Solidworks is a powerful 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software that is widely used in a plethora of industries for various product development and engineering applications. Solidworks Designers can help you bring your ideas to life by creating accurate and realistic designs while ensuring manufacturability, robustness, and efficiency during the product development process. Solidworks allows designers to generate 3D models, assemblies, detailed engineering drawings, and other essential documentation, making it an ideal platform to achieve your product goals.

Here's some projects that our expert Solidworks Designers made real:

  • Developing product designs and 3D models for manufacturing processes
  • Creating detailed mechanical analysis for performance verification or optimization
  • Producing print-ready STL files for 3D printing and rapid prototyping
  • Designing plastic injection molds for mass production of products
  • Crafting animations and renderings for visualizing final designs before manufacturing
  • Configuring CAMWorks post-processors for compatible machine operation

Solidworks designers on have a diverse range of expertise and experience, making it possible for you to find the perfect match for your unique project requirements. From drafting simple CAD plans to designing complex mechanical parts or systems, these freelancers are ready to tackle your challenges and bring your ideas to fruition.

By posting your project on, you can tap into this immense pool of talented Solidworks Designers who will help you take your project from concept to completion. Whether it's creating initial concept sketches or improving an existing design, these professionals strive to ensure that the final output meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. So go ahead, post your Solidworks project on today and let our expert Solidworks Designers turn your vision into reality!

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    I'm looking to take on an industrial architectural project that entails a comprehensive range of services. To be a successful candidate for this, you should have a significant amount of experience in the industrial architecture sector. Key Deliverables: - Design and Planning: You'll be required to create a detailed plan that encompasses all the necessary elements that are crucial to the success of the project. - 3D Modeling and Visualization: Your expertise in this area will be crucial in helping us understand the visual aspect of the project before it is fully realized. - Construction Documentation: I'll need you to provide detailed documentation to guide the construction team every step of the way. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in industrial architectur...

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    I require a quick and proficient CAD designer to assist me in creating basic engineering assemblies in SolidWorks. Key Responsibilities: - Develop CAD models for engineering assemblies - Ensure the models are of basic shape and form Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in SolidWorks - Experienced in producing engineering assembly models - Ability to work quickly and efficiently - Excellent attention to detail - Strong communication skills

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    I'm in need of a simplistic 3D product model that will be used for a car restoration part. The complexity level required is basic - we're dealing with simple shapes with no textures necessary. The part will be modeled in black, need to be durable, withstand occasional heat of 120 degrees Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software. - Understanding of basic shapes and geometry. - Prior experience in creating models for manufacturing. The output from this project will be used directly in the manufacturing of the car part, so precision and accuracy are crucial. Please ensure your profile includes similar work you have completed in the past.

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    I'm searching for a talented developer to create a customized Inventor plugin for AutoDesk inventor software. This plugin should be designed with specific capabilities including task automation. Key Responsibilities: - Automating tasks within Inventor Skills and Experience: - Comprehensive knowledge in AutoCAD, Inventor software - Previous experience in developing Inventor plugins - Solid understanding of various automation processes - Proficiency in 3D model editing and data manipulation Bids from freelancers with demonstrable experience in creating similar plugins will be highly prioritized. Your proposal should include examples of Inventor plugins you've developed and the automation tasks they perform within AutoCAD and Inventor

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    I'm looking for a skilled Mechatronics Engineer to design a Coin Hopper in Fusion 360, and then refine it with a basic fluid dynamics CFD study. Key Requirements: - The main purpose of this design is to sort coins by denomination, so the design must be versatile and functional. - Proficiency with Fusion 360 is a must. The Coin Hopper Design: The ideal freelancer should be able to create a design that's user-friendly, efficient, and smartly sorts the coins. Basic Fluid Dynamics CFD Study: The chosen freelancer will then need to refine the design by running a basic fluid dynamics analysis. The level of detail required for this study is basic; further optimization of the flow is not necessary. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experienced Mechatronics Engineer with a strong trac...

