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    I have design for a 2kva dual output inverter system. The inverter uses arduino for PWM signal. it uses voltage, current and temperature sensor. It has an arduino memory card module, LCD information screen and its linked to a Blynk mobile app using NodeMCU ESP8266. The circuit designs and PCB are in Altuim designer Google drive file link: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste]

    €27 - €222
    €27 - €222
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    We require an electrical engineer to design an automated UVC lighting system for a small room environment. Here is how it works... When the room is EMPTY and the door is closed for 5 seconds, the light needs to turn on for 10 minutes then shut off. If a person opens the door during the 10 minute period when the light is on, the light needs to instantly shut off. If a person is in the room with the...

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    I need someone who can design home automation system using wifi module arduino ESP8266. I want genuine people who can design home automation system with my instructions.

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    I am an Independent Business Consultant for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. I have a device idea and wish to develop it further. To do so, I need a OCB Design Engineer to help in developing the design so that I can then work with suppliers on developing a prototype.

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    We require the design of a linear variable differential transformer circuit. We already have the sensor which consists of three coils (primary & 2 x secondary) wrapped around an insulated spool. The requirement is for the sensing design to suit a USB 5 volt output for connection to a computer. We also require the seperate design of a d.c. oscillator to power the sensing circuit. Work includes ...

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    Hello Friends i am looking for an Audio Amplifier PCB Design Expert for designing. Ic TPA3255, TAS5630 I have Schematic diagram's

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    Looking for someone to convert the two attached Gizduino (Arduino Clone) specifications to visual controllers which can be used on [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] as custom controllers.

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    HR4988 support 6 dní left

    Trying to use stepper motor with HR4988 board and having some difficulties. Need experienced engineer for online session to help me find the issues. I assume 1-3 hours of Zoom support

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    Os: windows10 ryzen 3 3300x ddpr4 16gb wireless Bluetooth usb-c HDMI port mini size motherboard gpu amd

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    Hello, We’re developing a solution for manufacturing companies and we need help to write a very simple application in Simplicity Studio for our Silicon labs Thunderboard BG22. The device is very simple it’s one -load cell connected to an amplifier/ADC which is connected to the MCU. I will attach schematics before the start of the project. The project contains: 1. Write a simple scri...

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    I am looking for an electrical engineer to build me a circuit board for mobile phone charger.

    €77 (Avg Bid)
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    9 nabídky

    Looking for an electrical engineer to build me a circuit board for mobile phone charger.

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    I'm looking for someone in Norway to assist with the custom build of a smart asset test machine. The project includes mechanical and electrical engineering, soldering, wiring, setup of PCB and sensors as well as finish work on the details of the asset. No actual CAD or "design" work is needed, only work on the build of the asset.

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    Looking for complete consultation and expert suggestion for my product design of a smart medical device. I am looking for BIO sensor based smart health monitoring device based on IOT.

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    Envio de tensão medida 5 dní left

    Preciso de Código( sketch Arduino) para a transmissão de dados através da internet entre dois Arduino + ESP8266 que é o que recebe e um WeMos D1 que será o transmissor. O projeto é o seguinte: Junto a uma bateria tenho um WeMos D1 que está a coletar valor da voltagem de uma célula ou mais quando estão a ser recuperadas. Este WeMos D1 j...

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    circuit design 4 dní left

    text me so we discuss it in more details

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    PCB Layout of a 4 layer mixed signal PCB. Simple board with around 12 IC's and associated components. Full design pack available.

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    I need a pcb/motherboard for a bluetooth speaker system (2x4") that has bluetooth, usb port, tf port, fm tuner, a charging port and a display to go along. The output of the speaker shoud be not less than 2x10w (preferably 2x15w).

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    Hi, I am in search of an individual or team who can build a project for me. Detail of the project is mentioned here: Name : Self - Balancing Electric skateboard Description : The project is about making an electric skateboard which run on battery and having one wheel. As it has got single wheel so it run on self - balancing technology, rider can ride on it by leaning forward to speed up and slow d...

