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The term Product Sourcing means finding products to sell through your business. It can also refer to finding sources for products which you would like to buy or import into your country. This is done through a process of enquiry/request for quotes etc. Business owners can take some help in the product sourcing arena by employing freelancers for the same. You can find freelancers to help with your product sourcing activities simply by posting a job today!
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looking for Chinese freelancer in Shenzhen I need some electronic gadget sourced from the factory. And sent to me for dropshiping. The items need to be tested for quality and sometimes installed some software on devices. This is a casual job, that will grow with demand from customers. Please mention experience doing similar jobs. Thanks. 1 Překlady, Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů , Zjednodušená čínština (Čína), Shipping Jun 25, 2018 Dnes6d 22h €7
manufacture a component turbine wheel material-stainless steel410 2 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Výroba, Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů Jun 25, 2018 Dnes6d 21h €118
Projects & Tendering Expert Pre sales Team We are Looking for a service or Person who can assist my team for Tendering and Projects Business. Experience should be with the Audio Video Solution . Broadcast Solution . Information technology . Security Services. 2 Projektový Management, Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Prodej, Marketing, Popis produktů Jun 25, 2018 Dnes6d 19h €120
Need items sourcing from China only apply if you have experience with sourcing from China or based in China. We are looking for HP ink cartridge reset chips. HP301, HP302 & HP304 in particular. We are NOT interested in the ink cartridge just the reset chip. We need the full specification, best price, quality checked and fast expedition of the product. please see photo to understand the item. 9 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Podnikatelské plány, Popis produktů, Produktový management Jun 24, 2018 Jun 24, 20185d 20h €194
China Sourcing Agent Hello. Our company looking for someone to work with in China to be a purchaser and co-ordinator sourced, manufacturers to be checked and supplied items to Australia. You will be working with the suppliers you know and finding new sources of manufacture. You must speak English and you will be our agent check for quality and suitability of the chips to source local manufacturers’ prices and ... 30 Výzkum, Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Výroba, Výzkumná práce, Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů Jun 24, 2018 Jun 24, 20185d 15h €81
Philippines Product Sourcing Philippines Product Sourcing to identify hat manufactures, negotiate and oversee order movements. 10 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Výroba, Popis produktů, Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů , Design výrobků Jun 23, 2018 Jun 23, 20184d 22h €9
Fashion Supplier Sourcing In China ( For China Based Individuals Only ) Looking for a passionate individual who can help us find quality fashion suppliers in China. You must be based in China, preferably in Shenzhen and be fluent in Chinese and English. Previous experience in sourcing fashion products is a plus. 13 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20184d 12h €116
china sourcing agent we require HP ink cartridge reset chips to sourced, manufacturers to be checked and supplied. You will as our agent check for quality and suitability of the chips. price, quality and supply key requirements for us. 10 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20184d 12h €165
sourcing agent I need to source women's wear and accessories from china. 17 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20183d 21h €101
Build me a robotic dispensing machine Development of an automated dispensing solution to aid retail transaction. - A solution that offers a retail management system. Hardware that is able to dispense the product with a robotic arm (mechanic similar to jukebox) based on a click on the touchpad. - The touchpad would have a software system that shares product information on screen prior to dispensing, intelligently informs of short sto... 13 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Výroba, Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů , Výrobní design, Design výrobků Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20183d 17h €9946
Source men's kurta for export from India to Australia Looking for very short mens kurtas that can be worn as a normal shirt with western dress. They should be long sleeve, and with either plain colours, or a simple pattern. Nothing too fancy on the design. See here for examples: [pro zobrazení URL se přihlaste] I'm looking for someone who can help me find a supplier, and negotiate prices. 18 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20183d 7h €99
Pakistan clothing manufacturer needed Hi, I am looking for a clothing manufacturer to create my clothes. I have my own designs and I would like you to create them and ship them to me. Please contact me with a reasonable estimate for 100 Ladies kurti. I attached pictures of what they will look like 20 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Výroba, Módní design, Modeling, Šňůry na prádlo Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20182d 16h €448
NEED TO FIND A SILICONE PRODUCT MANUFACTURE THAT WILL DO A 60 OR 90 DAY FINANCE Must have a 30-90 day after completed pay back program. Will pay someone 100.00 to find a manufacture who will do this. In USA or CHINA. 10 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Výroba, Finanční průzkum, Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů , Zajišťování odbytu Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20181d 14h €105
Event Production freelance We are an Event Management company ,we do events, product launch, exhibition ,conferences, brand activation, Artist Management ,In film Branding etc we want production freelancer for my projects . 1 Zajišťování produktových zdrojů Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 201818h 56m €699
I need a china sourcing agent I need a china sourcing agent who will negotiate and talk to a few manufactures regarding my project as well as give me a written report of all quotes given. I need a foam shoe cleaner shown below for my company which can be private labeled, maximum price of 50 cents a unit for 1000 units. 29 Výzkum, Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Technické psaní, Psaní hlášení, Chemické inženýrství Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 201816h 58m €128
Find me Cheap Indian Clothing Suppliers/Manufacturers in India I would like you to get me a list of Cheap Indian Clothing manufacturers in India. You must provide me with their email, phone number and website. The company needs to ship to Canada. I am particularly interested in Indian wedding clothes suppliers/manufacturers. Reply back ***604*** so I know you have read the job description. 38 Zadávání dat, Zajišťování produktových zdrojů , Výroba, Vyhledávání na internetu, Zajišťování dodavatelských zdrojů Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20187h 55m €20
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