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    Tiny Home Design Layout 6 dní left

    Draw up plans and elevation for a tiny home from dimensions i can attach. Frame materials are 90mm x 35 mm pine. Dwelling walls 2700mm high with 2 degree falls to rear. Bathroom area 2100mm high with small mezzanine above...

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    I require an experienced engineer to design a cold gas thruster targetting medium thrust (1-10 N), specifically using nitrogen as the propellant. Key Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in propulsion technology. - Knowledge and practical understanding of cold gas thrusters. - Proven record in working with nitrogen-based propulsion systems. Project Details: The purpose of this project has not been defined, hence flexibility in design for multiple applications would be desired. You should focus on: - Ensuring the thruster can consistently deliver a medium thrust in the range of 1-10 N. - Optimizing the design for the use of nitrogen as the propellant. This is a great chance to showcase your technical capabilities and contribute to an advanced and innovative technology. Your...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Mechatronics Engineer to design a Coin Hopper in Fusion 360, and then refine it with a basic fluid dynamics CFD study. Key Requirements: - The main purpose of this design is to sort coins by denomination, so the design must be versatile and functional. - Proficiency with Fusion 360 is a must. The Coin Hopper Design: The ideal freelancer should be able to create a design that's user-friendly, efficient, and smartly sorts the coins. Basic Fluid Dynamics CFD Study: The chosen freelancer will then need to refine the design by running a basic fluid dynamics analysis. The level of detail required for this study is basic; further optimization of the flow is not necessary. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experienced Mechatronics Engineer with a strong trac...

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    I am in need of skilled mechanical designers who are proficient in Solidworks and experienced with CAD CAM models, specifically with the ability to turn these into 3D printable models. The project involves the creation of advanced, intricate physical prototypes that can be used as educational materials. Key requirements: - Proficiency in Solidworks and CAD CAM - Experience with 3D printing and turning models into 3D printable files - Ability to create advanced mechanical designs with intricate details - Understanding of mechanical design concepts and the educational application of physical prototypes The models will need to be highly detailed and accurately represent mechanical concepts. The ideal freelancer for this project will have a strong background in mechanical engineering, pre...

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    Large Product Design 3D Model 6 dní left

    I'm in need of a 3D model for a large product design, suitable for 3D printing in Freecad. The model is to be kept simple, focusing on basic shapes and structures. Key Requirements: - Expertise in 3D modeling, specifically product design models. - Proficiency in Freecad. - Ability to create simple yet effective large scale models. Deliverables: - A complete 3D model in Freecad, optimized for large scale printing. - A final product that meets the basic shapes and structures requirements. Please provide a brief overview of your previous experience with similar projects.

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    I'm looking for an innovative product designer to create a unique tape measure, which I've named the "gi string". Key Features: - Wire inside the tape measure, to be used for pulling strings through clothing - A grabber at the end of the tape, designed to securely hold onto the wire Requirements: - The wire must be flexible, allowing it to easily navigate through clothing - The grabber should be sturdy, ensuring the wire remains firmly in place The overall length of the tape measure should be limited to 1 meter. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Product design - Prototyping - Understanding of textile and clothing construction - Strong grasp of material science, including flexible yet durable wire options Please submit your bid with relevant experience and a brief outl...

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    I'm looking for an experienced CAD designer to create a unique and intricate design for a jewelry set. - For the ring, I aim for a 'Fashion Ring' style. This means the design should be trendy and stylish. - The set also includes a necklace and earrings. I'm open to creative inputs but the theme of 'Fashion Ring' should be consistent across the set. The ring will be studded with diamond gemstones. Your design should take into account the size, setting, and placement of these stones. Ideal skills for this project include: - Expertise in CAD software for jewelry design - Proficiency in creating fashionable and trendy jewelry designs - Experience working with and understanding the nuances of diamond gemstones. Please provide samples of your previous simil...