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    Description: We are looking for an hardware designer to develop the charging circuit for a slim Wireless Qi powerbank. The discharge rate can be at 5W without fast charging support. Charging circuit requirement: - The design should accomodate battery protection circuit for Li-Ion polymer battery(3V cutoff, 4.2V max). - The design should accomodate automatic Li-Ion polymer battery charding when t...

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    Circuit Designer 3 dní left

    I'm looking for a Circuit Designer to create a PCB for my car key fob that I can clone.

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    Pcb dip tracer 3 dní left

    I need a someone to teach me how to design pcb with having high knowledge

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    pcb designer 3 dní left

    i am looking for a pcb designer for video encoder i.e. HDMI/SDI signal to IP with RTMP/RTSP/UDP/SRT Protocols

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    Hello, Looking forward to develop Solar On Grid (Grid Tie) Inverter, Including: Main control board & Firmware Display Board Enclosure Online Monitoring portal & Firmware

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    I need a PCB project for integrating different component needed for an iot project

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    1. A smartwatch for monitor human phisiology 2. A pressure transmitter for measuring pressure inside pressure vessel. 3. An acelerometer for human body posture 4. A flow meter to measure human breathing rate. 5. A Transceiver to receive signal from smartwatch via bluetooth, pressure transmitter via wire, accelerometer via wire, flow meter via bluetooth and transmit the signal to display via Lora....

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    I want to use 4 x WS2811 LED driver chips to turn on/off unspecified DC devices (eg LEDs, lasers, etc). The WS2811 is only capable of sinking 18mA per output, and I would like to be able to control devices which require more - possibly using a Darlington array though I am open to suggestions. Note the WS2811 outputs are low when activated, and high when deactivated. I require a working circuit de...

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    I am trying to build a Collpits Oscillator in ADS (Advanced Design System Software). I did the schematics part however I don't know how to work with Layout and PCB. 1) I don't want someone to build it for me but he/she needs to help me in building it as I want to build it myself. 2) Secondly, it should be built in such a way that it can be built practically or all the materials we add ...

    €124 (Avg Bid)
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    €15 (Avg Bid)
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    we are looking for part time or full time programmer with knowledge of embedded language which is to be worked on our device.

    €195 (Avg Bid)
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    16 nabídky
    Update PCB design with Proteus 2 dní left

    We have a simple PCB designed with Proteus, we want to make circuit changes - adding connectors and replacing connectors

    €83 (Avg Bid)
    €83 Průměr. nabídka
    33 nabídky
    Circuit designer -- 2 2 dní left

    Want to hire a circuit designer who can design ciruit based on a project for UVC light and who can get the bulk production also done quickly. Please contact.

    €72 (Avg Bid)
    €72 Průměr. nabídka
    10 nabídky
    Schematic and PCB design 2 dní left

    We have several projects that are ready for the Schematic and PCB design phases. Specifics cannot be posted here as providers will need to sign and be bound by a non disclosure agreement. 1st project has the schematic started and PCB designed, that project will need review and possible changes. 2nd project will need the schematic and PCB designed The following requirements are expected - - ...

    €122 (Avg Bid)
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    28 nabídky

    I have a circuit board with components already - I will provide photos of both sides and close up of the components. I will also mark the component values. I want a schematic produced and also a PCB design, half of the current size. the board has 13 components (resistors, transistor, diode, switch, capacitor) current board size is 7.5 x 6 cms

    €92 (Avg Bid)
    €92 Průměr. nabídka
    32 nabídky

    We need dc VA meter (Voltage and amp) to be developed in both LCD and LED version. Looking for both hardware and software developer. Kindly update me the details.

    €143 (Avg Bid)
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    17 nabídky

    Looking for a PCB designer for a time domain electromagnetic metal detector incl. coils. The PCB needs to be able to output 1-100 amps to a transmission coil (TX). The PCB needs to receive 1-10000 millivolt readings from reception coil (RX). A sampling rate of 500Hz with 1000 readings per cycle needs to be received by a TI Tiva board. Should find metal objects 1-1,000,000 cm3 at depths 1-300cm und...

