TV Plasma Poster

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TV Plasma Poster

This print ad was done during my Gamma Year. There are several phases that I have to do for this assignment. Some of them are group work and this print ad is the individual work. The tagline of our Plasma TV is "More Real than Reality" which means, the Plasma TV is high in quality until what you see in the TV is more real than what you see in real life. Since the name of the Plasma TV created by us is Aquo, I decided to connect it with the ocean life. The images are modeled using 3Dsmax and the poser was created by using Pose software. The typo elements and final execution was done in both Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Graphic design (Photo manipulation, vector, 3d modelling, render, desktop publishing, corporate identity, video, after effects) Data entry (Words, pdf, excel)

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