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7 jobs you didn't know you could get done on the internet

Freelancers can do a whole range of tasks you may never have considered. Here are seven jobs you probably didn't associate with a freelancer.
23. 3. 2020 • 5 minut čtení
Úvodní obrázek

No matter what task you need done, there's someone out there ready, willing and able to do it

If you've spent much time on Freelancer, you've probably seen a lot of the common projects you can get done: getting a website designed, getting a mobile app built, having an SEO audit done on your website. Most people use Freelancer to streamline their business processes, create a digital product or presence or get graphic design done for their business.
But it's a weird and wonderful world out there, and there are a whole range of uniquely talented people who can provide services way beyond the scope of what you might normally associate with freelancers. And, considering most of us are stuck at home these days, you might even be able to find some of the services that have been shut down in your city due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. So without further ado, let's have a look at some of the most surprising jpbs you can get done online.

Life coaching

With the ever-increasing complexities of day-to-day life, Life coaching is one of the most popular services availed by users. Availing life coaching can be a great way to get input from coaches on an array of life issues from general productivity to work-related issues. Life coaching is rapidly growing as a formal service and is allowing users across the world to amplify their productivity and reconfigure their lives.
Life coaching can be a great way to gain insightful input from proven expert professionals to put your life back on track and get the right motivation to fix your affairs. Having the right resources at hand can rapidly boost your productivity and prove to be a major catalyst for progress.
Life coaches are usually equipped with the right reinforcement mechanisms to help you adapt your life for the better and add direction to your current goals. Having life coaches is also a great resource to have a high level of accountability in your life and ensure that you are following through on your goals.
Thanks to the growth of freelance platforms, you can easily browse through the profiles of life coaches to have a clear idea of their achievements and general history. It can also be a great way to go through past reviews and have an idea of the effectiveness of coaching with past clients.

Information searching

Are you struggling to remember some obscure fact but getting no love from your Google searches? Got a tune stuck in your head and can't remember which 1980s TV police procedural it's from? Or, maybe you're after a big batch of information, like every single at-bat in which Minnesota Twins center fielder Kirby Puckett was hit by a pitch, and which pitcher he was facing.
No matter what information you're searching for, or why you're searching for it, a freelance virtual assistant can help you find it.
Even though virtual assistants are a great way to streamline productivity, conventional virtual assistants are limited in capability to conventional office tasks such as outreach and general correspondence. Freelance websites allow you to hire specialized virtual assistants who can help you search up information on unusual topics. All you have to do is provide details for the task and you'll be able to have access to a wide range of qualified VA’s to choose from. Then you can finally settle that bar bet.

User experience feedback

Even though beta testing has been around for a while, user experience feedback is a great way of getting expert input for your project. Experts can provide you with detailed opinions on your product and services, allowing you to have a clear insight into the market applicability of your product. Having the right feedback can also be a clear barometer of how well your product is going to perform with users.
Incorporating the right feedback into the design and creation experience can be an invaluable resource in improving the performance of your product and ensuring that it's ready for primetime when you launch it.

LinkedIn recruitment

Recruitment agencies are available globally to help you with finding the right candidates. However, with the evolution of technology, it is really important to incorporate digital tactics into your recruitment strategy. It is really important nowadays to effectively utilize the right platforms to make sure that you have access to the best possible talent.
LinkedIn is definitely one of the best platforms to search for talented individuals from across the globe. Properly utilizing LinkedIn can be a great way to vet talented individuals without having to pay an expensive fee to recruitment agencies. Freelance LinkedIn recruitment professionals can be a great resource to help you find the best candidates on LinkedIn at an affordable price. 

Workout and nutritional guidance

Considering a lot of us are adjusting to the new reality of working from home, coupled with the fact that most gyms are closed, it's a tough time to stay in shape. If you're anything like us, the easy access to snacks at home makes proper nutrition an uphill battle. And if you've never embarked on a fitness regime, it can be really difficult to figure out all the details for yourself. It's important to have expert guidance to ensure that you are doing things right and getting the best possible results.
Having a freelance nutrition expert’s guidance can be a great way to have an effective nutritional plan that supports your body’s needs and makes sure that you're always energetic and ready for the workouts. Having online guidance helps you utilize the time and space available and keep yourself healthy while you're trapped at home.

Caricature drawing

If you don't have a caricature of yourself hung up on the wall of your home office, how are people supposed to know you like tennis and have a prominent chin? And with all the boardwalks around the world closed, where are you supposed to find the all-important caricature artist?
Seriously, though, a caricature can actually be a fun bit of branding for your company. You can use it for your "About Us" page on your website, in your promotional and marketing materials or just hand them out for fun. It can also be a great gift for your friends, or enemies.
Send a freelance caricature artist a photo and a few personal details, and they'll send you a delightful drawing pointing out your foibles and salient physical features.

Immersive language study

For language learners, it's really important to have practice with native language speakers to make sure that they understand different dialects and grasp local idioms.
It can be really difficult to find a language expert of your desired language in your locality. Even if there is someone present, it can be tough to find someone who's willing to put in the time to teach you and has the right linguistic skills.
If you want to immerse yourself in a new language and learn to be confident in conversation, you can hire a freelance language expert and schedule lessons and chats. You'll learn a lot, and you might just make a new friend.

Final words

The internet today has evolved into a truly all-encompassing marketplace. There's a range of unique services available to help you with just about anything you need done. Tapping into the right professionals can be a great way to boost your skills and keep yourself productive, healthy and entertained. All you have to do is share your project details.
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