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Hey Guys I am looking for a serious programmer that knows about Jamroom Media Software.

Here is the features that Jamroom has that I want to have in my clone. I want also that my system work with a License system that if someone download the software they won't be able to have more than 5 artist on their site.

Features :

Jamroom Core Detailed Feature List

Jamroom is very flexible and configurable, and can be customized to do almost anything you want. Most of the features listed below can be enabled and disabled on a per Jamroom Quota basis. Jamroom Quotas can be thought of as "User Groups" - this allows you to define different groups within your Jamroom (say bands, DJ's, Visual Artists, etc.) and provide each group with its own customized set of features.

As the Jamroom admin this allows you the most flexibility in how you setup your Jamroom, and allows you to offer a wide assortment of services to many different types of Users.

The Jamroom Core provides full support for creating a Music centered Artist Community, out of the box.

Admin Configuration Features

Jamroom allows a tremendous amount of flexibility in how you run your site - with a ton of different configuration options, most likely the feature you are looking for has already been developed and included in Jamroom. The following configuration options are "Global" configuration options (available from the Jamroom Config in the Master Admin menu), which means they affect all areas of your Jamroom.

System Settings

Set System Name

Enable/Disable User Logins

Enable/Disable User Password Changes

Enable/Disable [url removed, login to view] Marketplace Browser

Deeplink Checking Method strict/normal/none

Deeplinking Allowed Keywords

META Keywords (overall site)

META Description (overall site)

Activate Jamroom Bridge script (see Included Jamroom Bridge Scripts)

Enable/Disable Bridge Deletions

Enable/Disable COPPA Check

Define COPPA Template

Show/Hide [url removed, login to view] Support Links

Interface Settings

Define Jamroom Skin

Define Default Control Panel Skin

Define Default Artist/Member Profile theme

Define Default Control Panel language

Define Default Member Jamroom Quota

Define Default Popup Height (in pixels)

Define Default Popup Width (in pixels)

Define Search String highlight color

Enable/Disable viewing of Jamroom Version in Control Panel

Enable/Disable viewing of process times in Control Panel

Enable/Disable User Help link in Control Panel

Account Settings

Track Artist Bandwidth Usage

Validate Artist/Member Names

Use Artist Genres instead of Artist "Soundslike"

Invalid Characters not allowed in Profile Names

Invalid Characters not allowed in Profile Custom URLs

Auto generation of Profiles

Optimization of Profile HTML

User Favorites (Automatic or Manual)

Audio Favorites

Video Favorites (requires Jamroom Power Pack)

Maximum User Favorites

Site Contact Method (via Private Note or Email)

Artist and Member Rating Method (Artist Ratings or Average Media Ratings)

Account Login Settings

Allow Member Logins

Require Login to:

View Profile Pages (members only setup)

Stream Media Files

Download Media Files

Contact Profile User

Leave Profile Rating

Leave Profile Comment

Leave entry on Profile Guestbook

Become a "Fan" of an Artist Profile

View Jamroom Advanced Chart page

View Jamroom Ranking System page

Share page with an email address

Post to Community Forum

Admin Account Settings

Define Admin Login page (System Index Page or Master Admin Control Panel)

Allow Admin use of BBCode

Allow Admin use of HTML

Allowed Admin HTML Tags (if HTML use is enabled)

Allow Admin use of smilies

Allow Admin use of WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Allow Admin Browser popup

Admin Browser popup width (in pixels)

Admin Browser popup height (in pixels)

Restrict Admin Login to single or set of IP Addresses

Global Media File Settings

Use Download Lock **

Use Getid3 Option

Use Media Security Keys

Auto-Create Lofi Song File *

Rewrite ID3 Tags

Default HIFI Listener Access mode (streaming only, downloading only, streaming + downloading)

Default LOFI Listener Access Mode (streaming only, downloading only, streaming + downloading)

Default Video Viewer Access Mode (streaming only, downloading only, streaming + downloading) **

Audio File Boost (0 - 90%)

