Online Store for Terroir SF Wines

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Online Store for Terroir SF Wines

This site, currently in Beta while the supply chain is completed at the customer's end, was created using Zen Cart (a branch of OsCommerce) and AuthorizeNet for the financial transactions. I highly favor AthorizeNet for their rapid deployment, excellent APIs and great security. The shopping system is fronted by the customer's existing Wordpress based site, but is slowly taking over for that as the store has better content management tools. Because of the nature of the product, extensive schema changes and complex business rules to meet the legal requirements of selling alcohol online had to be created. In all this was a great project that works well with their world class products.

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o 15+ years of general software development experience from shrink wrap to web products. I have worked inside of organizations ranging from one man garage game companies to Compaq. o Excellent product lifecycle skills. I can plan, document, test, debug, while planning the future revisions of a product. o Solid production skills with design tools and processes. Tools include Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects and Premiere. o Team leadership and membership skills that help keep the project running smoothly where ever on the team I am placed.

$25 USD/hod.