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    I'm looking to have a medium-sized closet designed and constructed with a mix of wood and glass materials. It should be adorned with specific Italian-themed ornaments and designs. Key Requirements: - Medium-sized closet design and construction - Utilization of wood and glass materials - Incorporation of Italian-themed ornaments and designs Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in closet design and construction - Understanding of Italian design aesthetics - Experience in working with both wood and glass - Creative and detail-oriented approach to ornamentation

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    Simple 3D CAM for Soft Metals 6 dní left

    I need someone with expertise in 3D CAM, particularly in the use of Vectric VCarve. The primary material I'm working with is soft metals, and the required level of detail is basic shapes and outlines. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in 3D CAM - Experience with Vectric VCarve - Familiarity with working on soft metals - Capable of delivering basic shapes and outlines Please let me know your experience with similar projects, particularly in relation to soft metals. Your approach to ensuring the quality of the output is also highly valued.

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    I require a proficient AutoCad designer with Mechanical Engineering expertise. - The project involves creating a model with three distinctive sides: front, right, and a 3D variant. The model must be detailed, accurate, and suitable for use in Mechanical Engineering applications. - As this is a Mechanical Engineering project, it is crucial that the freelancer has a strong grasp of engineering principles and can effectively apply them in the design. - To ensure that the freelancer is equipped for the job, I would like to see relevant samples of their past work in AutoCad, specifically within the Mechanical Engineering domain. The deadline for this project is flexible, so the focus should be on delivering a high-quality, meticulously designed model.

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    I'm in need of a skilled mechanical engineer to design an excavator grab. The grab will be used for sorting bulk materials. I require this to be completed as soon as possible.

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    I have a 2D laser-cut design that I need converted into a DXF file. I have two sizes that I need it created in: 80cmx102.2cm and 80cmx91cm. Key Points: - I require a freelancer who can accurately and effectively convert the 2D design to DXF format. - The DXF file should reflect the high level of detail and intricate designs of the original 2D design. - I need the design to be produced in the specified sizes: 80cmx102.2cm and 80cmx91cm. - Successful applicants should provide me with a detailed project proposal outlining how they would approach this task. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in CAD software and experienced in working with 2D design files. - Previous experience in creating laser-cut designs or similar projects would be beneficial. - Must have a keen eye for detail and be capabl...

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    I'm looking for an experienced mechanical engineer specialising in automotive design. The project revolves around the creation of a new chassis design for a passenger car. In line with my preferences and considering the durability and cost-effectiveness, the design should primarily involve the use of steel. Skills and Experience: - A robust background in automotive engineering, specifically in chassis design - Proficiency in using design software for automotive components - Comprehensive knowledge of steel and its application in automotive design - Excellent understanding of strength and weight aspects in vehicle design Responsibilities: - Design a steel chassis for a passenger car - Ensure the design meets safety, performance, and quality requirements - Collaborate closely with me,...

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    As part of my ongoing project, I require the design of around thirty 3D mechanical parts. These parts will average around 8mm x 11mm x 29mm in size. The designs will then need to be converted into sheet metal cutouts for manufacturing. (Job Details) • Proficiency with Fusion 360 is a must as the 3D models and sheet metal conversions will be carried out in this software. • Solid understanding of mechanical part designs is required. • The final designs will be turned into Stainless Steel sheet metal parts, hence, you should be abreast with the peculiarities that come with this material when transitioning from solid design to sheet metal. Given the specialty of the requirement, having a strong background designing mechanical parts using Fusion 360 will be an advantage. Your ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Ansys professional who can assist me with an in-depth analysis of the structural integrity of my design. The project involves: - Conducting comprehensive structural integrity analysis using Ansys software - Providing insights and recommendations based on the analysis - Ensuring accuracy and reliability of the simulation results I am looking for a freelancer who has: - Proven expertise in using Ansys for structural analysis - Strong background in mechanical or structural engineering - Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills - Ability to communicate complex technical information clearly

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    I'm in need of a top-notch engineer with expertise in mechanical, mechatronics, and/or aeronautical disciplines to assist in the design and development of a new product. Hello, I need someone who knows how to design an unmanned aerial vehicle, drone or plane. I want a design similar to the design I gave as a reference, with places for electronic circuits and motors. This 3D project must be designed in accordance with 3D printing and the necessary design and hardware changes must be made to fly on the project. 2 pieces vertically to the body Rs2205 2300kv 1 horizontally at the back R2205 2300kv Lippo 3s battery 3 escs Product Improvement: - Our primary focus for this new product is on enhancing its functionality. We aim to make it more effective, efficient, and user-friendly. Hel...

