Front cover art for my science fiction book

A book cover for my third book in the 'Chasing the Heavy Air' series, called 'Tripping over Eden'.

1.) Illustrated and colored in the 1950's science fiction style (Google: 1950's science fiction art)

2.) (Background )An Aztec flat top pyramid with a tribal man and woman on top. Jungo Jungly background. (Google: aztec pyramid)

3.) (Fore ground) On the left a bust of a Roman Tribune facing right, white lightning in his eyes, and screaming. He carries a six months old baby in a roman style leather carrier in front of him. He is Germanic or Scandinavian blonde blue eyes in his thirties, average height, average build, clean shaven. Maybe a sword and shield if its not too crowded. (Google: Roman tribune, tactical baby carrier)

4.) (Fore ground) On the right a bust of a half Mongolian, quarter Russian, quarter Aborigine Samoan giant Sumo dude with wavy ponytail shaved sides, slight stubble, high cheek bones, wearing a turquoise hakama, a giant fried chicken in his hand, teethy grimace on his face. He carries Butter Knife on his back. (Human foot sticking out of the bottom of fried chicken, if freelancer allows it.) (Google: Hakama, Sumo and all the rest).

5.) (Fore ground) On the bottom a glass stasis chamber, organic root pipes flowing from the bottom of chamber. (H.R. Giger esque but with purple and dark green jungly theme). A half native half Latina babe with long black hair, inside stasis chamber wearing feathers and leathers, mini skirt. Giant colorful slugs on her body. (Google: glass stasis chamber, Native American babe, Latina babe, H.R. Giger)

6.) Pyramid background, Roman, Barbarian, Native Latina babe, I need these four different illustration elements separate so that I can move the layers around and design freely. The main thing would be a complete pyramid background. The two side busts, waist up is fine as they are gonna be popping in from the sides of the cover with the stasis chamber in between and below them. The stasis chamber and the Latina babe as well as the two tribal people on top of the pyramid doesn't have to be hi-definition as it will be smaller but the organic roots I would like spread out and merging down towards purple & maroon mushrooms and grass. Background JPG is fine but other elements in PNG/PDF format. A4 size W:210 H:297, Thankee and have a Limey day!

Dovednosti: Karikatury a komiksy, Drawing, Ilustrace

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