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  • Assisting clients in setting up new businesses and registering them legally
  • Drafting tailor-made agreements such as service level agreements, operational level agreements, lease agreements and construction contracts
  • Providing legal expertise with regards to local legislations in different countries including Singapore and India
  • Advising on employment law matters like employee handbooks, contracts or terminations
  • Helping businesses with tax planning and closing down corporations as required
  • Facilitating the process of buying or selling property by providing property law consulting services
  • Litigation support and corporate paralegal services for legal disputes arising from various matters

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    I am facing a tax claim from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) against me as a director for unpaid taxes of a company that was deregistered six years ago. I require professional assistance in preparing my response documents. The freelancer should include in their application: • A detailed proposal of how they will proceed to handle this case • The strategy they believe is best to defend against this claim • Experience in dealing with similar tax-related issues Having prior knowledge and experience in Australian tax law is highly important for this task. Your proposal should highlight your skills in understanding complex taxation issues and your experience in preparing legal documents. Your proposal should also demonstrate an understanding of my situation and how you pl...

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    I'm in search of an experienced migration lawyer who specializes in skilled worker visas and sponsorship visas. The successful candidate will assist on a case-to-case basis for a range of businesses looking to sponsor individuals from South Africa, and help make these sponsorships affordable for our existing client base. Key Responsibilities: - Handling skilled worker visas and sponsorship visas for businesses - Ensuring the affordability of these sponsors for our medium-sized client base Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in handling skilled worker visas and sponsorship visas - Familiarity with migration laws pertaining to South Africa and the countries the clients are emigrating from - Strong communication skills and the ability to work on a case-by-case bas...

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    Hi there, I'm in search of a legal expert who can help customize a residential lease for individual tenants. Here are the requirements: - You need to have experience in real estate law or lease agreement creation. - You must understand how to incorporate specific clauses into the main body of the lease, as I want to remove current annexures. - An understanding of Western Australia residential laws and tenant-landlord rights is essential. Your main task would be to formulate a comprehensive and legally sound lease agreement that can stand up in court should disputes ever arise. Please only bid if you have relevant experience. Attached is the current lease we rely on however, it is not meeting our requirements.

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    I'm looking for an expert in legal matters related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. As a new venture looking to explore potential token issuance, I need comprehensive legal advice regarding the following: - Validation of the current legal structure - Possible jurisdictional issues - Compliance requirements, specifically in Seychelles As I'm still uncertain whether the tokens will be issued to the general public or a specific group of investors, the consultant should be well-versed in a broad spectrum of legal scenarios. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in cryptocurrency law and experience in structuring legal frameworks for blockchain ventures. Knowledge of the legal landscape in Seychelles, or the ability to quickly understand and navigate it, is crucial. ...

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    I'm in need of a legal expert to help me with a significant court venue change. Here are the specifics: - **Current Venue**: My case is currently in the Superior Court, but I'm looking to transition it to the US District Court. - **Reason for Change**: The primary motive for this modification is jurisdictional issues. Therefore, I'm seeking a professional who's adept at handling such matters. The assistance I require involves: - **Drafting the Motion**: I need a well-crafted motion for this venue change. The document must be comprehensive, persuasive, and legally sound. - **Legal Research**: Given the jurisdictional complexities, thorough legal research to bolster the motion is essential. - **Representation at Hearing**: I also need someone who can represent me duri...

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    I'm seeking a professional who can help me address a critical online reputation issue. There are two fake LinkedIn profiles impersonating me, and these profiles have been cached on Google search results. I need both the profiles and the associated Google content removed. Furthermore, there's an old YouTube video of me that I need legally taken down. Key Responsibilities: - Report and remove two fake LinkedIn profiles impersonating me - Remove the associated Google content from the search results - Request a legal takedown for an old YouTube video featuring me Your role is crucial in preserving my online reputation. You must be able to handle the removal process with LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in managing online reputation and conte...

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    I'm seeking a well-versed paralegal in special education law. The scope of the job will primarily entail: -Drafting various legal documents such as due process requests, settlement agreements and retainer agreements. -Another crucial aspect of the role includes efficient client communication. Not only should you be personable, but also able to explain complex legal aspects in layman’s terms. -Knowledge of Clio software and excel sheet for case management is helpful. Ideal candidate would have extensive experience in the aforementioned tasks and knowledge in the special education law landscape. Strong research skills and impeccable attention to detail are desirable.