    €2033 (Avg Bid)
    €2033 Průměr. nabídka
    14 nabídky

    I'm working on a simple project but now need assistance in transitioning to circuits. The current function is with an Arduino Uno, 4 channel relay shield and ac to dc 5v converter. My aim is to replace these with existing integrated circuits and components that would control 4 strings of LED 5mm string lights, about 3.5 watts each. The function needed is that each string would come on (and...

    €109 (Avg Bid)
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    40 nabídky

    I am working in a project which requires to measure accurate battery DC voltage and internal resisitance, these readings will be read by a microcontoller (microcontroller selection not yet determined) however output of the requested circuit levels will be matched with suitable controller (suggestions for possible controllers are welcomed). 1. DC voltmeter requirements: High impedence voltmeter is ...

    €97 (Avg Bid)
    €97 Průměr. nabídka
    20 nabídky
    power converter PCB Prototype 1 den left

    I am looking for someone who can finish power converter prototype with PCB design and testing report in 5 days. we will provide you our schematics of design cirucuit . But we are not sure that circuit works 100%. IF there is any problem with circuit ,you need to rectify with your own design and we need documentation for the project as well. you will provide us PCB layout and verification of produc...

    €132 (Avg Bid)
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    22 nabídky

    I need a router circuit design which will support OpenWRT Firmware: The circuit should have the following components; 4 gigabit ethernet ports( 3 LAN and 1 WAN/LAN ), dual band (2.8 and 5), AC1200(1200 mbps speed), 1 USB port, Wifi support with 4 external Antenna support; I need design file with schematics and Gerber file. Please only serious freelancers should bid. If you do not know please dont...

    €280 (Avg Bid)
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    3 nabídky

    instructions for building a grow box for plants with a circuit with three separate time intervals which activate three separate mechanisms: opens At time interval 1 a container opens and closes, at time interval 2 a light turns on and off, and at the last interval a fan turns on and off. A list of all the necessary components.

    €106 (Avg Bid)
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    66 nabídky

    I need electrical schematics to create augmented reality glasses and component list. The glasses need to support the following technical components: Arduino board - processor to connect components to Camera - needs to capture live-stream (how user sees things) OLED Display - to display video on HUD Heads up Display (HUD) Component - to display video to user Gyrometer - to capture user's head...

    €41 (Avg Bid)
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    11 nabídky
    Multi Layered PCB Design on Altium 14 hodiny left

    Design a professional multilayered PCB on Altium

    €130 (Avg Bid)
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    30 nabídky

    We need to use HV150UX2-100 display on a eDP motherboard. This display has a LVDS interface. So it needs to replace the Tcon board of the panel. Alternatively we could use eDP to LVDS controller, but replacing the TCon is prefered. The job is : PCB design (schematic and layout) (best would be Kicad) 1 Prototype to demonstrate function.

    €530 (Avg Bid)
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    20 nabídky
    Induction Furnace 12 hodiny left

    Require to make homemade induction furnace from 2KG to 10KG Need instructions to construct an induction furnace , must have temperature and increase/decreases heat prefer up to 2300 degrees C

    €144 (Avg Bid)
    €144 Průměr. nabídka
    4 nabídky

    I have a new design for a piece of portable exercise equipment. I wanted to build a prototype and needed the expertise of an Industrial Designer / Engineer. I cannot share drawings at the moment as I would need an NDA signed to back my PPA. I can say that it is made of 2 telescopic poles. Thank you

    €132 (Avg Bid)
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    30 nabídky

    I need the BOM and the GERBER file ready available to be uploaded at any printed board available manufacturer for the attached schematic and pcb.

    €141 (Avg Bid)
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    35 nabídky

    I have a handwritten schematic to be entered in modern software. I need a board layout for that schematic which contain about 40 thru hole components on 2 layered board. Software of your choice. I only expect the Gerber and Fab data. Thank you

    €803 (Avg Bid)
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    59 nabídky