Physics is the fundamental science of energy, matter, force and motion. Everything in our world is based on the interactions of these elements and a physicist is at the helm of mathematical equations and formulas to fully comprehend them. With an expertise in Physics, one can create solutions to everyday problems as well as provide insight into complex problems.

Physicists have a unique ability to look at things differently, examine puzzles from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. For example, computer simulations are proving to be invaluable tools for investigating the behavior of physical systems by providing quick, cost-effective solutions to simplify production or design processes.

For businesses looking to combine the power of computer simulation with physics analysis, an expert physicist can make all the difference in improving products or inventing new ones. With their enhanced skillset and knowledge, we can explore beyond what a single traditional science can offer and make real advancements in our world.

Here's some projects that our expert Physicist made real:

    - Creating structures based off physics equations

    - Deciphering scientific videos

    - Tutoring on Physics subjects

    - Developing calculations on Chemistry topics

    - Editing mathematics related to General Relativity

    - Analysing stresses and deflections with ANSYS models

    - Introducing fluid mechanics through ANSYS tools

    - Presenting equilibrium in Chemistry classes

    - Solving physical chemistry questions

    At, our physicists are pros at combining physics and computer simulations to develop algorithmic solutions that better solve problems and lead to more useful outcomes. If you are looking for someone who can tantalize your scientific curiosity and bring concepts to life with their creativity, then a freelancer from our platform will meet all your needs—post your project today!

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      I am looking for someone with a deep understanding of physics to help with a research project for my IB Physics Extended Essay. While the topic has yet to be determined, the paper will focus on one of the following areas: - Electricity and Magnetism - Mechanics - Thermodynamics Regardless of the topic, the research question to be explored is still undecided. Here are a few examples of the kind of questions we could potentially explore: - Investigating the relationship between temperature and resistance in electrical circuits - Analyzing the motion of projectiles between different gravitational fields - Exploring the efficiency of heat engines The final paper should be between 4,000 to 4,500 words. Ideal candidates for this project will have a strong background in physics, specificall...

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      Hello, I need help with calculus. I need assistance on this topic. Derivative and integration.

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      I am looking for a highly knowledgeable freelancer to assist with a science project focusing primarily on investigating the effect of environment on evolution. Ideal Candidate • Progressive experience in biology, specifically in evolution sciences • Strong understanding of the concept of natural selection Responsibilities: • Study and analyze the interaction of evolution and environment • Build comprehendible data representations of the findings Requirements: • Detailed project proposal on how they plan to approach the investigation Resources: • I will provide access to a vast collection of academic articles and journals to aid your research. In your application, kindly focus on detailing your approach and methodology towards the project. Please also p...

      €28 (Avg Bid)
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      I'm looking for highly skilled professionals who specialise in Exploration Geophysics, particularly in the application of Electromagnetic methods to assist with my project. Here are the specific tasks: - Capable in performing TEM method (Transient Electromagnetic) data interpretation and reporting in our lithium in brines exploration processes. Required expertise: - Extensive knowledge in Electromagnetic methods in Exploration geophysics. - Proven experience with data interpretation and reporting of Transient Electromagnetic applications. - Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work with a team. For all interested freelancers, please share your previous work experience and completed projects related to the TEM Electromagnetic method in Exploration Geophysics. Bids wi...

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      I am seeking a proficient academic writer for my project. I need someone to develop a science-based research paper with a high-level overview. Here's what I am looking for: - Deep understanding of scientific concepts: You should be able to digest complex scientific information and translate it into an easy-to-understand overview, highlighting key points and discoveries. - Experience with academic writing: You have a proven track record in writing research papers and are familiar with the format and stylistic requirements. - Quality research skills: You don't just write. You conduct comprehensive research, making sure all information included in the paper is factual and up-to-date. - Excellent English writing skills: You should have strong command on English langua...

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      I am on the lookout for skilled professionals with considerable knowledge and experience in the realm of reactor physics. An expert in this areas of aspects of reactor design, reactor physics, reactor operations Here are several specific areas that we'll need expertise in: • Understanding of reactor design: Even though my main focus is on reactor physics, having a comprehensive understanding of reactor design is also handy for a holistic understanding of the project. -Understanding of reactor physics, reactor operations • Expertise in Reactor Physics: As this is the main focus of the project, an advanced understanding of reactor physics concepts and principles is mandatory. • Reactor Operations Knowledge: Familiarity with the operations of a reactor would be a plu...