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    I'm in need of an automobile engineer who has a profound understanding of the entire car manufacturing process and can assist in production planning for a new vehicle. The ideal candidate should have expertise in: - Mechanical Engineering: You will be responsible for ensuring the mechanical aspects of the car are designed and functioning correctly. - Vehicle Dynamics and Performance: Knowledge in this area will be crucial for the design of a high-performing vehicle. - Body Design: I need someone who can also focus on the aesthetic and structural aspects of the car's body. - Electrical Systems: You will need to design the electrical systems of the vehicle. This project is specifically focused on production planning. Your role will be to: - Collaborate with other engineers and ...

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    Compact Food Machine CAD Design 4 dní left

    I'm seeking a proficient CAD designer to help create a compact food machine design. It is crucial that you have a profound understanding of both AutoCAD and SolidWorks, as these will be the main software used for the project. Require screw extruder for steamed dough of rice flour for making dough balls of momos Main Components: - Mixing mechanism - Conveyor belt - Dough screw extruder Necessary Skills: - Designing knowledge - Proficiency in AutoCAD and SolidWorks - Experience in designing compact machinery - Understanding of food processing machinery components and functionalities - Ability to translate conceptual ideas into functional 3D designs The machine has to be small, crafted with a keen eye for detail in order to maximize usage in limited spaces. This project will invol...

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    I'm in need of a skilled mechanical engineer with extensive experience in SolidWorks for a project that involves Simulation and Analysis specifically focusing on Structural Analysis. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in SolidWorks for structural analysis - Ability to translate theoretical models into practical designs - Experience in the field of mechanical engineering and simulation Deliverables: - A comprehensive structural analysis report based on the simulation conducted - Recommendations for potential design improvements based on the analysis Skills: - Strong problem-solving skills - Excellent understanding of material properties - Proven experience in SolidWorks simulations - Ability to work to deadlines and communicate effectively It's important that the candidate can co...

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    I'm on the hunt for a skilled 3D designer with a background in consumer goods product design, especially focused on durability. - 3D Product Design: The designed product is a consumer good. You are required to create a 3D model that is structurally sound and highlights its key elements. Proficiency in CAD software/tools would be beneficial to bring this concept to life. - Durability: Critical emphasis is on the durability of the product. I need a designer who can strategically integrate durability-related elements into the design. - Relevant Experience: Prior experience and a portfolio showcasing durable consumer goods will be highly favored.

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    I'm in need of a CNC Operator and designer who can create large 3D models out of wood for my project. Key Requirements: - The primary purpose of the CNC machine for this project is creating 3D models. - The CNC machine will be working with wood. Ideal Skillset: - Proficiency in operating CNC machines. - Experience with 3D modeling software. - Knowledge of woodworking and understanding of wood properties. - Ability to work with large-scale projects.

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    convert my hand made drawing into machine drawing and assembly drawing

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    28 nabídky

    I'm in need of a skilled engineer to design a machine that will primarily be involved in the assembly of medium-sized objects, specifically auto parts. Key Points: - The project involves both the design and creation of a prototype. - The machine should be capable of efficiently handling medium-sized objects, in this case, auto parts. - It should also be optimized for the assembly process, ensuring smooth and precise operations. Ideal Candidate: - A mechanical engineer with experience in designing manufacturing equipment, particularly assembly machines. - Prior experience working with medium-sized objects, such as auto parts, is highly desirable. - Proficiency in prototyping and testing is a plus. If you have the necessary skills and experience in these areas, I'd love to hear ...