Video File Boost (0 - 90%) **

Global Image Settings

Enable GD Image Functions

JPEG Image Quality Setting

Anti-Aliased Image Enlargements

Maximum Image Width

Maximum Image Height

Skip GIF Image Processing (preserves animated GIF Files)

Default Image Extension (for default "no image" images)

Enable Image Watermarking

Watermark Size Cutoff

Watermark image name

File and Directory Settings

Jamroom Control Panel Logout Page

Jamroom Control Panel Exit Page

Jamroom Re-Direct Page (for removed profiles)

Link Masker Script name

Profile Directory Name

Media Directory Name

Global Cache Performance Settings

Cache System Enabled/Disabled (global setting)

Chart Cache Timer

Ranking Cache Timer

Blog/RSS Feed Cache Timer

Station Playlist Cache Timer

Calendar Cache Timer

Comment Cache Timer **

Guestbook Cache Timer **

Admin Browser Cache Timer

Global Ranking, Chart and Search Settings

New Profile Ignore Timer

Show/Hide Jamroom Admins

Maximum Returned Results

Default Results per page

Next Page Tag

Previous Page Tag

Require images for Spotlight

Spotlighting method (Random, Balanced by Media, Member Rotation)

Chart Maximum Memory Usage *

Chart History Retention Length *

Chart Max Songs per Profile *

Chart Max Videos per Profile **

Chart Top-Spot Song Count *

Chart Top-Spot Video Count **

Chart Top-Ten Song Count *

Chart Top-Ten Video Count **

Audio Charting days *

Video Charting days **

Audio Chart Change for "hot" *

Video Chart Change for "hot"

Global Radio Station Settings

Enable Playlist Caching

Show/Hide System created Stations

System Station Method (choose between 3 different radio station creation methods)

Allow/Deny System Station Deeplinking

Maximum Station Artists

Maximum Station Songs

Audio Browser songs per page

Community Forum Settings **

Enable/Disable Jamroom Community Forum

Forum Prune Days setting

Banned User Account list

Allow/Disallow Forum BBCode

Allowed BBCode Tags list

Number of topics per page / posts per topic page

E-Mail Settings

E-Mail Address DNS Check

E-Mail Address DNS Check URL

Admin Contact Email notification

Admin new Media uploaded notification

System Return E-mail Address

SMTP Server Name

SMTP Server User

SMTP Server Password

Date and Time Settings

System Timezone Settings

Hour Display Format (12 or 24 hour)

Date Display Format (US or UK)

Date Format 1 (for use in templates)

Date Format 2 (for use in templates)

Date Format 3 (for use in templates)

Global Counter and Timer Settings

Counter IP Octets

Show Spotlight Counts

Song Play Timer

Video Play Timer **

Station Play Timer

Page Hit Timer

Rating Timer

Contact Timer

Comment Timer **

Guestbook Entry Timer **

Activity Log Settings

Log Entries per page

Log INF (information) messages

Log MIN (minor) messages

Log MAJ (major) messages

Log CRI (critical) messages

Global PHP and Environment Settings

Session Domain/Cookie

Session Name

Maximum Allowed Session Length

Session Activity Length

Process Chunk Size

Maximum Allowed Jamroom Memory

Maximum Allowed Jamroom Script Execution Time

Use Local formatted Numbers

Define HTML Entity Encoding Character Set

Jamroom Quota Configuration Options

The Jamroom Quotas are at the heart of the Power of Jamroom. A Jamroom Quota can be thought of as a "User Group" - this allows you to apply a set of features, or rules, to a group of profiles. This allows you to provide many varied feature sets from a single Jamroom install, allowing you to provide hosting for artists, musicians, photographers, etc. - all from the same Jamroom.