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    I am seeking a professional with a background in law, specifically in the domain of injunctions. Your primary task will be ceasing an action, which in my case relates to factoring. Despite factoring being off the table, there's a need to stop its proceedings legally. Ideal Skills: - A background in Law, particularly in the sectors of injunctions - Understanding and knowledge of factoring - Excellent communication and negotiation skills Note: Applicants with a successful track record of handling similar situations are preferred.

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    I require an experienced legal expert to create a comprehensive, exclusive distribution agreement tailored specifically to cloud kitchens in the United Arab Emirates. The agreement will explicitly cover: - The distribution of food through delivery apps. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - A deep understanding of the food delivery app market in UAE - A proven track record in crafting legal agreements - Detailed knowledge about exclusive distribution rights and regulations should be demonstrated. In-depth comprehension of the cloud kitchen business model would also be highly beneficial. Your wealth of expertise in this area will help me navigate and secure the best distribution rights for my business.

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    I'm needing a qualified legal professional to create a stringent NDA and contract tailored specifically for a spousal agreement. Your skills and experience in family law will be crucial for this project, as the contract will clearly establish legal obligations between spouses. Importantly, it should also include terms outlining penalties associated with breaking the NDA. Your profound understanding of the sensitivity and confidentiality of this matter is crucial. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in family law - Reputation for confidentiality and professionalism - Proven experience in contract creation with respect to NDAs - Knowledgeable in drafting contracts with penalties for breaking NDA terms.

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    I have a specific problem with my facebook account. I would like to get help in preparing a lawsuit against facebook. Than I would like to get full details about Continue the procedure(In what court the procedure begin, how can I connect with them and so on). And of course I will have to have the exact document of Statement of Claim. I am attaching here a file with some more detailed information.

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    I am seeking a highly competent freelancer with experience in creating comprehensive employment contracts to draft a permanent contract for a Disability Support Worker role. Specific Duties and Responsibilities: - Assisting with daily activities and personal care - Monitoring and documenting client's progress - Providing emotional support and companionship - Facilitating access to community social and recreational activities - Offering domestic assistance - Providing support responsive to each person's individual needs Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of employment law - Prior experience drafting job contracts for healthcare/ support roles - Attention to detail - Exceptional clarity in conveying job duties and responsibilities - Excellent communication and gr...

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    As an investigator, I'm in need of an experienced and ethical cybersecurity specialist to aid me in a critical crime investigation. The scope of the project includes: - Data retrieval from a specific mobile phone device. - Extracting Email and text message histories, as well as comprehensive financial records. Necessary Skills: - Expertise in network penetration; - Proven experience in data retrieval, especially regarding emails, text messages, and financial data; - Extensive knowledge of mobile phone system securities. Prior work in a law enforcement or legal context would be highly effective. Strict confidentiality and legal compliance are a necessity.

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    Car Accident Leads for Chicago 5 dní left

    We are able to provide MVA (motor vehicle accident) leads for Chicago : Non Optin - for accidents that happened within the past 3-5 months. We can provide the below details : 1. Full Name of the driver who was not at fault for the accident 2. Phone number of above Driver 3. Date of accident 4. At Fault Driver Name 5. Insurance Company of Both The Drivers 6. Vehicle Details of Both 7. Police Report Number (not always available) We are looking for someone who can accept these leads from us for a long term basis. We can also provide sample leads with all the details for you to check quality if needed.

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    We are urgently in need of highly skilled grant writers for our new product invention primarily focusing on Christmas ornaments. It is not an entirely novel concept but a new design needing adequate funding. The assignment involves in-depth knowledge of the Christmas ornament market, an eye for design style, and an understanding of what new, appealing elements can be introduced. The fund allocation will be pivotal to enable progress in expressing our creativity in a tangible way. Other projects that need grant writing expertise are an advertising billboard technology, medical urine collection cup, mobile phone case accessory, and steel helmet which may be assigned later if the business agreement works satisfactorily. The key characteristics we are looking for include: -Proven exper...