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    76 nabídky

    I'm seeking an experienced AutoCAD professional who can create a 3D model with detailed structures and textures. This model will be used for manufacturing purposes. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in AutoCAD - Experience in detailed structure and texture creation - Knowledge in manufacturing processes - Demonstrated ability to translate conceptual designs into 3D models - Experience in the manufacturing industry is a plus

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    I'm in need of a talented designer to create an innovative, customizable display stand for In Ear Monitors (IEMs). The stand must elegantly showcase the IEMs, with a carbon fiber or wood faceplate insert, and have the ability to switch between different base designs for either desk or wall mounting. Key Requirements: - Customizable: The stand should have interchangeable base designs, allowing for both desk and wall mounting. - Material: The base should be made using SLA 3D Printing. - Size: The final 3D printed object should be small in size. - Features: The design must include high detail and potentially other specific features that can be discussed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with product design and 3D modeling. - Proficiency in using SLA 3D Printing for s...

    €407 (Avg Bid)
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    27 nabídky

    I'm looking to convert existing PDF and STL files of a new prototype into a STEP file. This project requires precision and adherence to the exact specifications provided in the PDF documents. The successful freelancer will need a solid background in mechanical engineering with expertise in handling various CAD file formats.

    €74 (Avg Bid)
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    80 nabídky

    I need an experienced CAD professional to revise my existing drawings to align with changes on the floor plan. Basic two-storey house (so two CAD files). Key Responsibilities: - Modify existing CAD elements according to newly drawn plan - Add text labels and dimensions to represent the changes in intermediate detail Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CAD software, specifically AutoCAD - Strong attention to detail for accurate representation of modifications - Ability to communicate effectively with me to ensure the project is executed as needed. The final deliverable should be in DWG format with PDF supplied. Please ensure you have experience in similar projects before bidding.

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    73 nabídky

    I am looking for skilled 3D modelers with experience in CAD to recreate a consumer product that combines mechanical and electronic components. The end goal is to produce a design ready for manufacturing and functional testing. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Mastery in 3D modeling, specifically in product modeling - Proficiency in CAD software - Previous experience with mechanical and electronic devices - Understanding of consumer products' aesthetics and functionalities Please provide samples of your previous work in product modeling, specifically mechanical and electronic devices, along with your bid. Your detail-oriented approach and ability to communicate complex concepts clearly will ensure the success of this project.

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    81 nabídky

    I require a mechanical AutoCAD design specific to structural elements. The design must include the following aspects: - Structural Elements: The design focus is on structural components. Expertise in creating mechanical structures in AutoCAD is essential. - Detail Level: An intermediate level of detail is needed to balance complexity and readability. You should be proficient in showcasing enough detail without over-complicating the design. Ideal candidates will have strong experience in mechanical AutoCAD design, particularly relating to structural elements. They should possess a keen eye for detail and strive for meticulousness in their work without detracting from the design's readability.

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    21 nabídky

    I'm looking for an experienced and professional 3D modeler who has strong skills in Siemens NX to design mechanical components with an industrial style. The job entails: - Assisting solely with 3D modeling tasks for mechanical parts. - Creating an industrial style for the 3D models. Ideal Professional will: - Be highly proficient in Siemens NX. - Have proven experience in 3D modeling, specifically of mechanical components. - Have an understanding and flair for Industrial design. If you meet these qualifications, I'd love to see your portfolio. Your previous work with similar projects will be a big plus.

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    54 nabídky

    I'm seeking an experienced CAD drafter to produce highly detailed internal elevations for a construction project. The ideal candidate should be proficient in drafting detailed fixtures and fittings. Key duty will include: - Drafting internal elevations precisely to showcase all necessary details for construction documentation. You should be highly skilled and meticulous, ensuring nothing is overlooked. - Producing drawings at a scale of 1/2" = 1'-0". Accuracy in this is crucial to reflect the intended design. Prior experience with similar construction documentation projects and a solid understanding of fixtures and fittings would be beneficial for this work. Attention to detail and adherence to specified scale is critical in this role.

