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Web based portal

Developed a complete web based portal for an MLM Company . The image depicts the chain marketing network for the logged in user. The site is browser independent and uses high advanced level of sql to retrive the data. More over the network displayed is coded purely in javascript and ajax .

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Jay Ganesh Solutions is a Web and Software Development Firm . Having 10+ years of experience in the techonological arena , we develop complex softwares, web sites and web based applications with the latest techonological tools and languages. What started as a team of dedicated software developers , developing and designing softwares and websites . We have grown up a long way , expanding our expertise in other various sections in the IT arena. Our journey began with development of windows based software's and websites. Having built numerous softwares , websites and web based application , covering major fields including Engineering , Commerce , FMCG , Manufacturing , Service Industry , Banking , E-Learning , MLM and much more. Today we have expanded our horizons by not only maintaining our core development role, but adding additional arms to our expertise. We now specialize in development of pen drive based portable applications . Where not only the program but the data also can and will be stored on the pen drive. Giving you 100% freedom and mobility. With Facebook playing the vital role in everyones social life. Today we have the ability to develop facebook applications and pages . Businesses today can present themselves, interact and maintain constant touch with the clients and general users through this. Creating a page showing simple information is easy. But we give it an extra edge by utilizing the advanced features provided by facebook to adding custom forms , applications and other interactive pages. Giving it the similar look and feel of your personal website. Our development goes one step further by programming code modules as per requirement of the clients who use tally software's . Automating general tally task and improving the efficiency. We specialize in Business Process Automation. If your business receives chunk of data from various clients in word, excel , pdf or any other format , we develop programs that handles and manipulate this data and shows or saves the new output in the required format. Thus saving considerable amount of time and reducing human errors and fatigue. We have mastered the art of PDF ( Portable Document Format ) manipulation. From auto generating to providing security , all the tasks can be done through programs developed by as . The applications are developed carefully considering the client requirements. The PDF's generated by this behave consistently across windows as well as web based platform irrespective of the browser used (If the PDF is viewed on the net). We also do embedded system programming in C / C++ for various technologically advanced microprocessors and microcontrollers. Having expressed the above, we might be small in size , but have being big in our work and values, evolving with time and greeting the technological changes with open hands.

$8 USD/hod.