FRANCE IN CENTRAFRIQUE: From Bokassa and Operation Barracude

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FRANCE IN CENTRAFRIQUE: From Bokassa and Operation Barracude

France in Centrafrique explores the pre- and post-colonial history of the Republic of Central Africa as well as giving the reader a taste of the country's involvement in WWII itself. The main focus of this volume is on Central Africa's independence and the rise to power of Jean Bedel Bokassa including the Focard network and Franafrique connections, France's military links with RCA (defense agreements), the republic's post independence military, its politics and Bokassa's coup. It takes a staggering look at Central Africa under Bokassa's leadership and the ensuing break down in its relationship with France. Operation Baracuda was the natural culmination of that soured relationship and in this book Baxter examines "France's last colonial expedition", the planning of the operation, its players, a step-by-step breakdown and its outcome. To bring the reader up to speed with the RCA de Cherisey discusses the yea

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