General Jamroom Quota Settings

Define Quota Name

Define Quota Login Page

Define Custom Quota Login Page

Define Quota Default Language

Allow Signups to Jamroom Quota *

Define number of Power User Profiles *

Define Power User new Profile Quota *

Allow Quota Invitations *

Max number of Invitations per User *

Define Quota for accepted invitations *

Quota Prune Days (with test and run)

Quota Prune Method (archive or delete)

Allow Disk Space per Profile

Custom Disk Space per Profile

Disk Space "Cushion" per Profile

Track Bandwidth

Max Allowed Bandwidth

Custom Bandwidth

Bandwidth Cap type (hard or soft)

Admin Note

Jamroom Quota Payment Options ***

Allow Subscriptions

Subscription Name

Subscription Payment Processor

Subscription Currency

Free Trial Length

Subscription Price 1

Subscription Length 1

Subscription Price 2

Subscription Length 2

Subscription Price 3

Subscription Length 3

Subscription End of Term Action

Subscription End of Term Reminder

Subscription End of Term Reminder Days

Subscription Success Return Template

Subscription Description

Allow Digital Sales

Show Digital Vault

Show Audio Vault

Show Video Vault **

Show Photo Vault **

Show Event Vault

Digital Sales Notification

Sales Notification Method (Private Note or E-Mail)

Audio Price Control

Video Price Control **

Photo Price Control **

Event Price Control

Quota Payout Level

Quota Payout Percent

Jamroom Quota Media Access Options

Allow HIFI Audio Streams

Allow HIFI Audio Downloads

HIFI Audio Forced Preview Length

Allow LOFI Audio Streams

Allow LOFI Audio Downloads

LOFI Audio Forced Preview Length

Allow Video Streams **

Allow Video Downloads **

Video Forced Preview Length **

Jamroom Quota Media Support Options

Allow Songs

Maximum number of songs per profile

Valid Audio Formats (from mp3, ogg, wma, flac, wav, mid)

Show HIFI Audio Fields

Show LOFI Audio Fields

Minimum LOFI Bitrate

Maximum LOFI Bitrate

Minimum HIFI Bitrate

Maximum HIFI Bitrate

Force HIFI Preview Length

Force LOFI Preview Length

Audio Listener Access Default

Show Additional Audio Legal Fields (Artist License, Songwriter License and ISRC Code)

Allow Videos **

Maximum number of videos per profile **

Valid Video Formats (from wmv, mov. mpg and mpeg)

Force Video Preview Length

Video Viewer Access

Enable Play Logging

Play Log Directory Location

Additional Jamroom Quota Profile Features

Allow Store

Quota PayPal Email Address

Allow Rating

Allow Remote Rating

Allow Artist Ratings

Allow Song Ratings

Allow Store Ratings

Allow Event Ratings

Allow Video Ratings **

Allow Vault Item Ratings ***

Allow Blog Ratings

Allow Radio Ratings

Allow Photo Ratings **

Allow Radio Stations

Radio Station Selection Method

Allow Radio Commercials

Force No Radio songs

Max Radio Stations

Maximum Featured Stations (in profile stats)

Vaid Image Formats

Force System Image Watermark

Enable Gallery Image Chooser **

Allow Friendly URL **

Allow Profile Custom URL Name **

Allow Blog

Allow Profile Fans

Allow Event Calendar

Allow Photo Gallery **

Allow Comments **

Allow Comment Removal **

Allow Guestbook **

Allow Guestbook Entry Removal **

Allow Ranking

Allow Spotlight

Allow Charting

Allow Search

Allow Deep Linking

Show Basic Stats

Show Detailed Stats

Allow Stats Reset

Jamroom Quota Profile Themes Config

Allowed Profile Themes

Default Profile Theme

Show Themes the profile does not have access to

Unavailable Theme Note

Extra Jamroom Quota Features

Allow use of BBCode

Allow use of HTML

Allowed HTML Tags (if HTML is allowed)

Allow WYSIWYG Editor use

Filter entries for "bad words"

Allow Private Notes

Maximum Private Notes

Show Activity Log

Use Error .htaccess files for profiles

Protect Media Directory

Protect Uploads Directory

Allow File Importing

Included Jamroom Bridge Scripts

Jamroom has been designed to be as flexible as possible, and as feature rich as possible. Jamroom can also work with a selection of 3rd party scripts - this allows account activity (creation, update) to also create or update a corresponding User Account in a Bridged application. Jamroom features the following pre-built Bridge Scripts:


Simple Machines Forum (SMF)



PHP Nuke



jrWrapper (run multiple Jamroom Bridges)

Language Support

Jamroom is a "template" driven design, which means most of Jamroom can be customized to suit the look and feel of your site, or fit in with an existing design. The Jamroom Template engine is very flexible, and can produce any kind of output you desire - HTML, javascript, XML, WAP, etc. - the possibilities for what you want to do are limitless. Jamroom supports multiple languages from the same interface, but only comes with English by default. You can:

Download Additional Languages from the Jamroom 3 Language Packs download Section

Read about how to translate Jamroom into another language

Audio Support

Jamroom supports the creating/updating/deleting of Songs (audio Files):

Support for multiple Audio File types: mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac and mid

Support for HIFI and LOFI version of audio file

Support for Automatic Previewing of both HIFI and LOFI audio file in the following increments: 10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60/75/90 second preview lengths.

Support for limiting Audio to streaming only, downloading only, or streaming + downloading

Support for the following Audio information:

Song Name

Song Credits

Song Album

Song Label

Song Genre

Song Lyrics (with HTML/BBCode Support)

Song Information/Background (with HTML/BBCode Support)

Explicit Lyrics (flag)

Hide Song (flag)

No Radio (flag)


Artist License

Songwriter License

HIFI/LOFI Song Upload Fields

Song Image

Jamroom Profile Blogs

Jamroom Supports the creating/updating/deleting of Blog Entries:

Blog Title

Blog Category

Blog Text

Blog Extended Text (displayed when "read more" is clicked on)

Ability to "hide" blog entry

Event (Gig) Calendar

Jamroom can enable an Event Calendar for your Artist Profiles:

Event Title

Event Location

Event Date

Event Description

Event Image

Ability to Hide Event

Jamroom Radio Stations

Your Jamroom Artist Profiles and (Member Profiles with the Jamroom Bonus Pack) can also create customized playlists called "Stations":

Station Audio File Type (i.e. mp3, wma, etc.)

Station Audio Mode (HIFI or LOFI)

Station Name

Station Description

Randomize Playlist of songs

Repeat Playlist of songs

Station Image

Jamroom Online Store

You can also allow your Artist profiles access to their own "Jamroom Store" for selling physical goods such as T-Shirts, CDs, etc. via Payal:

Item Name

Item Description

Item PayPal Email

Item Number

Item Cost

Item Shipping and Handling Cost

Item Currency

Item Image

Ability to Hide Item

Jamroom Video Support **

Using the powerful Jamroom Power Pack Add-On, you can add video support to your Jamroom.

Video Name

Video Credits

Video Album

Video Genre

Video Caption

Artist License

Explicit Content Checkbox

Ability to Hide Video File

Video File

Video Viewer Access

Video Image

Upload Video For Sale ***

Video Sales Description ***

Video Sales Price ***

Hide Video Vault Entry ***

Jamroom Photo Gallery Support **

The Jamroom Power Pack also features Photo Galleries for your profiles to use.

Photo Title

Photo Credits

Existing Photo Category

New Photo Category

Photo Caption

Ability to Hide Photo

Photo File

Upload Photo For Sale ***

Photo Sales Description ***

Photo Sales Price ***

Hide Photo Vault Entry ***

Jamroom LOFI Creator *

The Jamroom LOFI Creator (part of the Jamroom Bonus Pack) allows your artist profiles to "convert" their HIFI Audio MP3 files to a "LOFI" version - directly on your server! This saves time by allowing your artists to only upload a file 1 time, yet create an alternate version suitable for modem users. Make sure and check out the Jamroom LOFI Creator documentation for more details on this feature.

Jamroom Audio File Slurper *

The Jamroom Audio File Slurper (part of the Jamroom Bonus Pack) allows your artist accounts to "slurp" (download) a media file from another website, and import it directly into their profile!


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I want the upgrades to be separate like this:

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