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    I am seeking professional assistance from a legal transcript expert. I want to clearly write/summarize my civil lawsuit against a corporation who denied my civil rights, due to a hostile work environment, discrimination, retaliation, which resulted in constructive discharge. There is also a case for deprivation of my civil rights after a felony incident of grand larceny was covered up. Your Role: Write and edit the civil lawsuit complaint and proofread the transcript for accuracy and clarity. • Summarize the manuscript without removing any vital facts or information. • Add the necessary legal jargon to my federal complaint for an understandable and compelling court document. I will provide all the incidents and actions leading to my decision to undertake this lawsuit. Incidents...

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    I need a reputable professional in Greece to verify my citizenship status by checking a legal document on my behalf. Key responsibilities: - The main goal of this task is to provide me with an accurate and reliable verification of my citizenship status. - The document in question is a legal one, and may contain complex legal terminologies related to citizenship. Ideal Skill Set: - Fluency in Greek and English. - Legal background or experience in legal document verification. - Proficiency in understanding and interpreting legal terminologies. - Up-to-date knowledge of Greek citizenship laws and regulations.

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    I'm seeking a lawyer with experience in Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy drafting for a regulated business in Poland that provides crypto exchange services. Key Policies: - Draft a Risk Appetite Statement - Develop a Sanction Screening Implementation and Overall Screening Policy (single policy) - Create a PEP and Sanction Screening Procedure - Establish a Transaction Monitoring, Internal Investigations, and Reporting Procedure Requirements: - Specific Structuring: I have specific requirements for the format and structure of the AML policies. We can discuss this directly for clarity. Your expertise in legal drafting, particularly in the AML domain, is crucial for this project. Familiarity with Poland's regulatory framework and crypto exchange services would be advantageous....

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    Looking for an experienced contract lawyer to help draft a legally binding partnership agreement related to Project Management. #Located In Saudi Arabia Key responsibilities: - Understand business objectives - Ensure agreement meets legal requirements Ideal freelancer: - Experience in contract law - Knowledge of project management industry - Strong attention to detail Your task is to draft an agreement that clearly outlines the terms of our partnership. This will include details on profit sharing, responsibilities, dispute resolution, and termination conditions. The document should be clear, concise and protect our interests. Expertise in the specific industry is a high advantage.

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    I am located in Indiana and am beginning the process of obtaining a Real ID new license. At present, I possess a court order for a name change, and I require help finding and understanding the name change documents I need for this process. The ideal candidate will: - Understand the process of obtaining a Real ID new license in Indiana. - Have experience in legal name changes, specifically in regards to court ordered name changes. - Be familiar with the legal documentation required for a name change while obtaining a Real ID. - Be able to articulate clearly, and guide me through the necessary steps to ensure I possess all the correct documentation.

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    I need a professional to write an application for patent filing for my new electronic hardware innovation. The application needs to be detailed and well-structured. Key Requirements: - High-level overview: The application should provide a clear and concise overview of the innovation, including its purpose and unique selling points. - Detailed technical descriptions: A comprehensive and accurate technical description of the innovation is a must. The hardware design, components, and the working mechanism should be explained in detail. - User case scenarios: Including real-world examples or use case scenarios where the hardware can be implemented effectively. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in writing patent applications, especially for electronic hardware. - Strong technic...

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    We are looking a legal consultant for our company RCUG Consultancy Private Limited who is expert in English and Indian Law as well as have extensive experience in consulting and handling legal cases The desired candidate should have LLB and LLM degree from a recognised institution

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    I'm in need of professional assistance in filing for an individual married Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In addition, understanding adversary proceedings relating to my student loan is key, despite not having received any communication or legal actions concerning it. Key tasks include, but are not limited to: 1. Completing all necessary bankruptcy paperwork 2. Anticipating and navigating any potential student loan challenges I already have the following documents in hand: - Credit counseling certificate - Pay-stubs for the last six months - Tax returns for the last two years Ideal candidates will be: - Extremely familiar with bankruptcy law, particularly Chapter 7 - Experienced in handling student loans within bankruptcy cases - Detail-oriented with excellent paperwork skills This is a n...

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    I’m seeking an experienced social media manager with a knack for content creation. Specifically, I'm looking for expertise to grow my startup's presence on Instagram and Facebook. We provide online legal services, and need a savvy communicator who can connect us more effectively with our target market - individuals seeking legal advice, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Key Responsibilities - Developing and executing a results-focused social media strategy. - Creating engaging and educational content about our services. - Effectively boosting our Instagram following from its current base of less than 500 followers. Ideal Skills - A proven track record in growing Instagram and Facebook audiences. - The ability to tailor content to individuals seeking legal advice, as...

