas in the cylinder is finished. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Engineering: A background in engineering, particularly in the design of indicators and gas systems, will be crucial. - Energy Systems: Experience in designing systems that can be powered directly from a gas cylinder's energy is highly beneficial. Timeframe: I'm looking to have t...

    €63 (Avg Bid)
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    13 nabídky
    Raspberry Pi Expert needed 3 dní left

    I'm in immediate need of a Raspberry Pi expert. This project is quite urgent. Please bid if you are available and have the required expertise.

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €7 / hr Průměr. nabídka
    20 nabídky

    I'm seeking a professional who has expertise in circuit design and Arduino programming. Key Requirements: - Circuit Design: The ideal candidate should be able to design a circuit that supports LED control, sensor integration, and wireless communication. - Arduino Programming: This project requires advanced programming skills in Arduino. The Arduino code should include input/output control and the ability to communicate with other devices. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Circuit Design: The freelancer should be able to create a comprehensive circuit design that meets the requirements of LED control, sensor integration, and wireless communication. - Advanced Arduino Programming: The ideal candidate should be experienced in Arduino programming, particularly in implementi...

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    27 nabídky

    I am seeking an engineer who can develop a sophisticated electronic scoring system for a two-player arcade game. The core of the project is the creation of a scoring module using sensors - the types of sensors can be infrared, pressure, or motion sensors - whist being able to deliver effective functionality is the main focus. Key requirements: - Determine the most suitable type of sensor for the electronic scoring system - Implementation of a tie scoring indication which only works in specific modes - Create a system capable of supporting two players Ideal Skills: - Electronics and sensor development experience - Knowledgeable about arcade gaming systems - Ability to work with game conditions such as variable game modes and player configurations.

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 nabídky

    I need publicly available 150 Orcad Schematic and Allegro designs which meet following requirement 1. Falls as a embedded board 2. Has atleast 300 components in the board 3. Board has been released and is known to work 4. The allegro design has been checked for library and netlist issues. Allegro designs should work for version 22+ 5. I need .dsn file, .brd file and pdf file for each of teh 150 parts along with the link on the web where this design is from. I am building a database for a task and need this information for parsing. If you are interested in this job then paste the allegro screen output of allegro version number across to me as the first step.

    €77 (Avg Bid)
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    6 nabídky

    I'm seeking a competent freelancer to design and develop a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for my laser welding machine. The HMI should offer: - Real-time monitoring to offer immediate alerts and data tracking. - Machine control to provide full command and customization of the welding process. The realtime-monitoring should incorporate the following parameters: - Temperature - Power output - Welding speed In terms of design, I'm looking for: - An intuitive and user-friendly interface to reduce complexity and increase productivity. - A modern and sleek look to adhere to current digital design standards. Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience in HMI development, preferably with laser welding machines. - Proficiency in data visualization and machine control. - Demons...

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    10 nabídky

    Am having an issue where a DC voltage coming from a dc converter is having issues with my atmeg ICs. Am able to power my board 12VDC with a DC power supply just fine but when i use a Converter it seems to have some issues. Looking for someone that can give an advice on how i can get this resolved

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    25 nabídky

    I am in need of a trained professional to measure industrial noise in my manufacturing establishment. I want to stay within applicable noise regulations and identify any potential areas of non-compliance. Key tasks include: - Using sound level meters to take accurate noise readings. - Identifying specific sources of noise within the manufacturing process. - Evaluating the level of noise exposure risks to employees. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in the usage of sound level meters. - Robust understanding of noise regulations in industrial settings. - Experience in noise assessments within a manufacturing context.

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    18 nabídky
    Teach me PX4 firmware 3 dní left

    I would like to know every thing about px4, how create module, drivers, custom mavlink mess, customize firmware and how communicate with qgroundcontrol.

    €39 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €39 / hr Průměr. nabídka
    20 nabídky
    Omron CP2E PLC Programming 3 dní left

    I need a talented freelancer to program my Omron CP2E PLC for a specific application in sensor data. The project entails: - Programming the Omron CP2E PLC: This will involve setting up the logic and functions of the PLC to effectively read and utilize sensor data. - Application Area: The programming will be tailored specifically for sensor data in a yet to be disclosed application area. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Omron CP2E PLC programming - Background in working with sensor data and its application in industrial automation - A good eye for detail and problem-solving skills for troubleshooting and refining the program.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    12 nabídky

    I require a skilled electrical engineer to design a power supply and distribution system for a residential property. A successful candidate will be highly competent in creating efficient layouts for electrical systems in homes, with a proven track record in the industry. Your expertise should encompass: - Designing a comprehensive power supply and distribution system - Understanding, adhering to, and navigating residential electrical regulations - Prior experience with residential electrical systems, specifically power supply and distribution designs With your help, I anticipate an electrical design that ensures power is distributed effectively within a residential setting. Willingness to collaborate on this project and provide expert guidance is much appreciated. Looking forward to a d...

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    13 nabídky

    I need an expert in competitive programming with sound expertise in Python. The task at hand is to design intermediate-level competitive programming questions aimed at honing problem-solving techniques. The crux of this job is not just to educate about Python's syntax but to inculcate advanced understanding through challenging problems. Key Expertise Required: - Strong knowledge of Python - Previous experience creating competitive programming questions - Ability to create questions geared towards problem-solving techniques. - Experience writing intermediate level questions. The ultimate goal of this project is to craft programming challenges that can help learners to widen their understanding of problem-solving strategies in Python. It's not about becoming comfortable with Pyt...

    €10 (Avg Bid)
    €10 Průměr. nabídka
    8 nabídky

    I'm in search of an expert engineer well-versed in SCADA ABB DCS automation specifically using the 800 XA system with the P13 controller. I require assistance with two main areas; programming and troubleshooting. Key Responsibilities: - Programming: The ideal candidate would be adept at programming on the SCADA ABB DCS automation 800 XA system. This task may involve creating new programs, updating existing ones, or optimizing them for better performance. - Troubleshooting: The engineer should be able to diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise while working with the system. This is especially true for data analysis and reporting, which I am currently facing problems with. Access to the System: I am able to provide both remote and physical access to the system, as needed...

    €1924 (Avg Bid)
    €1924 Průměr. nabídka
    14 nabídky

    I'm in need of an experienced engineer to create a highly sensitive Radio Frequency (RF) front end. The task involves listening to AM frequencies and UHF frequencies. To be more specific, we need to implement the Pseudo Doppler effect on the AM frequencies to determine direction. On the UHF side, we require decoding of Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) data bursts. Specifics of the project include: - Development of a highly sensitive RF front end. - Implementation of Pseudo Doppler effect for direction determination. - Decoding of BPSK data bursts on UHF frequencies. Ideal applicants should have: - Proven experience in RF engineering, particularly with AM and UHF frequencies. - Proficiency in implementing signal processing techniques like Pseudo Doppler effect. - Prior experience i...

    €428 (Avg Bid)
    €428 Průměr. nabídka
    32 nabídky

    I'm in need of an expert in drone design and manufacture. I'm looking to create an innovative Emergency Response Arial Drone (EMRAD) that can be used in critical situations. Key Features: - Capable of flying 200 miles from a ground remote pilot van station - Able to carry up to 230 pounds - Must fly at top speeds of 100 miles per hour - Have a battery life of at least 10 hours Essential Functions: - Real-time video streaming - Autonomous navigation - Weather resistance Communication System: - Long-range communication - Secure communication - Multi-channel communication The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing drones, especially with a focus on emergency response. A proven track record of creating drones with similar capabilities is h...

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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