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      I am looking for a tutor who can teach physics to someone in their first year of engineering college. I prefer the tutor to be from Egypt and speak Arabic. The tutor must have a college degree in physics or a similar area. Here's what I need in a tutor: *Really good at understanding and explaining physics, especially the parts important for engineering. *Has experience teaching one person or a few people at a time. *Can speak and explain things clearly

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      The task at hand is simple. I have a set of keys between 1 to 10. [Example: [1, 5, 3, 5, 3, 2, 2, 1](This is not a real example)]. I want to convert all the keys into one number and represent that number in scientific notation with 16 characters of precision and 48 characters of exponential maximum. Then using the final scientific notated number value; I want to extrappolate the keys. I do not want to contenate the keys. I do not want to use a library. I want a custom solution in Mathematics. Quotes only underneath $100.00 please.

      €18 - €150
      €18 - €150
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      computing Physic expert require 3 dní left

      I'm looking for someone who know fortran work Deadline: few hours only

      €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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      3 nabídky
      Seeking Physics Maven 3 dní left

      With the lack of clear preference for any specific field in physics,

      €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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      I'm seeking a physics expert, proficient in computing and looking for someone who has enough skills

      €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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      Diverse Computer Physics Project 2 dní left

      I'm looking for an expert in the field of computer physics who can work on a multifaceted project. The project could include areas such as simulating physical phenomena, visualizing physical data, and optimizing physical algorithms. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge in physical simulations - Experience in data visualization - Understanding of different optimization techniques for physical algorithms - Strong problem-solving abilities We didn't specify any particular requirement for the application process, therefore, feel free to include any information that you think could help us understand your fit to the role, such as your past work, experiences, and detailed project proposals. The purpose of this project is open-ended too, it could be used for research, e...

      €18 (Avg Bid)
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      I am looking for an expert in the computing physics field, well-versed in all areas including Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and Quantum Mechanics. Deadline: 1 days

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      This project aims to enrich my understanding of differential calculus at the undergraduate level. Key tasks are: - Deep dive into the principles and applications of differential calculus - Deliver simplified explanations and demonstrations for dense mathematical theorems - Assist in tackling complex calculus problems related to this field Ideal candidates should have: - Strong grounding in undergraduate-level mathematics - Specialization in differential calculus - Proven ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in an accessible manner - Experience working with students or in educational settings a plus.

      €19 (Avg Bid)
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      I am in need of a sharp and knowledgeable expert specifically in the Physics subject to solve the last 10 years of JEE multiple-choice papers. My requirement is to understand the systematic approach applied in solving each problem, so I am requesting a thorough step-by-step solution. Here are the skills and qualifications I am looking for: - A clear understanding of JEE Physics problems - Proficiency in providing detailed, easy-to-understand solutions - Well-versed in multiple-choice question structure and answers - Proven ability to solve JEE Physics papers Your role will not just in simply providing the correct answers, but most importantly, presenting the problem-solving process in a comprehensive and step-by-step manner. An ability to explain complex Physics principles, theories, a...

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      Description: We are seeking a skilled tutor with a background in community college teaching to lead Zoom classes for our students. This role is ideal for someone who has a passion for education and is proficient in the following subjects: Mathematics (including Calculus I & II) Statistics Science ( Biology/ Physics/Chemistry) Social Science Psychology Requirements: 1. Previous teaching experience at a community college level is highly preferred. 2. Strong command of the subjects listed above. 3. Ability to engage and instruct students in a virtual setting. 4. Must be comfortable managing a class size of approximately 10 students. Details: Frequency: Two classes per week. Duration: One hour per class. Mode of Instruction: Remote. This position offers a great opportunity to impact...

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      Need help in physics tasks. Its small Lab-report

      €22 (Avg Bid)
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      27 nabídky
      Electromagnetics 1 Tutoring 1 den left

      I am in search of a suitably skilled tutor. I hope to cover the key topics of: - Magnetic fields and forces - Electric fields and potentials - Electromagnetic waves - Gauss's Law

      €19 (Avg Bid)
      €19 Průměr. nabídka
      25 nabídky

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