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Yes, I did! At the time the #1 entertainment website in the world, I was hired to produce for MediaX. Later I went on to be head of production, overseeing the 30 man studio which produced real time 3d games, e-commerce websites, and "boutique" Flash websites for the top entertainment acts. Customers and properties included Creative Labs MuVo (Music Voyager), AmuZnet a ground breaking and record breaking entertainment site, Big Brother - the official game for George Orwell's 1984, and websites for Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Evolution Talent Agency, and the like.

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o 15+ years of general software development experience from shrink wrap to web products. I have worked inside of organizations ranging from one man garage game companies to Compaq. o Excellent product lifecycle skills. I can plan, document, test, debug, while planning the future revisions of a product. o Solid production skills with design tools and processes. Tools include Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects and Premiere. o Team leadership and membership skills that help keep the project running smoothly where ever on the team I am placed.

$25 USD/hod.