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    I'm looking for a talented designer to create an STL file for a prosthetic foot and leg for my Conure. The prosthetic will be 3D printed using plastic material, so experience with plastic designs is a must. Key Requirements: - Designing a prosthetic foot and leg for a small parrot based on photos and measurements provided (I will provide the photos of the other foot and leg). - The design should support perching, as this is the primary activity the prosthetic needs to facilitate. Timeline: I'm not in a rush for this, so you can take your time to ensure the design is perfect. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and designing, especially with plastic materials. - Experience in creating prosthetics or similar small-scale designs. - Understanding of animal anatomy and behav...

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    I'm in need of an experienced product designer who can design a motorized side step for my G Wagon. It should have the following features: - Automatic deploying and retracting: I'm looking for a sophisticated system that can deploy and retract the step without manual intervention. - Material: The components for the side step should be made from 10 gauge steel. This is essential to ensure the structural integrity and durability of the step. - Weight capacity: The designed side step should be able to support up to 300 lbs. This is crucial to make sure the step can accommodate different users without compromising safety. The successful candidate should have a solid background in product design, particularly with motorized mechanisms. Experience designing and working with 10 gauge ...

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    18 nabídky

    I'm looking for an experienced SolidWorks designer to create detailed drawings for prototyping purposes. There may not be specific tools in mind, but your expertise in transforming general tool concepts into detailed designs is crucial. The drawings should contain: - General tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers. - Specific measurement details for accuracy in prototyping. Proficiency in SolidWorks is a must, along with a keen eye for exact measurements and meticulous attention to details. A background in mechanical engineering or industrial design will also add value to this project. If you have any previous experience in tool design for prototyping, please include samples in your bid. This could be the start of an ongoing collaboration if the results meet our expectation...

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    28 nabídky

    In my metal fabrication business, I'm searching for an experienced CAD designer to create detailed models of construction equipment, specifically excavators. The ideal candidate would be adept at: - Creating realistic and practical designs for metal fabrication purposes - Having significant expertise in designing construction equipment, particularly excavators - Understanding and incorporating specific components such as adjustable boom mechanisms and enhanced digging buckets Your role would be to convert my concepts into CAD designs that can be easily understood and executed by my team. Solid understanding of metal fabrication processes, from conceptualization to execution, would be a remarkable asset for this project. Looking forward to your expert contributions.

    €1122 (Avg Bid)
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    30 nabídky

    I have a structural analysis project requiring proficiency in Solidworks FEA, particularly when working with metal materials. The project involves both single parts and assemblies, demanding attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of how metals handle stress. Key Requirements: - Expertise in structural analysis using Solidworks FEA Hydraulics to a basic level - Extensive experience working with metals - Ability to analyze both single parts and assemblies efficiently A successful project execution will require well-grounded knowledge and hands-on experience in Solidworks' finite element analysis (FEA) tool, metal material properties, and mechanical engineering principles. Your insights and recommendations, based on the analysis, will be critical.

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    55 nabídky

    We are looking for a qualified individual to work along side of us to engineer the design of a roll former that will produce building sheets from steel. Requirements: 1. Be able to work efficiently in SolidWorks, or other CAD program 2. Be able to provide related feedback to the design and requirements This could be a lengthy process, we will consider hiring by the hour or on a fixed price for the project. Experience with these machines in the past or history in construction would be beneficial to understanding the project. About the project: - Objective is to build a metal roll former that can produce quality building panels - Produce quality products at speed of 150 feet per minute, or faster. - We need help with the software and design of the product. Product sourcing, ...

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    54 nabídky

    I need a highly skilled engineer or robotics expert to develop an autonomous robot with automatic charging capabilities. Here are the key specifics for this project: 1. Primary Function: The core purpose of this robot will be for package delivery within an office setting. Therefore, the robot must be designed to navigate seamlessly through office interiors. 2. Handling Capacity: The robot must be robust enough to carry packages within the weight range of 5-10 kg. Ideal skills for this project would be a comprehensive knowledge of robotic engineering, a solid understanding of AI programming for navigation and delivery tasks, and experience in creating robots with automatic charging capabilities. It would also be advantageous if you have previous experience designing robots for office se...

