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Noon Media Logo

Our Logo Designed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Note the typography and the coherence that an Ultralight and a heavy italic version of Helvetica Creates Also the lowercase in 'media' makes it more legible as a normal word whereas Noon in uppercase makes it more visible this balance is very important in a logo our team works a lot on choosing which colors to use, which fonts to use and to make the final product look very coherent and special to our visual senses

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Noon Media is a media house based in the heart of the Capital City of India, New Delhi. Our Organisation consists of very talented young individuals who have been selected for their stellar skills in Graphic Design. We Believe in Providing very specific services in which we are very good. In our team we have color consultants, psychologists and teams of very smart people who will work with you in highly efficient way to give you results as per your timeline.

$10 USD/hod.