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    One off project Job Opportunity: Legal Assistant Specializing in TGA and ODC Applications. We are seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Legal Assistant. This position is ideal for law students with a high GPA who specialize in regulatory affairs related to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Office of Drug Control (ODC). Key Responsibilities: Review and prepare documents for license and permit applications. Ensure all required qualifications and documentation are complete and accurate. Manage and expedite application processes. Communicate with regulatory authorities to inquire about and follow up on application statuses. Qualifications: Currently enrolled in a law program with a strong academic record (high GPA). Knowledge of...

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    I'm seeking full-service assistance with forming an LLC for my e-commerce endeavors in the USA, as my knowledge of the process is quite limited. I aim to establish this business structure correctly and legally, ensuring all aspects are handled professionally. Key services will include: - LLC Registration: I require help with the name search, the Articles of Organization, and the Operating Agreement. - Registered Agent Service: Since I don't reside in the USA, I'm looking for someone to act as the registered agent. - Compliance Requirements: Guidance on annual reports, tax ID, business licenses, and other regulatory requirements is crucial. Ideal candidates should have legal expertise and a clear understanding of LLC formation processes in the USA. Familiarity with the e-...

    €234 (Avg Bid)
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    10 nabídky

    I'm currently separated and in need of someone proficient in legal documentation preparation to assist me in preparing my divorce paperwork. Key requirements include: - Knowledge of divorce procedures and documentation - Strong attention to detail - Ability to maintain client confidentiality - Prompt and clear communication Ideally, I'd need the project completed within a month. I currently have my marriage certificate available for reference, but no prenuptial agreement or financial documents on hand. Freelancers experienced in family law would be preferred.

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    I'm in need of a seasoned legal professional who can draft a Software License Agreement for my upcoming commercial software. - **Legal Expertise**: I need someone with a strong background in software licensing and commercial law. - **Understanding of Commercial Software and Individual Users**: The ideal candidate should be able to craft terms that are suitable for a commercial product intended for individual users. - **Attention to Detail**: The agreement should be thorough, covering all necessary areas to protect both my software and its users. - **Revisions**: I may require a few rounds of revision based on feedback and additional guidance. This project is ideal for someone who can balance legal precision with user-friendly language, providing the necessary protection for a com...

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    I am in need of a freelancer with specific equipment and skills to handle a project. I need someone to deliver a 3 page contract to a residence. The contract must be signed and witnessed. After which, I will need you to take a detailed video and pictures of the residence. Ideal skills and equipment required: - Previous experience in legal document handling - Excellent photography and videography skills - Strong understanding of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements - Own a ring light and a high-quality camera - Ability to upload pictures to Google Drive This project is time-sensitive. The contract should be delivered and signed on the same day. The video/pictures documentation of the residence is intended for our marketing purposes. Only apply if you can complete this task wit...

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    33 nabídky

    Requiring assistance with business contracts, I'm seeking a professional corporate lawyer with deep knowledge of contract law. Even though this project is for personal use, the business contracts involved require someone accustomed to meticulous detail and understanding legal jargon. Any experience working with individuals on business matters is a strong plus. Counsel is not needed for intellectual property or employment issues, solely for business contract consultation and assistance.

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    US Trademark for Logo and Name 3 dní left

    I'm looking for a legal professional with experience in trademarking, specifically within the United States. Our company has been in business for 20 years but our logo, name & website domain are not trademarked. I want to trademark our current logo, a previous logo, our company name, and our website domain so review sites can't display them without our authorization. Please let me know if this is possible and what it will cost. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    I am seeking assistance with the process of documenting my last name change in Denton County, Texas. Despite using my marriage certificate eight years ago for that change, I now find myself needing the formal court documents. I have already filed for a name change, but require some support in preparing the necessary materials and retrieving the results once they're ready. Ideal skills and experience include: - Comprehensive knowledge of legal name change proceedings in Denton County, Texas - Proficiency in preparing the necessary court forms - Experience in retrieving court documents once they have been processed While I handled the initial filing, I need a professional to assist in finalizing this process. Your help with documentation preparation and facilitation of order retrieval...