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    I'm in need of a CAD drawing for a wall-mounted bookshelf with a primary material of metal. The design should focus on the creation of a metal shelf frame. The example is on the attached pictures. The dimensions will be given later. There will 3 different dimensions with similar design. The 2D drawing will included dimensions for the fabrication. Key Features: - Wall-mounted bookshelf design - Primary material: Metal Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in CAD software - Experience in designing furniture, especially bookshelves - Understanding of metal fabrication for furniture The project involves creating a detailed CAD drawing that reflects a sleek and functional bookshelf design. The main focus will be on the metal shelf frame. This bookshelf should be suitable for wall-mounting and sho...

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    59 nabídky

    I'm looking for assistance with my existing business in creating 4 product datasheets based on a provided PDF template. The project entails several key areas, including 2D CAD work, creating a CGI 3D model and colour adjustments. Key Deliverables: - Creation of 4 product datasheets: The product is the same, but each of the 4 datasheets will be tailored to different sizes or versions. The final deliverable format must be in PDF. - 2D CAD Redraw: You'll be tasked with producing a 2D CAD plan and section of the product, similar to the PDF template provided. - CGI 3D Modelling: I require a high-quality CGI 3D model of the product. This model should be representative of the product in the datasheets. - Colour Change: Adjust the colour of the product tray from blue to white across ...

    €29 (Avg Bid)
    €29 Průměr. nabídka
    22 nabídky

    I'm in need of a skilled AutoCad designer to create manufacturing-ready designs for my bean-to-cup coffee machine. Key Project Details: - Purpose: The designs are intended to be utilized for manufacturing the product. - Materials: The primary components of the coffee machine are to be made from stainless steel or if you have any other suggestions, do let us know in discussions Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in AutoCad with a strong portfolio of similar projects. - Knowledge of suitable materials for food and beverage industry products. If you're confident in your ability to deliver high-quality, manufacturable designs, I'd love to hear from you.

    €109 (Avg Bid)
    €109 Průměr. nabídka
    21 nabídky

    I'm seeking a proficient AutoCAD expert to generate a schematic design for a Dry Pipe fire suppression system. Moreover, creating a design for standard commercial shaft doors is also required. - The task involves creating a basic schematic for a Dry Pipe Fire Suppression installation. Your expertise in architectural and mechanical engineering drawings would be essential, providing clear and accurate representations of the system. Familiarity with fire safety standards and regulations is needed for this assignment. - Additionally, design a standard commercial shaft door using AutoCAD. Good knowledge of door and frame design, along with shaft door standards, will be needed to execute this task. An experienced AutoCAD designer with a deep understanding of fire safety systems and comm...

    €12 (Avg Bid)
    €12 Průměr. nabídka
    4 nabídky

    I'm seeking an experienced AutoCAD professional who can create a 3D model with detailed structures and textures. This model will be used for manufacturing purposes. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in AutoCAD - Experience in detailed structure and texture creation - Knowledge in manufacturing processes - Demonstrated ability to translate conceptual designs into 3D models - Experience in the manufacturing industry is a plus

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    €18 Průměr. nabídka
    16 nabídky

    We are looking for an experienced Mechanical or Industrial Designer to modify a motorcycle helmet visor to function with air pressure, based on patent US11832676. Please read this patent The project requires designing and fabricating an assembly that integrates this special function successfully. You will decide on an existing full face motorcycle helmet which you can aquire on your side, and one which is available at Amazon on my side. You will cooperate with me in designing the concept of how this function is achieved and using your in-house 3D printer, you will make parts and assemble in the helmet, the refine and re-do, until functional. Requirements: 1. Must have a 3D printer in-house for printing parts for this project. 2. Proficient in Solidworks or equivalent, with a minimum o...

    €680 (Avg Bid)
    €680 Průměr. nabídka
    81 nabídky

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