Design a Logo and stationary for a business

About the company and its field of activities:

Arys Ryan pioneer consultants International company, is a newly registered International consulting company, in Tehran Iran, which aims to enter the global scene and compete with the best global consulting firms all around the world.

The company has been registered to be able to operate in various fields such as , management , finance, asset management, engineering, infrastructure, retail, hospitality, marketing and business, branding, clothing, textile, fashion, agriculture, food and dairy industry, etc. to name a few.

the fields and sectors that hopefully the company would become able to be active in, in the future, are so broad and vast that I will not go into details here, I have just mentioned a few above to give you an idea about what the future holds for this business and what is the scale and the vision that we have in our mind for the future of the company.

Moreover, the company will not only consult customers on different projects but will also plan and execute and act as a contractor. In order to have a better understanding of the vision that we have for Arys Ryan you can look up the list of top consulting firms below:

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About the name:

In order to be able to register the name 'Arys Ryan' in Iran , we had to come up with , 'Arys Ryan Pioneer Consultants International Company' or 'Arys Ryan Pioneer Consultants Intl. co.' so that it could be approved, as 'Arys Ryan' on its own was not available so we had to add the two words 'Pioneers' and 'International' as well. Hence, the main two words that together make up the name of the company are 'Arys' and 'Ryan' and the logo is to be designed for 'Arys Ryan'. Furthermore, the names,

Arys in farsi means: sharp, alert, smart, clever, conscious, observant, cautious, sharp-sighted.


Ryan in farsi means:very intelligent, thinker, guid and advisor.

Both the names represent the qualities of the firm as well as its staff and the main qualities that are used in our approaches towards customers and their inquires and projects, subsequently our customers and audiences are as well possessor of such characteristics.

About the 'Arys Ryan' Project:

I need a Logo for the business that not only is consist of the name but also is indicative of the qualities that the meanings of the name represents. I need the Logo to be simple and minimal and up to the international standards and could be used later on as a brand since the vision for the company is to become one of the best globally and such firms are not only just companies but they also serve as a brand. I need you to have a futuristic vision and think big when designing the logo.

Moreover, I need a symbol for the company, whether it is incorporated within the design of the logo or seperate, I need a symbol so that the identity and main qualities of the company could be identified with, so that the business could be easily recognised everywhere in the world and the logo/symbol could be etched in the audience's memory. Hence, apart from being minimal I need the logo/symbol to be powerful, ahead of its time, chic, sophisticated and stylish.

Additionally, in case if any other colour is to be used in the design, I prefer the logo itself to be at most made of two elegant colours not very sharp so that the design would be still minimal even in its colours, besides its actual design, preferably dark tunes if your proposed font is to have any colour other than black. However, based on colour psychology, I would like to separately associate a unique colour with the business so that it could be used in the design of its stationary and also later on for the design of its offices. The reason being is that colours are highly effective in order to create meanings and transfer feelings and I would like to use this as a tool to promote the business as well its values and qualities even more, the articles below could give you a bit of insight:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

In the design of the logo please also consider a proper space so that a slogan could also be added once decided upon.

finally, based on the design of the logo/symbol I need a complete business stationary design for the company, letterhead, business card, envelopes, folders, email signature, invoices, compliments slips, pens etc.

About my expectations/characteristics/taste as your employer:

-Above everything I'm an idealist/perfectionist so please consider all my explanations above.

-I have a minimal taste and I do not like exaggerating designs but instead those that are simple yet can speak and transfer more in simple details, so please attention a lot to details.

- I like exclusivity and uniqueness and I would like such characteristics within the design as well.

- I care a lot for aesthetics and anything that is visually stimulant, beautiful and appealing so that's why I need the design of the logo to also be also stylish and chic so that it stands out among a lot of other logos out there, in this case fashion/clothing brands are good examples, as they pay attention to these details a lot more than other businesses.

-I do not accept responsibilities unless I can fully devote my time and everything that is required of me to do the task and once I do I think of the job as it is my own so I would appreciate it if you also do the same especially since this is a family business and I care a lot about the outcomes of this project and I would like it to be flawless.

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