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    21 nabídky

    I need a talented and experienced legal professional who can help me draft a complaint to be filed against Samsung. Requirements: - Draft a legal complaint against Samsung for a defective smartphone - No specific preference on which court to file the complaint in - Understanding of consumer rights, product liability laws, and relevant legal framework - Strong legal research skills to back up the claims in the complaint - Familiarity with court procedures in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and/or Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia I am looking for a freelancer who is not only proficient in legal writing, but who also has experience with consumer law and has a track record of successful litigation in similar cases. This project will require attention to...

    €119 (Avg Bid)
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    44 nabídky

    I'm seeking assistance in understanding how to structure evidence for a case I'm bringing to consumer court in India. The matter pertains to an issue with accounting services. The overview of the case is that the accountant of our business has been filing inaccurate returns over the past 5 years causing the business to be in a huge loss and paying taxes towards GST which have been fabricated sales figures. They are being sued for deficiency of services. Ideal candidates will possess: - Knowledgeable about India's consumer court system - Experienced handling matters as a plaintiff / for a plaintiff - An in-depth understanding of cases related to accounting services. - Knowledge on how to file evidence in the cases' benefit. I would like to understand how the judge n...

    €85 (Avg Bid)
    €85 Průměr. nabídka
    7 nabídky

    Project designed for legal professionals to exhibit their expertise and strategic skills through a series of simulated scenarios. Tackle intricate legal challenges, make well-informed decisions, and showcase your proficiency in case analysis, client counseling, and legal research.

    €75 (Avg Bid)
    €75 Průměr. nabídka
    19 nabídky

    Project designed for legal professionals to exhibit their expertise and strategic skills through a series of simulated scenarios. Tackle intricate legal challenges, make well-informed decisions, and showcase your proficiency in case analysis, client counseling, and legal research.

    €77 (Avg Bid)
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    15 nabídky

    I'm currently facing issues with my tenant's non-payment of rent and require the expertise to legally carry out an eviction. I have bank statements as proof of non-payment and a signed lease agreement in place. Minnesota specific. Experience with on-line following Skills and Experience: • Expertise in tenant law • Experience in handling eviction cases • Ability to navigate through potential legal loopholes • Knowledge in gathering and presenting evidence effectively Tasks I need assistance with: • Review and assess the solidity of my case • Advice on the best legal steps to take • Help in preparing and presenting my case If this sounds like a task you're well suited for, I'd love to hear from you. Please provide references of ...

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    23 nabídky

    As a professional, I'm currently dealing with a contract dispute involving an attorney in California. The situation is under the realm of contract law and falls under breach of contract. My main aim is to seek contract enforcement. The ideal candidate for this project should be a US-based lawyer with a specialization in contract law. You should have an in-depth understanding of the legal system in California. Experience in handling disputes with lawyers would be a significant advantage. The key tasks that you would need to accomplish include: - Reviewing the contract in question and understanding its terms and conditions. - Assessing the breach of contract to build a strong case for contract enforcement. - Representing me in negotiations with the attorney in question. - If necessary...

    €46 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 nabídky

    Responsibilities: Provide expert legal advice and consultation to clients on various legal matters. Conduct thorough research on legal issues pertaining to both English Law and Indian Law. Prepare and review legal documents, contracts, and agreements. Advise clients on legal rights, obligations, and risks in business transactions and operations. Represent clients in negotiations and provide dispute resolution strategies. Stay updated with the latest legal developments and regulatory changes in both jurisdictions. Collaborate with clients to understand their needs and provide tailored legal solutions. Maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with the utmost integrity. Requirements: Advanced degree in Law (LLM) from a recognized institution. Extensive knowledge and experie...

    €440 (Avg Bid)
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    12 nabídky
    Teach AI to lawyers 1 den left

    I am looking for an AI specialist to provide a 1-2 hour session on how generative AI works, strategies for using it effectively and how this could apply to processes and tasks in the legal industry (particularly in the disputes field). The right candidate must have experience with the legal industry as well as an in-depth knowledge of how to use generative AI programs effectively.

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    17 nabídky

    I'm an expatriate looking to establish a women's salon in Saudi Arabia. I'm in need of a comprehensive legal advisor who can assist me with the following: - Business Registration: I require guidance on the legal process and necessary documentation for setting up a new business in Saudi Arabia. Prior experience with business registration in the country would be highly valuable. - Visa and Work Permit Assistance: Assistance with obtaining the required visas and work permits for myself and any potential staff I may hire is essential. Understanding the nuances of the Saudi Arabian visa system and a track record of successful visa applications for expatriates would be advantageous. - Taxation Advice: I'm in need of expert advice on the tax laws and regulations in Saudi Ar...

