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I'd like an autoclicker for Kings of Chaos.

Kings of Chaos ([url removed, login to view]) is an online game where a substantial amount of power comes from the process of "clicking" - identifying a simple one character CAPTCHA (image attached) that consists of a bunch of clustered white pixels on a black background. The only possible answers are k, i, n, g, c, h, a, o, and s.

This would preferably work alongside one of two pre-existing clicking assistants that allow users to click manually at speeds of 80 - 200 per minute, and would have to make it appear as though a human were behind the controls.

I'd prefer it to be desktop oriented, but I could also work with a PHP version as long as it can click at a speed of at least 120/minute with reasonable to high accuracy. I made it about halfway through doing it in PHP myself, but my solution was running too slowly and I ran out of time to work on it.

I'm really not looking to spend too much on this - after all, it is just a game - but I would pay for one that meets my needs, if someone is up to making it.

## Deliverables

There are two major "recruiters/clickers" - programs designed to let users click faster - YAR, a JavaScript-based Greasemonkey extension, and Wild Recruiter (WR), a Windows program that appears to be in Visual Basic. I've attached a copy of WR in a zip file, and both can be obtained here, at the top of the page: [url removed, login to view] The auto-clicker would have to be made to interact with one of these.

I've attached an image to show the generic KoC CAPTCHA format that has to be read - this one being H. I'd want a rather high accuracy rate as for interpreting the correct character - if it gets it wrong one out of every 6 times, it's of no use to me. The autoclicker should be able to maintain a pace of at least 100 clicks per minute.

Obviously, autoclicking is against the rules, so it MUST appear that a human is behind the wheels. The amount of time between clicks should be slightly randomized, and after another randomized number (say, something between 600-1600 clicks), it should pause for a few minutes. Being able to configure that would be awesome and desired, but not required. What would be required: at the beginning of each "clicking session" I would have to be able to enter a maximum number of clicks for that session, as in, if I specify 2500, it only clicks 2500 times and then stops.

I'd also need the script to occasionally get something wrong - I know that it'll probably do that just due to the nature of what I'm asking for, but it does have to get some wrong to appear human, as humans get them wrong too.

When an incorrect character is entered, a reCAPTCHA window comes up. I don't expect this application to be capable of cracking reCAPTCHA, don't worry... using one of those online solving services with an API that charges $1/1000 CAPTCHAs would be acceptable here, but only if it could be disabled, giving the operator of the autoclicker the option of solving the reCAPTCHA himself. (Obviously, until the reCAPTCHA is solved and you're verified as real, clicking is halted.)

Accuracy and the appearance of a human behind the controls are the most essential elements. Beyond that - the language it's coded in.... basically anything that can interact with either of those recruiters works for me, as long as it's not a language native to Windows Servers (PHP is fine, ASP is not). If it runs in a graphical Windows, Mac, or GNOME environment, that works for me.

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