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A basic way for the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre to use their name. They wanted a very earth feel to the graphic because they were getting a lot of push back from the community while the were in the process of building.

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I am a recent college graduate and I thoroughly enjoyed studying Graphic Design during my undergraduate years. All of my internship experience and undergraduate schooling has prepared me to be able to handle a lot of different challenges. I have the ability to learn new programs and work flows very quickly. I worked as an Event Coordinator at the first Snowflex Resort in North America has adequately prepared me for the position you have available. I also am a Co-Owner of a grassroots company where I do everything from designing graphics to go on shirts, presswork to produce the shirts, to planning lines for spring, summer, fall and winter, and all the marketing that comes with them. From being a co-owner of a company and working at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre I have developed my abilities to work in a fast paced environment and maintain multiple projects simultaneously.

$20 USD/hod.

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