    €122 (Avg Bid)
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    17 nabídky

    ## DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT BASED AT SAN FRANCISCO AND IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED ATTORNEY IN SAN FRANCISCO ## I'm looking for an experienced, San Francisco-based attorney to assist with my current business-related litigation disputes. Key Requirements: - Experience and expertise in business/commercial litigation resolution. - Familiarity with San Francisco legal practices and procedures. - Ability to draft effective legal documents and provide sound legal advice. - Strong communication and negotiation skills. Please provide a summary of relevant experience and your hourly rate when applying.

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    3 nabídky

    I need a highly competent individual to help put together a thorough and legally sound vehicle hire agreement. The agreement will cater for both individuals and businesses. Key aspects of the agreement should include: - Deposit details and refund conditions - Maintenance and repair responsibilities - Penalty details for both early returns and late returns - Restrictions on vehicle use - Insurance details and claims Prospective freelancers should have experience in contract law and drafting formal documents. Experience in the vehicle rental industry would be an extra advantage. A perfect understanding of insurance policies and an ability to embed legal terminologies in the agreement that safeguard our business is a must. I have attached an Example from one of our competitors in a diffe...

    €572 (Avg Bid)
    €572 Průměr. nabídka
    36 nabídky

    Necesito alguien con experiencia que pueda ayudarme a sacar una certificación de impuestos al día de mi LLC en montana estados Unidos

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €6 / hr Průměr. nabídka
    3 nabídky

    I've initiated a Workmans compensation claim, which unfortunately, has been denied. I am now seeking professional assistance to appeal the decision. I require a skilled and experienced individual who can efficiently and effectively navigate through the complexities of the appeal process. - Ideal Candidate: - Preference will be given to those with a strong background in workman's compensation claims and the appeal process. - Legal and professional writing skills are required to draft compelling letters and documents for the appeal. - The candidate should also have good communication and negotiation skills to present my case successfully - Familiarity with workman's compensation rules in my area is crucial. Time is of the essence as I am eager to move forward wit...

    €112 (Avg Bid)
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    23 nabídky
    Personal Injury Claim Amendment 1 den left

    I require a legal professional to help me amend my personal injury claim complaint, specifically in terms of insufficient pleading. The claim has been dismissed with order to amend, which necessitates understanding and expertise in personal injury law and legal drafting. Key Tasks: - Review the dismissal order - Understand the insufficient pleading - Amend the complaint accordingly Ideal skills: - Legal drafting - Understanding of Personal Injury Law - Experience with claims amendment I believe someone with a background in personal injury law litigation, and who has previously amended claims, could best assist me with this project. I look forward to your proposals.

    €366 (Avg Bid)
    €366 Průměr. nabídka
    35 nabídky

    I need a specialist in social media policies and online conduct to help me navigate a situation on TikTok. Here's what to expect: - The project involves conduct violation, particularly hate and harassment, in two TikTok posts that I need to be removed. - There are specific individuals, whom I will provide details on, involved in this violation. - It's crucial for the freelancer to know how to properly report these violations to TikTok's moderation team. I require guidance and, ideally, action in this aspect. Dealing with this kind of issue is sensitive and having experience in dealing with social platforms or handling such violations would be an advantage. Being familiar with TikTok's content policy and moderation approach would make the process seamless. If you hav...

    €107 (Avg Bid)
    €107 Průměr. nabídka
    18 nabídky

    I'm in urgent need of a skilled real estate lawyer to investigate a pressing issue with our family's residential property. Located within an irrevocable trust, it seems the attorney fails to make the necessary property tax payments. Ideally, you should: - Have substantial experience in real estate law, particularly regarding property taxes and trust law issues. - Be capable of sifting through complicated family trust documents and payment histories. - Provide feasible solutions or legal advice regarding missed tax payments within an irrevocable trust structure. Your primary task is to figure out why these payment errors occurred and suggest next steps in rectifying this situation.

    €78 (Avg Bid)
    €78 Průměr. nabídka
    7 nabídky

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